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My April Sample Room Purchase

I wasn't supposed to get anything from Sample Room last month but I have been itching to try out a couple of stuff and I figured I could shell out an additional Php 100 for everything I had in mind. Most of what was restocked on Friday were organic and whitening products from their April release, which are aligned with this month's summer-y and earth-y trend.

I'm usually only able to budget two items but this time around, I was able to get three! All of which, by the way, have a good impression on me :) Here are the goodies:

My April Sample Room Purchase: The Restocks

What I Got:

Zenutrients All is Well Oil, 40pts or Php 125 / 10ml

I was pleasantly surprised about this one! I've been having horrible headaches for the past few days and thought this would be perfect to try. The spritzer is perfect for mess-free dispensing. The packaging is pretty compact and the lid clicks on securely so it's very handy to store in my purse. I'm expecting to get a lot of use out of this as the intense heat is giving me headaches @_@

Zenutrients All is Well Oil, 40pts or Php 125 / 10ml

I tried smelling it from outside the spray nozzle and was weirded out at the alcohol-y scent. Not the rubbing, disinfectant alcohol but they hey-let's-party kind of alcohol. However, once spread on the skin, it's very minty, a little herby and has a kick of fresh-ness. The strong peppermint and eucalyptus oils are very soothing while the lemongrass gives a fresh little kick.

I like the consistency as a fast absorbing, non-greasy oil. This product is very handy and completely not a bother to use, even during the day.

It's helping a lot with my current headache but I'm waiting 'til a couple more uses before I stamp this with my seal of approval. It's also supposedly good for coughs, colds and other aches. Though I don't know about heartache, better go listen to Ramon Bautista about that one, harhar.

SoTrue Lavender Oatmeal Castile Soap, 20pts / 30g | Php 200 / 135g

Before I talk about this one, I'd like to remind everyone that I am now into natural soap as well. I can't believe it either. A couple of months ago I would have rolled my eyes and ignored this sample. Yet here we are!

Okay, so Mr. Google tells me that Castile Soap is what you call soap that's based on olive oil, as opposed to traditional lard. This artisanal soap is infused with relaxing lavender and exfoliating oatmeal. I was much more drawn to the Peppermint Cinnamon one but it was marked for men and I hate cinnamon.

All the soaps I've tried so far are floral or fruity. This will be my first "milky" soap and I'm quite excited to compare it with what I've tried so far :)

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub 40pts or Php 99.75 / 120g

This scrub is infused with Papaya, Vitamin C and Glutathione to refresh and whiten your skin. I'm not particularly interested in the whitening aspect Gluta-C is known for, but I have been itching to try a scrub. The intense heat and humidity is just making me feel so... grimy.

This one's safe for everyday use though I probably won't have the time for that. It smells like Bench body sprays and I was a little surprised at how I couldn't get a whiff of any of the fruit ingredients mentioned.

P.S. I thought it would be icky to scoop out the product with my bare hands so I took out my Php 20 spoon from beabi and will probably stick it inside the jar. No, I just really wanted an excuse to use that tiny spoon.


That sums up my April Sample Room purchase. I'm a little bummed that when the first batch came out, I mostly ignored them because I'm not too much of an organic-loving girl. Looking back, I don't know what I would give for a complete line of Zenutrients samples!

I love how fast the Sample Room team works. I ordered last Friday and got this bag just yesterday. That's three days including the weekend. I think, though I'm not sure, that they've been able to restock more frequently now. I love their expanding product line and product size (most of their recent samples are full-size.) I can't wait for next month!

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