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Lipstick Week Closer: Lip Lessons and Indecisiveness

Lipstick Week was a spur of the moment decision that began with me hating the recent posts in my blog. I'd been feeling monotonous and very textbook-y for a few weeks now, doing mostly unboxing reviews.

It was actually a BB Week idea that I was toying around with as I had even more BB reviews than lipstick reviews lined up. I have tons of BB sachets and I wanted to give my impressions on a one-a-day flash-bang kind of trial. I'm actually very much against short-span reviews as I only post reviews on products I've used for 2-4 weeks, until the sample runs out or seven days at the least. I just think it's unfair to judge a product when it hasn't had ample time to react to your skin nor when you have yet to find out what makes it unique. With BB Week, I was simply limited by the sample sachets I had so of course I could only do a daily thing.

Camera skill limitations (arg) made it impossible to take reliable foundation pictures, so I stuck with Lipstick Week instead. Seeing Liz's Bobbi Brown week made it all final; I couldn't not do a themed week! It would've been a better adventure if I did live blogging and reviewed the actual lipstick I used that day, but I could barely finish a post in a day! Writing was easy, but pictures really bogged me down. 

Here's what I learned:

  • Stop fooling yourself.
    • People can see your moustache, even if it's just balahibong pusa (peach fuzz) - A threading post is timely but I'm so fed up with my lips right now that I'll push that back at a later date.
    • Lip skin isn't invisible - I exfoliate it by wetting my lips and rubbing off excess skin with a towel. I only realized I couldn't get away with posting chappy lip swatches by day 3, harhar.
    • Darkness around the lips isn't invisible either - Benefit Perk Me Up is my friend :3
  • Lip primer isn't always good.
    • It can alter the color of your lipstick - Some shades simply look better on "naked" lips.
    • It changes the texture of your lipsticks - My UD lip primer made some lipsticks super tacky and sticky.
    • It also made some lipsticks look rough and uneven on my lips.
  • Prepare for any themed week or series.
    • As soon as I thought about Lipstick Week, I posted my Day 1. NEVER AGAIN. I post 3-4 times a week, with a moderate amount of pictures or at least easily post-processed pictures, if I'm putting up a bunch. Portraits and lip swatches are completely new to me and I had to learn how to correct things I never had to bother with before!
    • I should pre-write as much of the post I can and just put in the rest when I actually review. Time management, Tellie! Do it better!!!

Lipstick Week in a Glance:

Lipstick Week

Links For The Lazy:

Yes, I did use these all in a week. However, I've used these tubes lots of times beforehand and I already have clear ideas of their pros and cons. Bebeco is the newest but I used it every day for around a week when I first got it.

Changing colors daily helped me become more experimental with my everyday lipstick. I used to just grab Clinique's Beauty every morning but now that I'm more comfortable with everything else, I feel like it's such a waste not to use any of these great shades.

The Tag:

So I guess I want to start a tag. I'm tagging 7 other bloggers whom I'd love to take a peek at their lipstick collection. I'm pretty new and not reasonably connected with the blogosphere yet so Lipstick Week tagging is a way to find similarities with each other based on our fave lipsticks! I'm not pressuring anyone to participate nor am I giving them a deadline, as bloggers usually have their own blogging schedule.

The mechanics are pretty simple:
  • Make seven blog posts about Lipstick Week. #LipstickWeek it if you're on Twitter!
  • Post full reviews or quick swatches of your favorite shades. Heck I'd be fine reading about you waxing poetic over a lemming.
  • You can follow my schedule, pick your own or combine my ideas with yours. It'd be nice to know what other people use for caramels, mauves and corals which I never took up! You need 7 posts but I did mine over a three-week span, harhar.
  • Please post your first link in a comment on this post so I can follow your series :)
  • (ADDITIONAL) Tag 7 more when you're done to keep Lipstick Week alive!
  • If you don't want to go through all seven days, pleeeease just post a virtual tour of your lipstick collection. I'd still love that!!!

Here are the people whose Caboodles I wanna peek into:
  1. The Dalaga Project - love her humor AND her makeup collection. Her makeup looks are so avant garde yet tasteful and make so much sense as a complete face/look! I'd love to see what she'd pick if she only had to focus on lipstick.
  2. Eula Sleeps - love her artistic taste. She's currently on vacation and is a pretty busy gal overall. It's Doctor Eula for us! So maybe when she has a blogging lull I hope she'll indulge. I know I still owe her for the Liebster tag, eep! I've been thinking about that tag, and it's partly how I thought to create a tag for this one. At this point I have still don't have enough people to tag forward but I've been trying to expand the kind of posts I do so I'm looking forward to that.
  3. Jes Roque - is my eyebrow goddess. I'd love to see what someone with such assets and priorities will choose to do with her lips!
  4. Jess Modelo - a former schoolmate who's also into beauty blogging. She's really talented and has such huge, drool-worthy hauls! From what I've seen, her lipstick collection is pretty colorful and I'd love to know her faves. Her last post was way back in March but I hope she's still up for it.
  5. Softly Sometimes - has such beautiful skin! The shades she usually picks up are ones that I'd never bother with, but end up getting interested in once she features them. She's on a cruelty-free pledge right now and I reaaaally wanna see her Week!
  6. Peachy Pink Sisters - one of the blogs I visit daily. Their collection has so much variety and I wanna know which ones they'll feature!
  7. Project Vanity - beauty blogging extraordinaire of the Philippines. Hers is my go-to blog and she's my favorite beauty blogger. She's crazy-good at what she does and I just can't believe how she never runs out of relevant posts. She has a lipstick obsession and I'm hoping the ultimate authority can shed some light, teehee!

These people owe me no favors, but I thought I'd take a shot and tag them :)

Posting (or trying) everyday was stressful but also loads of fun. I hope I can keep doing that but you can expect at least an MWF + Weekend Post from me for now :)

What's your lipstick collection like?

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