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Review: Missha Red Ginseng Mask

People with a dull complexion will benefit from a weekly mask. It's main magic is the way it dispenses the essence onto the skin: it is soaked onto your face under a cotton sheet to hold the moisture and prevent quick evaporation. As it soaks into your skin, you get extreme moisture, detoxification and a cooling effect.

Now while I normally disregard recommended wait times (i.e. with facial steaming and hair dying) I recommend that you do not overdo masks. Once your skin has absorbed sufficient moisture, it could have a reverse osmosis effect when left on for too long. In this case, your face is over saturated and the cotton sheet will begin to absorb the moisture back

Detoxification works by pushing moisture into your skin and flushing pollutants and toxins out. I have a theory that this is why facial masks sting a little bit. It's also peeling back the outermost, damaged layer of skin.

Cooling, on the other hand, is caused by the essence evaporating on the skin (think: sweating as a cooling mechanism.) The cooling effect is good for your skin because it helps to relax and ease tiredness in the face.

I've read from other online forums that some people (particularly Asians who are so into their skin care) put on masks as often as every day. I'm pretty new to masks and I have to see how my skin reacts so I'll be taking it slow.

Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

Php 150 / 23g. Free one sheet sample care of my January SaladBox. Missha is available in SM Annex, North EDSA; SM Center, Pasig and Landmark, Trinoma.

Product Information:
A thick clear essence coats the "3D" face sheet. It does smell like ginger and while I normally hate the scent, this one was not harsh and smelled more "herbapeutic" rather than "stinky garden poo bits."

I realize now that I probably should have taken a picture of the fit, being that it's one of Missha Red Ginseng's advertising points. But I was a meek blogger back then, and didn't want to take unnecessary face shots. My best description of the sheet would be that it has a seam on the center to better mold to the contours of your face. Since the center of the face has the most definition, it did hug the "terrain" of my face nicely. The sheet also tucked snugly under the chin although the fit wasn't a huge need since the sheet is soaked enough to stay on during the recommended time.

How to Use:
After cleansing and toning, fit the mask onto your face. Squeeze out the remaining essence from the packet and pat over the sheet. Press down air bubbles.

The back of the packet

There was the usual stinging sensation whenever I use masks, but it was mild and of the normal level that I normally experience. It refreshed, brightened and moisturized my face. I didn't have wash it before proceeding with my serum and that seemed to be a good move.

3D fit. Most sheet masks are made from flat sheets with strategic cuts and creases. This one has a center seam to better wrap around the face.

Lasting Power:
Two days of improved skin.


Beauty by Tellie score:
3.5/5. Suitably effective yet very average. Props for the fit.

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