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Review: Lush North Pole

Meet my February soap: Lush North Pole. It looks like a hunk of Spam! I used this one after Snow Globe because I wanted to follow up something I looked forward to (Snow Globe) with something that was a little outside my taste (North Pole).

I asked what happens to stale soap, and I used this one month after buying. Notice the crumbling lower left corner? I guess that's what happens? I don't know if this bar is normally crumbly but there you go. 

Lush North Pole

As a matter of propriety, I don't bother researching the price of gifts even if I like having as much information in my review posts as possible.

Lush is available in SM North EDSA (The Block,) Trinoma, Glorietta, Greenbelt 3, SM MOA, Shangri-La, Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center.

Product Description:
It's a pretty straightforward soap. It's colored maroon and is a little lumpy but it didn't seem like those lumps were exfoliating bits. It has a very heavy floral, botanica garden scent, like my mother's 25-year-old potpourri display in the bathroom. (Side question: Does anybody else have quarter-century-old potpourri?!)

How to Use:
Lather, rinse and repeat. Keep away from the face, though, as it's just labelled as "body soap."

This one lathered a little less than the Snow Globe. Scent-wise it was quite too much for my nose. There are some scents that you can't handle in strong doses and this potpourri medley is one of them. On top of my sensory confusion, it really looked like I was bathing with a chunk of meat! The soap had turned darker after use, thus less Spam and more raw steak. Yum.

Skin is moisturized after use. BTW, I bathed with "factory" soap for about a week after Snow Globe to get back that old feeling of DRYness.

Lasting Power:
The scent doesn't really stay on my skin that long, and I guess I'm glad about that? It smelled strongly in the shower so I was pretty worried about smelling like potpourri.

The bar lasted for about a month, slightly longer than my Snow Globe.

Maybe not this one.

Beauty by Tellie score:
This would be a 2.5. I'm not to keen on the scent and it doesn't help its case that it's a little crumbly despite using it with water. Even so, I'm finding that I like Lush for it's great-smelling soap. My eyes are still peeled. I'm sure there's still a lot of different things to try :) I never expected to tolerate, much less appreciate "natural" soap but there you go!

This review is part 2 of an on-going 3-part series. Check out my first review on Lush Snow Globe.

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