I’m Kristel. I vlog. I blog. Professional makeup artist based in Manila. 300 hours training in Make Up For Ever Academy, Seoul, South Korea. I live makeup, you have no idea.

100th Post Drama - NOT!

Hey everyone! I’m not scheduled to post anything today but I thought I’d take the time to switch gears and not talk about makeup for a while. It’s my 100th post and I’m so happy I’ve been able to keep this blog regularly updated! I’d really love to post everyday but I’m working double-time as it is. I feel like daily posting is an attainable, near-future dream but I’m also using my spare time to upgrade my blog’s look and connect with other writers and readers. Ergo, not really much spare time.

This little project started out with me needing my own repository for reviews. buys and ten thousand musings on predatory advertising and scam ingredients. But I didn’t want to just dump these golden thoughts of mine into some junky, rinky-dink blog. I wanted, and still want, a beautiful blog. I don’t have that quite yet but I am proud that I now have:
  1. My own domain! I never announced when exactly I got this and I'm quite pleased that I still get site entries from! This means that people actually go to my site, and not just click my FB or Twitter shares, teyhey!
  2. Tons of widgets, which I'm looking to trim down now
  3. A Facebook page
  4. A Twitter account
  5. An Instagram account
  6. Better photos (Oy don’t mock me! My pics are way improved compared to my very first ones. Check my December 2012 archives)

I constantly set goals for myself. I don't always accomplish them when I want to but I do enjoy the feeling when I finally do accomplish them. At this point, my new goals are:
  1. A flag counter. Gotta remember this when the month ends. I remember it 25 days a month but never near the end of the month!
  2. A beautiful, DECLUTTERED site template
  3. Better profile pics and banners
  4. More pages
  5. A better comment form
  6. More engaged readers - I love reading your thoughts! It helps me write better, gives me new perspective and makes me feel less like I'm talking to imaginary friends, haha!

At this point, I would like to take a quick moment and thank everyone who interacts with me on this blog and on social media. Y'all entertain me so much, really! Then, there's the people who comment and share this blog, thank you so much! I also want to give a quick nod of appreciation to the people who found my blog through my earlier giveaways, but still keep visiting and checking the site out. Thank you for checking out the content even if I don't host as many giveaways as other bloggers. To anyone else who found my blog randomly, I super appreciate your presence, even the lurkers and ghost readers!

Most importantly, I'd like to thank the bf, for liking everything since day 1 and for working as tirelessly as me in promoting this blog. 

All of your little interactions help promote my blog and I sincerely appreciate it! To show my appreciation, here's something to laugh at- a picture of me looking like a granny cashew at the Browhaus booth during the BDJ Beauty Social:

BDJ Beauty Social Hidden Outtakes: BBT as Granny Cashew

My biggest realization thus far? I’m not gonna lie and deep-shit you guys. It’s not about beauty or makeup touching my soul and all that pizzaz- I’ve always known that beauty speaks to me, way before I started this blog. The real eye opener is: hot dang, blogging is making me spend so much! I connect with so many talented, diverse bloggers and their finds so encourage me to get all these products. Neither my wallet nor I saw this one coming!

P.S. I forgot to prepare for my 100th post so I'll be postponing it as a two-fer with my blog halfsary (June 14)! I really wanna do something special and I have half a month to prepare. Decisions, decisions :P

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