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Shiseido x Animetric's Flawless and Radiant Makeup Workshop

Hey everyone! Last week, I won a slot to Animetric's Flawless and Radiant Makeup Workshop with Shiseido held at the Shiseido botique, 2F, Powerplant Mall held last April 6, Saturday. It seems like every week I'm going off to an event I've won passes to or I'm off redeeming coupons. This is the life!

I liked this one better than the Beauty Soiree. It's more intimate and revealed a lot of insiders' secrets. The best and latest Shiseido products were showcased and that's something I missed on the Beauty Soiree. 

Shiseido Botique, 2F Powerplant Mall

Throughout the talk, we had apple juice and cookies, which made me happy for the rest of the session :P

Apple Juice and Cookies. Strange combo but much appreciated!

Here's Rowena of Animetric's World with the model-volunteer (and newfound-friend) Zandy.

Rowena and Zandy

Here's what I learned:

  • Makeup isn't purely evil, it can act as a protective layer against pollution and the sun. And let's be real here: makeup, when done just right, can improve a girl's look. All those guys whining and griping about hating makeup, even natural-looking makeup, I dare you to choose between the following:
Lindsay Lohan L-R: with natural makeup, without makeup at all

  • Beyond the topic of makeup, skincare is still so much more important. Why? You can slather on as much of the best makeup you can find to conceal pockmarks, zits and wrinkles but the more makeup you use, the uglier and fake-r it looks. For example, foundation is used to even out the skin tone. If your spots are too dark, you'd need several layers to build coverage. Piling up more layers in turn, just emphasizes wrinkles and fine hair.

That's why: #1 it's important to invest in high-quality makeup that has good mileage (i.e. small quantities give good color payoff/coverage) and #2 makeup looks best when you already have good skin, because this way you won't need to use a lot. Sad, I know.

The Workshop:

After a complete round of daytime skincare (cleanser-toner-moisturizer-eye cream-sunblock), we started the actual makeup application. I love that Shiseido's Perfect Foundation brush was highlighted as I had previously raved about its awesome-ness as well. Check out my post on it.

The secret is in the bristle density and brush shape. The way he explains it is: think of your foundation brush as a broom. It sweeps up everything when the bristles are still complete. As the bristles fall out, streaks of dirt get left behind where the bristles are uneven. This unevenness, while microscopic, affects your overall look. Perfect application looks airbrushed and tiny imperfections take away from that.

Product Highlight: Shiseido's Perfect Foundation Brush

  • One more thing: don't forget to put foundation under your nose! That's something everyone forgets and it's a big no-no, especially since most people have redness around the nose. I'm putting the Hydroliquid Foundation on my radar as it's very moisturizing and I have dry skin.

Based on the model's features, he decided to focus on the lips, opting to go with a simple eye look and bold lip color. I don't know why he didn't pick the eyes 'cause this girl has crazy long lashes!

Makeup: The Shiseido Way

And that's it! Looking at her 'after' shot, I can attest to the importance of daytime skincare. Zandy's foundation was absolutely glowing. I am one of those people who think, my skin is okay, I can do without cleansing since I just took a shower. And because I don't cleanse, I don't have to tone either. While I technically have no excuse not to moisturize in the daytime, I simply don't do it. It's always straight to makeup for me, but now I have to change my errant ways.

What's interesting about Shiseido is that their cosmetics are an extension of the skincare line: meaning, all makeup items are infused with skincare benefits. While makeup by itself is normally drying and irritating on the skin, Shiseido makeup aims to let you continue your skin care regimen even after you've stepped out of the bathroom.

We were supposed to get a loot bag too, but there was some miscommunication with the branch and we were just advised to wait for further announcements. I'll have to leave that up to another post.

New Faces:

Before leaving, I had a chance to mingle with the other participants. Yay new friends and fellow beauty enthusiasts!

Rowena of Animetric's World has two kids and is approaching forty, but she has no wrinkles to prove that- she says it's because she's a skincare addict. She's the fabulous hostess with the most-est for this wonderfully informative workshop.

Tellie and Rowena

This is the fabulously bubbly and super nice Sophie, one of the big bosses from Sample Room and of Beautynomics fame. I overheard her saying that SR has a lot of full-size items coming up so I'm calibrating my metal detector, radar and night vision goggles for that.

Tellie and Sohpie

Hazel here won my Shiseido box giveaway. How fitting that we would meet here :P And in between our faces is the most handsome face on this planet. Can somebody please stalk him and give me his number?!

Tellie, Adonis and Hazel

Zandy volunteered to model. She has INSANE, crazy-long lashes. And she also blogs, but she's more into fashion than beauty. She looks very pretty here but I hate how HUGE my nose is. I wish I had other usable shots huhuhu.

Zandy and Tellie

Jill, The Food Scout, a.k.a. the lost sheep. I think she's the only non-beauty blogger in attendance, hehehe. Althouuuugh, never underestimate: girl still knows her makeup, while managing to keep fit at an eight-dish per writeup schedule.

Tellie and Jill

And finally, the one to watch out for: Jes Roque. She's already pretty established and I mussay, I know why! The moment I saw her I thought she was a professional makeup artist because daaaayumn gurl. Her brows are crazy gorgeous, everyone was saying so! Check her latest eyebrow tutorial here.

Tellie and Jes

Some extras:

Adonis, when he picked me up after the workshop.

Proof. 'Cause I didn't have any last time. (Warning: The next photo was taken under duress.)

My Fellow Beauty Enthusiasts are oh so happy to be there.

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