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My June Sample Room Purchase: Celeteque Restorative Firming Cream Duo + Wink

Hey everyone! Sample Room restocked a few weeks ago and I simply had to make the most of my 1000 VIP points. Of course, it's Celeteque. No brainer. I'm getting it. Hello.

This'll be a quick and easy post. I've gotten pretty familiar with the brand and have read up a bit on each of the different lines. This restock features the Day and Night variants of the Restorative Firming Cream plus a Wink voucher.

Check out my samples:

June Sample Room purchase: Celeteque Restorative duo and Wink Laser and Wax Studio voucher

Here's What I Got:

Celeteque Restorative Firming Day Cream (SPF 15) - 175 points or Php 899 / 50g

Since I started blogging (and reading up on different skincare items,) I've realized that hydrating lines aren't always enough for parched skin. Anti-aging and restorative lines often leave me feeling a greater level of hydration- and to think I used to think I don't really need anti-aging items. The premium effect reflects in the premium pricing. Celeteque Restorative is one of the lines where three of the four items are priced at Php 899 (the other one is Php 699) while Celeteque Hydration has stuff at Php 75 - Php 169 with only the mist at Php 349.

Celeteque Restorative Firming Day Cream aims to improve skin elasticity and lift sagging skin. It's recommended for maintenance moisturizing to keep those wrinkles at bay. Specifically, you're to use it on wrinkle-prone spots such as the forehead, lips and neck.

Celeteque Restorative Firming Overnight Cream - 175 points or Php 899 / 50g

Celeteque Restorative Firming Overnight Cream works pretty much the same way. Based on the product info, the only difference would be Aqua Shuttle. A moisture-locking, deep-penetrating technology. We'll have to see about these claims :)


I also got a voucher for an underarm waxing session at Wink Laser and Wax Studio, valued at Php 330 or 80 points. The studio is located in BGC, which is three solar systems away from here but I'd really better make the most out of my Php 100 / 3 item-transaction. Also, a former blockmate owns this place and I think it's way coolies that she has her own girly business.


Well. I refuse to admit that I have a Celeteque problem especially since I realized that I haven't really spent an alarming amount on these promos. This time around, it's two jars worth Php 1798 (~USD 45,) with a free waxing too boot, all at Php 100 (~USD 2.5) which is ABSOLUTELY A STEAL!

I am playing around with a few thoughts in my head...

Is the Sample Room VIP system artificially inflated? I don't know how to feel about this. It seems like prices are getting steeper and steeper despite similar products from pre-VIP sporting way lower prices. I remember Jui commenting on my May SR post about how the Cha Cha tint was available at 60 points while the post-VIP Bene tint soared to 102 points. The wonder serum, Celeteque Restorative Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum is priced at Php 899 just like the two firming creams I got this june. The serum cost only 60 points vs. the firming creams' 175.

I'm still undecided about renewing my VIP membership but I don't like this feeling; like I'm being backed into a corner. I want to continue getting the most out of SR. It's a fun and controlled way of sampling. However, will I even be able to afford anything once my VIP package expires? Because there hasn't been a lot of under-100 items isnce I started and I'm not really sure that the Php 599 for two months + Php 100 every shipping is worth it.

Other subscription services will cost around Php 600 a month for a box of sooo many items. I'm going to pay almost Php 400 a month for strictly three items with SR, Php 500 if I want to get two batches of three items per month.

I can always opt out of VIP but I do hate that membership is limited and that I could get caught empty-handed when I find a batch worth paying the VIP fee for.

You can check out Celeteque's site here;
Wink's site here, and 
Sample Room's site here.

Do you have Sample Room VIP? What have you purchased with it so far?
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