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Lipstick Week: Revlon Colorburst in 070 Soft Nude

It's day 5 on my slowed down lipstick week and look what I got!

Revlon Colorburst in 070 Soft Nude

I'm not really a person to wear nude lips mostly because of how pale I already am. One of the biggest things about me is that I have really dark eye bags. Add that to the fact that I tend not to do my eyes... Well let's just say I would probably look like the walking dead if I didn't wear the slightest splash of color on my lips.

Yet what is lipstick week without a feature on a nude? Don't be pervy, here I review another great lipstick from a very well-known brand.

Php 575 but I got it at 20% off (Php 460) on SM's 3-Day Sale around a year ago. Revlon can be found in most department stores and drugstores.

Product Description:
Colorburst seems to be a very popular line for Revlon. Aside from the Lipstick variant, they have the Lip Gloss and Lip Butter variants as well. It's advertised as very moisturizing and highly pigmented.

The Colorburst line has a very classy, matte-black fishnet design on the tube. The container is kind of heavy so it doesn't feel cheap. I also love how the color is painted on top of the tube; very convenient for when I'm rushing and can't be bothered to open each tube and find the shade I have in mind. The stick is engraved with the brandname.

#070 Soft Nude is a nude (shocker!) with subtle hints of rose rather than yellow or brown.

How to Use:
Swipe and store! The Colorburst line is bursting with moisture so gloss isn't necessary. You could use a primer to make the shade look pale or more "concealer-y."

This stick has a very creamy texture and a glossy finish. Here's what it looks like on my lips:

Lip Swatch: Revlon Colorburst in 070 Soft Nude

There's a certain difficulty working with very creamy formulae. Sometimes they get so slippery that the lipstick itself swipes off some of the color as you are applying it. This may force you to go with a thicker coat than what you're used to as you keep trying to even out the application.

That's not a problem though because Colorburst builds lightly and dreamily. The moisture content of the tube also means that it's not an issue to keep layering on. I just find that with Soft Nude, I can't really do just a light layer. My lips are too dark and they look weird if they show underneath the color.

The shade highlights on the inside of all my lip lines unless I layer it really thick. I guess it's just a nude thing 'cause when there's more product inside the grooves, it appears more "nude" than the surrounding area. I just pair it with a nude gloss and that seems to even things out nicely.

Revlon Colorburst in 070 Soft Nude

It's nude enough to go well with dramatic eyes but it's not too "concealer-y." I don't really like nudes that blend perfectly unto my face's skin tone, it just looks a little alienesque. 

Lasting Power:
The stick applies really, really wet and I suppose that's what kills staying power. Color lasts around 3 hours and it doesn't survive meals.

Easy to find. Good mid-range product.

Maybe in another shade. I had Peach and finished that one up really fast! I don't often go with nudes but Soft Nude is the one I rely on when I do dark, smokey eyes.

Beauty by Tellie score:
4/5. Revlon Coloburst in Soft Nude is a very reliable tube. It's easy to find and is at a good price point. I like how moisturizing it is but sometimes it can feel greasy.

I ranked it a 4 because while it's a really good product, I don't feel that strongly about it. I wouldn't throw it out but I'm not really using it on a daily basis either. The shade is perfect and moisture is excellent, but I have a couple of issues with application and I'm a little put off by how easily it smudges off.

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