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Review: LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base in Illuminating

Two unplanned dinners in a row have killed my blogging schedule! Thankfully, I'd had a lot of spare time lately and I was able to squeeze in this review.

I got this full-sized sample of LA Splash's Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base in Illuminating from my January Glamourbox. (By the way, if you're bored with all this makeup talk, I suggest you check out the super sweet story of how I got that box.)

LA Splash Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base in Illuminating

When I got this sample, I was enamoured with the shade. It's a light gold that I feel suits a lot of skin tones. Of course, it's just a base and not meant for pigmentation but I felt like it'd be lovely on it's own.

Price: Php 400 for 5g. Free full-size sample from my January GlamourBox.

Product Description:
Eyeshadow bases are meant to prevent creasing. Moreover, they should help with blending, enhance pigmentation and allow eyeshadow to "stick" to the eyelids rather than easily falling out.

The shimmer on this one might turn off our elderly sistahs who probably don't want to put a spotlight on their wrinkled lids.

How to Use:
Use alone or before eyeshadow. It's better to use your ring finger in applying this cream base as body heat helps pick up and spread the product. If you really want to use a brush, I suggest having a separate brush for this. It's never a good idea to use the same brush for liquid/cream and powder makeup as the dry and wet products tend to cake over the brush, rendering it useless.

To see how the base interacts with eyeshadow, I swatched three colors from my favorite NYX palette: a muted gold, a soft lilac and a bold blue on my arm. I chose these three colors because: this gold is my favorite, lilac clashes with gold base and blue was one of the strongest colors in there, something different from the muted previous colors.

The first colors are straight off the pan, while the second repetitions are swatched over LA Splash. I got the same amount of eyeshadow in each swatch (three light swishes,) to see the difference in color payoff.

Used the second (blue) and fourth (gold) on top. Fifth below is the lilac I chose.

WOW. That gold picked up reaaaaally heavenly. Epic, epic win on that. The lilac got a little shimmer boost but the yellow tone of the base didn't seem to majorly affect the blue and red hues of this eyeshadow. The blue seems like a totally different eyeshadow now, but in a good way.

Staying Power:

I did another test. Here's my naked eye and the LA Splash-ed eye. It gave my eye a little bit more dimension, more pop; but I didn't like how it interacted with the lines on my eyelid. The wrinkles were more obvious but it did great for a barely there eye shadow.

Without LA Splash
With LA Splash

Sadly, after just a two hour dinner in the outdoor section of me and my bf's favorite restaurant, I'd already had MAJOR creasage. Like, El-Nino-has-cracked-the-earth levels of creasage.


Brace yourselves...

2 hours later, no flash
2 hours later, with flash

Less than two hours, how embarassing! What if I'd been doing pretty eyes and glancing downwards only for my bf to find I had a mucky gunk line on my eyelids? QUE HORROR. I wonder if it wouldn't have creased had I put eyeshadow over it, thus setting the cream.

No. This one is enough.

BBT score:
2/5. The crease issue was a big deal breaker for me. I would forget about this product but the color payoff is really great and it doesn't seem to affect the shade of the eye shadow- one less thing to worry about. It's such a shame though that it creases so horribly on its own.

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