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Haul: Waiting for my Boyfriend Edition a.k.a. Joining Celeteque Dermo Skin Circle

So one day my boyfriend had to run a bunch of errands before playing basketball. I, being the supportive gf that I am, decided to come along and watch. There was only a specific (and early) time that he could pick me up so I was with him for some of his errands.

Long story short, he couldn’t get a haircut due to the holiday rush and we were left with some time to kill. Of course I thought to myself, this is the perfect time to start picking up that stuff I need for my Celeteque Dermo Skin Circle.

A little backstory: I procrastinated the Php 300-worth Celeteque purchases because my ultimate must-get is the Travel Basics which I read about from Eula’s blog, Eula Sleeps. When I read of Pat’s post about Dermo Skin Circle, I often found myself in Robinson’s Magnolia. There’s a Mercury Drug there that has a Celeteque shelf and I was thinking it would be the best I could find. Celeteque is a drugstore brand and Mercury was one of the biggest drugstores around. However after several visits, it became apparent that I wouldn’t find the Travel Basics there.

Celeteque Travel Basics, photo by Eula

So I waited.. and waited.. and sat on my butt, bypassing my birthday month and being forever in the dark about the special birthday treat. Finally, back to my bf, I asked if we could check out the Watson’s in Greenhills for a drugstore love, Kate.

I see a Celeteque AISLE and I am completely agog. I grab the Travel Basics (Php 149,) do some mental math and quickly pair it up with a bigger toner (Php 110 for 125ml) and an exfoliating version of the facial wash (Php 82 for 60ml.) I keep telling you guys, Celeteque is dirt cheap! Though I think they might have been on sale when I bought, but at least you know the indicative price :P

By now, I have Php 341 worth of product, enough to qualify me for the Dermo Skin Circle. This is a cute coincidence because I didn’t intend to pile up on the Hydration line, but I intuitively ended up doing so because my skin is indeed parched! I was looking for the makeup remover wipes but they didn’t have any in stock so instead, the SA offered me a SUPER CUTE cleansing oil sample. I don’t know if I should feel happy about not double-purchasing the wipes because I would get them in the Dermo Skin Circle loot bag but then end up losing them.

L-R: Celeteque Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner with Witch Hazel Extract, Celeteque Hydration Traveler's Basics, Garnier BB Eye Roll-on in Natural, Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil, Celeteque Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash with Dual Vitamin Nourishing Beads

  • Celeteque Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner with Witch Hazel Extract (Php 110 for 125ml) - I've already been testing the toner at a smaller packaging (65ml) and it's no wonder-miracle like Shiseido's Benefiance Softener, but it is pretty dependable and I thought to buy a stable supply since I don't often receive toner samples from my subscription boxes.
  • Celeteque Hydration Traveler's Basics (Php 149 for 25ml each of Facial Wash with NMF, Alcohol-Free Toner with Witch Hazel Extract and Facial Moisturizer, Water-Based and Oil-Free) - Despite all my raving, I've never tried the Celeteque line that's meant for me: Hydration. This is a fantastic introductory kit because it's the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, all at trial sizes. I highly recommend it for first-time Celeteque users who want to get a feel of the brand before committing to the larger versions of these products.
  • Celeteque Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash with Dual Vitamin Nourishing Beads (Php 82 for 60ml) - The Traveler's Basics has a non-scrub version of the facial wash but since I like doing scrubs (especially when I'm feeling extra flaky!) I thought I'd try it out. At Php 82 for 60ml (a little over USD 2) Why the heck not, right?
  • Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil (Free 5ml sample) - I think she was so eager to give me this bottle because: 1.) I had already made a purchase and 2.) they failed me by not stocking up on the wipes, huhu. This is still under trial but so far, it's doing well.
  • Garnier BB Eye Roll-On in Natural (Php 230 for 15ml) - Incidentally, this was also on my buy-list care of Eula's review. Honestly! Let's just go home and call it a fangirling on Eula day.

I'm starting to feel a little bad for posting buys instead of reviews. I have been on a little binge lately. Do I have a problem? Should I start a spending diary? I found a new online shop and I don't even want to talk about the number of items I wanna get T_T

Check out Celeteque website here, and
Celeteque's online store here. They don't carry their complete inventory in the online store, but it does have most of the essentials. It seems freshly stocked as of this writing.

Have you tried any of these products? How are they? :)

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