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Review: Lush Snow Globe

Last Christmas, my sister gave me a Lush Holiday Trio. I've strategized the order of use, leaving the most promising for last. I went with Snow Globe first because it was my second favorite scent (leaving my least favorite scent as second-to-use) and I wanted to ease into the world of Lush soaps before I made any major judgments.

Also, it's really cute to make. I have a few soap-making books RIGHT NOW as a pasalubong (gift) from my mom when she went abroad last year. Dear Lord, please don't let this be my new addiction. I'm kind of not over polymer clay yet :P

As a matter of propriety, I don't bother researching the price of gifts even if I like having as much information in my review posts as possible.

Lush is available in SM North EDSA (The Block,) Trinoma, Glorietta, Greenbelt 3, SM MOA, Shangri-La, Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center.

Product Description:
It's a vegan, transluscent green soap with white globes inside. Lush does not use preservatives in their soap so you have to use it immediately. Though, quite honestly, I don't know what happens to old soap. Does it grow mould? lol.

The translucent bit means that it's most likely glycerin soap, but soap isn't exactly my forte so please check that with other sources. This bar has an energizing, citrusy scent.

How to Use:
Lather and rinse, duh! While it's very homely, I still wouldn't use Lush on my face. Lush soaps may have no preservatives but that doesn't mean it's scent-free and mild enough for use on the face. It is labelled as just a "body soap."

I was surprised that this one lathered up almost as well as my normal, factory-made, preservative-filled soap.

Normally, there's an inverse relationship between lather and moisture. While moisture is more important, lather sells much, much more so "factory" soaps are willing to dry you up to give you the illusion of a better cleansing. FACT: more lather does not necessarily mean you're cleaner. In reality, most soaps do a pretty standard job of washing grime away. There's a lot of psychological deception going on with lather and the resulting dryness from using factory-made soap that gives a feeling of clean.

Fresh soaps brand themselves as good for you and are therefore willing to seem ineffective for the sake of moisture. Snow Globe is weird because it lathers up well but also leaves your skin very hydrated.

After using Snow Globe, my whole shower area is awash with a fruity, citrus scent. Showering becomes extra lively because the scent is a great perk-me-up on cold, sleepy mornings.

My skin is also extra moist after. With "factory" soap, my skin is usually scaly and has a thin layer of white, dry powdery skin. While using Snow Globe, it's dewy and highly moisturized. No need for lotion after this soap ;)

Lasting Power:
The scent on my skin, sadly, lasts only for about 20 minutes, and it's not as powerful as while I'm inside the shower. The bar lasted me a little over two weeks. I think it dissolved faster than my other two Lush soaps because glycerin soap normally dissolves faster.

I was once a homemade soap-hater but this experience has opened me up to trying different "flavors" of fresh soap. However, I have a feeling I'll limit myself to citrus bars as I really love a citrus-shower experience. The only thing stopping me is that I don't know what to feel about a soap that's gone in two weeks :o

Beauty by Tellie score:
I once had the mistake of scoring Shiseido Benefiance an unfair 3.25 when I hadn't tried a lot of skin care products yet. I thought it was normal for skin care products to work as how they're defined. It turns out, IT'S NOT. Some of these things might as well be just water. Shiseido deserved a 4.5 at the nit-picky least and I'm so embarrassed with myself for that review. *sigh* We live and we learn. I've kept that review posted as a reminder of my mistakes.

So, echoing my previous statement: soap isn't my forte. This is my first "fresh" soap and actually, first ever soap under review. Let me just make a disclaimer now that this will be a very unstable score.

If I had to leave a score, I would give it an uninformed 4. It could be a 5 but I'm sorry, I've been living with so much lather the past twenty-plus years of my life that it's so alien being denied that lather (even though this soap has been leaving me more moisturized.) I think the fact that Snow Globe is one of the recurring holiday soaps and one of the few soaps that has a feature-video on YouTube is indicative of what the popular opinion on Snow Globe is.

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