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My April OrangeBox Unboxing + Quick Swatches!

Hey everyone! In my previous post I wrote all about my experience with the brand-new Orangebox. Well this Wednesday, April 17, my first box arrived and I went from having buyer's remorse to being a stereotypical I-sleep-with-my-favorite-purchases kind of girl! It doesn't happen all in one go, though. I admit, I had serious doubts upon first glance of the box.

My April OrangeBox

It just seemed a little small. I know I'm only getting three items (like everyone else) so I probably shouldn't even be surprised. It's just that, even a longer than-usual eyeliner can't fit in the teensy box. Having to put the eyeliner outside the box, it took a little bit of a beating so I'm a little depressed about that. Then I realize, of course they can't send a box bigger than this, it would just look ridiculously empty.

My April OrangeBox

What I Got:

My most exciting purchase would have to be the Lovely Eye Set, a combination of different Ottie eye products. I could pull off a complete smokey eye look using just this. Well, I guess I would need some mascara too, but there's no shortage of that here.

Lovely Eye Set #3

The Ottie Natural Drawing Eye Brow Pencil is an auto-pencil with a triangular cartridge on one end and a spoolie at the other. I've been interested in trying out a brow pencil with said shape because I've heard from some bloggers that it allows for a smoother brow definition.

Ottie Natural Eye Brow Drawing Pencil in Dark Brown, Php 325

I thought I would only get one but I got two Ottie eye shadows! I like that I got really basic colors that I'd be comfortable working with. My makeup philosophy is to always buy bulk or full-size neutrals and classics, and then play around with crazy colors or current trends through palettes and samples.

Ottie Eye Shadow, Php 199 at 3g each
Ottie Eye Shadow swatches: Grey and White

The grey actually looks very black. Both are dosed with lots of glitters but it takes a couple of layers for an even amount of it to show. It's not super pigmented but at least it builds well.

Next in the Set is the Ottie Cream Stick Shadow in Grey. Like the triangular brow pencil, I've never had a stick shadow before. I think it's a really quick and convenient way of doing your eyes so I can't wait to get this in action.

Ottie Cream Stick Shadow in Grey, Php 388 for 5g

Ottie Cream Stick Shadow (Grey) swatch

It's a very cool silver that almost looks like a dirty, shimmery white. It's very creamy and glides on really easily. That's good for me 'cause I'd hate to have to tug it over the sensitive skin on my eyelids. I'll have to road test it to see how it does with creases.

That's that for the Lovely Eye Set :) I'm so happy I picked this 'cause the quantity in items makes it seem like I had more than three options!

Next thing I got is this Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick in Cream Orange. It comes in a large, gold tube with light flowery engravings on the cap. This is a HUGE surprise. I AM AB-SO-LUTELY IN LOVE! Maybe I'm just too nostalgic and missing oranges and corals but I've been using it since the day I got the box!

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick in Cream Orange, Php 641

Bebeco Real Shine Lipstick in Cream Orange swatch

For one, the online swatch was pretty spot-on and it applied the same way onto my skin. I judged it to be the same color as the OrangeBox logo, and it is! Go back to my product shot and I think you can see how the stick blends onto the box.

It applies creamy and opaque so you don't have to do a lot of guesswork as to how it will look on you, but that means you also have to be perfect in your application. I'm still getting used to this bit as I've always used sheen lipsticks and I never had to worry about uneven application or colorless patches. Nonetheless, lovelovelove! Full review after I spend a little more time using it :)

Finally, I got the Oreaf Waterproof Sparkle Gel Pencil Liner in Shiny Purple. The pencil is your usual length but it came with a free sharpener so the box is bigger. I saw the Bebeco logo on the box so I'm assuming Oreaf is a sister or baby brand.

Oreaf Waterproof Sparkle Gel Pencil Liner in Shiny Purple, Php 471

Oreaf Waterproof Sparkle Gel Pencil Liner (Shiny Purple) swatch

I'm pretty mixed up about this one. I like how well the purple shows because some colored liners just come up black. Howeverrr, I don't like how faint the line is. Is it just me? When I saw "Gel Pencil Liner" I thought it'd be as intense as a gel liner but I guess the gel part just means that it's easy to apply..


Looking back at the shop, I can see that you don't have to overthink it in an attempt to reach your budget. Most of the stuff that came up in my first option line are in the Php 1100+ range, though there were a couple in the Php 600 range. In the second option line, it's mostly Php 500-700 and in the third option line, it was a toss up for Php 200, 300 and 400 ranged items. At the worst, you could end up with a box worth Php 1400 but you could always double-check with the online boutique if you're uncomfortable with that.

I had a great experience with OrangeBox and it's super fun to try. However, for this kind of money, I prefer to get my OrangeBox whenever the mood strikes me. I seriously cannot afford to keep this habit on a monthly basis. So I'm cancelling my subscription for now but keeping my eyes open to other finds :)

Bonus Unboxing: My Apology Gift From OrangeBox

In my other post I wrote about a quick and painless PayPal snag with OrangeBox. Here's what I got for it:

Box that fits my palm

Magnetic Nail Polish! 

Cute box concept

The box it came in looks recyclable and I could probably cut all the sides out to get those cute cards. Nifty idea.

By the way, I want to show everyone how I check if a bottle of magnetic polish is not defective. Sometimes the magnet doesn't react and sometimes, the polish doesn't have enough metal particles. How to make sure you're not getting a defective bottle without actually using the polish?

Leave the magnet on the side of the bottle. It's often detachable.

Voila! The pattern should show up on the side of the bottle.

My April BDJ Elite Unboxing!