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Looty for my Booty: Celeteque Dermoscience Dermo Skin Circle

Hey everyone! As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Celeteque. It’s absolutely my ultimate drugstore weakess. I find their products weirdly effective for their ridiculously budget prices. So when I read from Pat of Becoming Sleek that there was such a thing as a Celeteque Dermo Skin Circle, I was all over it like hipsters in Wanderland (ohnoIdidn’t.)

photo from Celeteque PH's FB page

I assumed this was something akin to Sample Room’s blogger circle, their search for partner bloggers. But when I read the banner more closely, it’s just a rehashed marketing promotion.

The mechanics are pretty straightforward: email a Php 300-worth receipt of Celeteque purchases to and in less than a week you’ll get your membership loot bag. I don’t know how long this will be effective for but the wall post is dated March 15 and I emailed on May 6 and I still got in. I tweeted first at @CeletequeDermo and they said it was indeed still open so I suggest you do the same if you plan on participating.

It says in the material that there’s supposed to be something special for your birthday month. I’m kicking my own ass for not acting sooner about this. Pat’s entry is dated April 15 and I curse my procrastination for taking one month to act *shakes fist* *batwings jiggle.*

I didn’t have a hard time filling the Php 300 limit, I had a short list of must-try Celeteque products. 300 goes a long way unless you get from the Advanced Anti-Aging line. In which case, you would need only one item and you’d already be twice over the threshold.

Without further ado, here’s what’s inside:

Clockwise from Left: Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil, Sun Care Lip Balm, Brightening Eye Tuck. Not pictured: Hydation Makeup Remover Facial Wipes

I love Celeteque but I honestly hate the novella-ic length product names.

Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil

Still under review. Though with the amount of Celeteque Oils I have by now (two 100ml bottles for being a long-term subscriber of BDJ and an April BDJ Elite sample, respectively and now a 50ml bottle,) I could probably start my own oil refinery, like good ole James D. Rockefeller. (Who watches History Channel? Innovators is da bomb.)

Sun Care Lip Balm

I believe it’s pretty easy to come up with good lip balm. I like Celeteque’s simple-yet-effective approach to skincare and I believe this will be a reliable companion. As for the SPF, I’m not hypnotized by it. I don’t know how much truth there is in the “scientific studies” that your lips easily get sun damaged and need as much, if not more, SPF than the rest of your face. Sometimes these studies are pushed by cosmetics giants themselves to beef up their advertising.

Brightening Eye Tuck

This is magic. It doesn’t help much with darkening but OMG I love how I can now wear the super drying MAC Studio Finish concealer under my eyes without it looking papery, leathery, nor cracking preserved animal specimen skin. Check out my rave and my official indictment of this product into the Trusted by Tellie Hall of Fame here.

Hydration Makeup Remover Facial Wipes

Dang nab it. Mine is missing! When I did the photoshoot, I was wondering why I only had three products, because I remember I got four. Thinking back, I do remember toying around with the packet and I also told Pat that I got the same set of items HERE but I never noticed when it went missing. I must get to the bottom of this!

And now, they have a new promo. I’m pondering if I need this in my life because I’m still reeling from my birthday month spoilage. The limit is pretty easy to breach at Php 500, though I am still freshly stocked on my Celeteque basics.

My 100th post is ‘round the bend and I’m thinking of hitting two birds with one stone. Hmmm, should I? :>

Check out Celeteque website here, and
Celeteque's online store here. They don't carry their complete inventory in the online store, but it does have most of the essentials.

What’s your ultimate drugstore weakness?

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