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SCOUTED: Perfume Atomizer for Sealed Perfume Bottles!

I faced a major crisis the other day. Between seething at the super slow-working Sun Cellular attendants and wondering about the must-haves from Kryolan (an SA walked in,) I noticed a too-strong whiff of my favorite perfume wafting out from my purse. My huge-ass bottle, with a ridiculously huge-ass cap, spilled despite being one of those unopenable, sealed bottles.

Twist and Turn, that ain't opening up

This has happened a few times before but never in the amount that would stain the lining of my purse! Usually it's just a few sweaty remnants on the neck of the bottle. It's totally unreasonable to carry around such a huge bottle of perfume, I know, but I didn't care and I had room in my purse. Also, I didn't care.

Yet what else could I have done? My hand was forced. I realized that I needed a perfume atomizer. I would’ve used the Airless Atomizer, which I already owned, but I didn’t want to worry about how to get the perfume in the tube. The only way to get the perfume inside that bottle would be to spray it on a funnel, and that's just darn wasteful, man. I already did that before and I very nearly got a blister on the pad of my pointer finger due to the amount of sprays I had to do to fill the teensy 3ml container. NOT WORTH IT!

Naturally, I had to go out and buy a special kind of spritzer for this. Presenting:

JML Perfect Perfume Refillable Travel Spray

These things never have a common name, just a description that it refills straight from a sealed perfume cap, from its bottom.

I took out the gold one to match my perfume, teehee!

How to Use:

It’s very simple, and kind of fun! Just remove the outer button of your favorite perfume’s sprayer. This should expose a mechanism on your bottle that resembles a drinking straw.

Many perfumeries keep their samples like this. I don't know why.

Line it up with the white nub on the bottom of the atomizer and push. This pumps the perfume directly inside the capsule, avoding wastage such as when you pour in or worse, spray into the new container.

Transferring perfume to the atomizer

Transferring perfume to the atomizer

I pumped 50 times, yes, I counted. The 50-spray promise sounds about right.

JML Perfect Perfume Refillable Travel Spray

There you go! No more spills!

Here's the box info, if anyone cares:

JML Perfect Perfume Refillable Travel Spray

I found a few places to get this, but I got mine for a Buy 1 Take 1 deal in Watson’s Greenhills. Here are three places I found them in: 
  1. Beabi
    • Php 395
    • Comes in: gold and silver
    • Capacity: 5ml (about 50 sprays)
  2. Glamourbox / Travalo
    • Php 680
    • Comes in: gold, silver and pink
    • Capacity: 4ml (50 sprays)
    • Has Pure (Php 480) and Rollerball (PHp 1280) variants. Pure seems to be the typical variant, but with a translucent bottom. Rollerball obviously, has a rollerball applicator.
  3. Watson's / JML
    • Php 499.75
    • Comes in: gold and silver
    • Capacity: 4ml (50 sprays)
    • Each packing is a 2-for-1 deal and you're given one of each color.

How do you tote your favorite perfumes? Do you carry the original bottle like I used to, or do you keep it purse-friendly and transfer?

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