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Trusted by Tellie: Eye Of Horus Natural Mascara

Last Christmas, the best bf in the world proved why he got that honor. Check the story here.  One of the things I got out of it was this gorgeoussss Eye of Horus mascara. Helga of Ditz Revolution held a giveaway (which I won, YAY!) and I am eagerly awaiting my second tube :D

Eye of Horus Mascara at Php 980 / 8g

Free full-size sample from my November 2012 GlamourBoxEye of Horus is available through the GlamourBox online botique for Php 980 at an 8g tube.

Product Description:
Eye of Horus Natural Mascara calls back to ancient Egyptian cosmetic formulation: it's made with all-natural, non-irritating ingredients. EOH is  formulated to strengthen, lengthen and nourish your lashes.

The wand has synthetic spikes (instead of bristles) in a peanut-shape. The product comes in a stylized mascara tube with a very pharaoh-tic shape. Don't ask me why I feel that way about it, I just do.

How to Use:
Brush normally on the lashes. It can be removed with just warm water yet doesn't really smear easily when worn. It can also be easily removed by makeup remover, and it doesn't have to be of the waterproof variant.

I like how neatly it comes off. The mascara just sort of crumbles off in huge bits and doesn't smear black all over my eyes.

Crumbly bits of mascara, neatly removed

Does not clump at all!!!! It builds alright over wet layers but gets clumpy when the layers are halfway dry.

It spreads on very evenly and finely. The evenness means that I can pass it off like I'm just naturally blessed and not wearing mascara. It's also lightweight so it was able to hold a curl very well. The wand, on the other hand, does great in separating and defining eyelashes. 

The resulting look is  light and natural, so it might not be a great pair with smokey eyes. It is, however, fabulous with daytime and muted makeup as an is-she-or-is-she-not-wearing-mascara kind of mascara. Despite this, there's still a noticeable oomph to my eyes when I use EOH.

The only downside is that it doesn't dry that fast, and a small accidental nudge after application (even by my bangs) can cause the lashes to stick together.

Before: Naked Lashes

After: Lashes with Eye of Horus Natural Mascara

Lasting Power:
Gets through about five hours of going out with barely noticeable, light grey fallout at the corners of my eyes.

All-natural formulation and effective wand design. Also, non-clumping.

Very likely.

Beauty by Tellie score
4.75/5 whozaaa! I had to notch off 0.25 for the sticky lashes syndrome and the slight fallout, but all of that is offset by the wand, natural formula and non-clumping magic.

Despite this not-5 ranking, I am elevating Eye of Horus to Trusted By Tellie status, along with Celeteque Dermo-Science Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum.

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