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Looty for My Booty: Majolica Majorca Workshop Loot!

Hey everyone! I love makeup loot so much- tell me honestly if you don't because I will beat your face in and take all your makeup away, arrrrg! My real point is: I feel like it's sacrilegious to combine loot discussions with event posts so when I attend a workshop or event, a Looty for My Booty post will surely follow, hooray!

Check out the stuff below. The sturdy black bag contains my loot. That's my certificate of completion on the bottom with my purchases out on display at the right.

Looty for My Booty: Majolica Majorca Workshop

The Loot Bag

I was scouting this workshop through Deal Dozen. One of the things that caught my eye was the promise of a very worth-it loot bag (total value at Php 2975.) We got all the best-sellers! Here's what's inside the loot bag:

Clockwise from Top Left: Lash King in BK 999, Majolook Illuminator in BR 788, Honey Pump Gloss Neo in RD 441, Brow and Lash Colorist in BR 555, Jeweling Pencil in BK 901 and a personal applicator set.

Jeweling Pencil in BK 901, Php 495 / 0.8g

I tried everything in the loot bag during the workshop except the black Jeweling Pencil so I have no opinion on that. It's a little short for an eyeliner (3.5in) but it comes in many colors so being short's actually a good thing for guilt-free hoarding!

I used the Automatic Eyeliner during the workshop but found it a little bit of a hassle as I had to twist the bottom to get the product out. The built-in brush was also difficult to manage as the ink unpredictably gushes out at different places and the pen-fibers tended to spread out uncontrollably.

Majolook Illuminator in BR 788, Php 795 / 4g

I'm most looking forward to the very durable Majolook Illuminator. I especially love the neutral color set! The top pan is a cream base with a luxurious golden print. Left to right below, is a golden pearl highlighter (with shimmer particles that are a little too big for my liking,) a reasonably shimmered taupe midtone and a dark, matte brown for the crease.

The sponge tip applicator it comes with has two different shapes on each end, but I prefer using my own brushes. I could use the applicator for the creamy base as I use my eye brushes strictly with dry products.

Brow and Lash Colorist in BR 555, Php 595 / 4.5g

The Brow and Lash Colorist isn't something I would use on my lashes as anything other than black tends to lessen the volumizing effect of mascaras. However, I find it just a nanometer short of excellent on the brows! The formula is very creamy yet airy so it sticks to my sparse and thin brow hairs ONLY. It doesn't get on my skin unless I actually do touch the applicator on my skin. I'm not really a fan of how the weight of liquidy brow products makes my brows stick together on my brow bone. It's completely unnatural-looking on my baldy brows and so difficult to hide!

I would have preferred to get BR 333, the blonde-r brown as its a said-to-be dupe of MAC's Girl Boy. After careful self-consolation, however, I think something as reddish as BR 555 would be a great new adventure for me as I typically dye my hair red!

Honey Pump Gloss Neo in RD 441, Php 295 / 6.5g

I didn't like this gloss as it was veeeeeeery thick and a little too tacky. I felt my lips sticking together even at the slightest movement!

My Purchases

I got a very eyes-centric loot bag. There's something for the brows, eyelids, eyeliner, and eyelashes while I only got one other product: lip gloss. The Japanese inclination to emphasize the eyes shows in the loot selection. However, we are not in Japan and I discovered other neat things I NEEDED in my life through the workshop!

The team brought their bestsellers to the venue and gave us discounts. Some items had smaller price slashes but the majority was indeed 20% off. Everything I picked up was at 20% off! *swoon*

Eyes Reset Gel, Php 695 / 30g

I got the ERG for Php 556. The Eyes Reset Gel is perfect for when you make mistakes in eye makeup! The texture is like petroleum jelly, but a bit more on the liquid than solid side. The result is makeup remover that's very "malleable!" It works only and exactly on where I put it, unlike with liquid makeup removers that seep out to the surrounding skin. Solid makeup removers like petroleum jelly give me major anxiety about eye wrinkles as it takes a lot of rubbing to melt down and rub off the goop. ERG is of the perfect consistency for eyeliner and eyeshadow correction as you don't even need to wash it off. Cheers to the Japanese and their eye expertise!

Another gold nugget discovery on the ERG: it easily dissolves the ultra-stubborn Lash King. Even my waterproof eye makeup remover requires a few tugs and rips off a couple of lashes whenever I use it to take off Lash King. ERG simply melts it all off in one go. I even kept rubbing my lids after that first swipe, thinking I hadn't gotten anything off but a close look in the mirror showed bare lashes!

Cream de Cheek in Custard Cream (OR 313,) Php 495

The Cream de Cheek was 20% off at Php 396. It comes in a tasteful, frosted glass bottle that looks a bit more like nail polish than blush. Cute! It's actually liquid blush, not tint, that has a powder finish. The fact that it's a liquid means that it's more easily absorbed by the skin as compared to powder, which is just set on the skin's surface. It makes a lot of sense to me, a person who is living with dry skin. I can just imagine the little particles of powder blush falling off the flakes of my skin! I do have actual proof of this blush's staying power as evidenced in my 9 hours later picture in my Workshop post.

I'm not sure if people with oily skin will have a similar liquid vs. powder blush experience. Would liquid blush smear off faster for them? I imagine that slapping on liquid blush on top of oily skin would be parallel to my dry cheek + dry product = no staying power experience.

There's no shimmer here and that makes it look very natural. I guess I'm additionally lucky to find a perfect shade in the very limited 4-shade selection! I didn't even immediately notice that it looked good on me. One of the girls yelled over from the other table, asking about the blush I just put on because it looked so natural on me. Nothing wins a woman over more than a sincere compliment so I didn't hesitate in buying this one!

L-R: Secret Blink compact case, Php 450 and Skin Remaker Pore Cover in BO10, Php 895 / 10g

Both products are at 20% off so i got the limited edition compact case for only Php 360 and the Skin Remaker Pore Cover refill for Php 716!

My very first face powder was from Clean and Clear and it looked very "powdery" on me. Needless to say, I quickly ditched it once I hit pan. I couldn't be any happier as it was also really hard to find back then. Clean and Clear was the BIGGEST prepubescent/just-turned-pubescent choice of skincare and teeny boppers were frothing at the mouth to get at it. I felt a little less cool not having it, but whatever. It sucked anyway.

In my search for something better, I asked my mom for advise and surprise, surprise. Being the mommy that she is, she recommended Shiseido. I never really found anything wrong with Shiseido but I did switch once I went through a few refills. I just got bored. I also found out about MAC, which cost waaay less than Shiseido!

BO10 is a perfect match on my shade and I decided to get it because if you still practice your SRA reading skills, you'd remember that Majolica Majorca is Shiseido's baby company. I observed the same quality in coverage, blendability and pleasant smell buuut at a fraction of the price (SRPC at Php 895  vs. Shiseido's Php 1500 and up foundations!)  Plus, I got to buy this really cute case to house it in, yay!!!

Other Stuff I Would Have Bought:

  1. I would have bought the Jeweling pencil in Highlight (white) too, due to its extreme durability! The team didn't think to bring it but it's good enough that I am willing to purchase it at regular price.
  2. Another thing I wished was there: Lash Expander. I liked it better than the Lash King!

You can check out Majolica Majorca's Philippine website here.
They also have a Facebook page.

What are your Majolica Majorca loots?

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