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My May 2013 Saladbox, featuring Missha!

Oh it's that time of the month again! I recently finished my June 2013 BDJ Unboxing and just last Monday, another box arrived :) Our helper keeps teasing me whenever I check in with her for my boxes because there are days when I keep asking her and there is just NOTHING. Out of the blue, they all arrive consecutively and I'm like HAAAALP!


This box was much-hyped and quite frankly, sorely needed by the brand. I don't know much about Missha and its reputation but what little intel I've gathered so far is quite impressive. It seems to be a really popular and dependable Korean brand so I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting this Missha box. I've received a Missha sheet mask (which I loved) and a Missha oil film from my January Saladbox but a sponsored box is the best way to get introduced to the brand :)

May 2013 Saladbox ft. Missha: Curation Letter

Here's what it looked like as soon as I opened it:

May 2013 Saladbox ft. Missha: Impressions

Not bad, right? :) It's not very packed but a closer look reveals a good variety of items:

May 2013 Missha Box

What I'm Most Excited About:

Missha Rose Water Controlling Serum, Php 750 / 50ml

This is the biggest item in the box. Additionally, I love serums! I used to think they were just rebranded moisturizers, pushed by skincare brands for additional income through redundancy. They're not. My blogging journey has exposed me to the importance of serums and they've helped me get that supple skin I haven't experienced since being a kid!

I'm bummed that this bottle is for oily and combination skin types but as I keep saying, my skin isn't super sensitive. Crossing my fingers that it'll work fine on my dry skin :S

Missha TVXQ 3D Essence Sheet Mask in Honey, Php 150 / 20g

I failed to take pictures of the lovely fit of Missha's Red Ginseng 3D Sheet Mask and I'm glad I get to try out a new variant! Thankfully, I'm no longer camera-shy so you'll finally get to see what I'm talking about regarding the 3D fit.

As far as I know, honey is hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for people with dry and acne-prone skin. I've had a good experience with the Red Ginseng mask so I don't doubt that this one will be equally great. Plus points for being the honey variant, something ten million times more appealing to me than the musky ginseng :P

M Perfect Cover BB Cream, Php 1600 / 50ml. ~1g sample.

MAKEUP! The curation card boasts that this BB cream has sold over 2 million bottles worldwide. I don't know how impressive that figure is but I trust Korean BB Creams the most so here goes nothing! :)

I still haven't tried any of my other BB sachets and I'm dreading adding this to the pile. Oh boy. I really need to get a'crackin' on those before they go bad.

Missha Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Control Emulsion, Php 1600 / 30ml. ~5ml sample.

The last two samples are emulsions, which are great for dry skin. I am so pleased whenever I get correctly-matched samples!

This one is pretty exciting as I'm not exactly aware of the ingredients on my skincare items. I really just care about the results I see. However, I do feel like Water has been my most compatible beauty element thus far and this Aqua Marine Stem Cell thingamajig is getting me all tingly inside. I don't believe that Stem Cell does any good being spread on the skin (versus being injected and ingested,) but water being the source of it is enough to have me on board.

Missha Near Skin Firming Project Concentrating Emulsion, Php 2600 / 130ml. ~5ml sample.

I somehow feel like Missha just slaps random words together. I don't really get what a Near Skin Firming Project Concentrating Emulsion does for you. It's supposed to maintain skin moisture and oil balance while enhancing softness and elasticity of the skin. I still don't get the product name but I'm down for the description!

Other Stuff in Here:

This is an empty list. The Missha box really gets down to business and is a no-nonsense box!


May 2013 Saladbox ft. Missha: Curation Card

*sigh of relief* Can we be consistent on this level, Saladbox? I'm so happy with this month's box and I just want it to be of this quality all the time. I like that I got a piece of makeup and skincare items. However, I'm really puzzled as to why there were too many teensy sachets and tiny bottles as this is a sponsored box. They're not even premium-sized   samples (~15ml.)

After being teased for weeks on end that the Missha box would be worth Php 2000 containing seven luxe items, the happiness is kind of dampened by the fact that I got only five items, three of which are the too-tiny kind. I was especially excited for that mobile keychain lip gloss :(

photo from Saladbox's Facebook page

Mine doesn't have seven samples :(

I saw the Peachy Pink Sisters' May unboxing and am so jealous to see that they got a wider variety of skincare items (they have a toner and a cleansing foam while I have two emulsions.) I'm not happy at all.

While this is a good box, Saladbox leaves me feeling cheated, once more :(

Box Value: Php 900, barely half of the Php 2000 value announced over Facebook. Five items were delivered despite the seven-item promise. Saladbox normally promises a four-item minimum.

June 20, 2013. 12MN EDIT: Please read this to find out why I got 5 items in my Missha box.

When is it time to let go? Is it time to move on? Drama, much?
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