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Review: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Hello everyone! I wasn't really ready to put this up but I thought it'd be a timely release for my ongoing blog halfsary giveaway :) Anyone who hasn't had a taste of the ultimate awesomeness and cuteness of Benefit Cosmetics deserves to read at least one product feature on this blog so that they know what they're fighting for in the blog halfsary :P

My favorite item in the Primping with the Stars set (with the Porefessional as a nanometer-close-second) is the They're Real! mascara. WARNING: This post is a little lengthy with me waxing poetic and scientific (slightly) about my love for They're Real! Go pop some popcorn first.

Benefit They're Real 3g sample from my December Glamourbox


Php 1200 / 8.5g. Under review is a 3g sample from my December Glamourbox, which I believe has the same wand as the full-size- halleloo. You can stop cringing now, I would never pre-sample something I have up for giveaway :P The Primping with the Stars kit is still perfectly sealed, hidden away in my room!

Product Description:
They're real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had! -
The wand is simply straight (not peanut-shaped like Fairydrops) and sports built-in, precision bristles as opposed to old-fashioned, sewn-on strands.

How to Use:

The site recommends that you position the wand horizontally to maximize volume, length and lift; vertically, to curl and separate. I don't use it vertically though, something about the sample size's wand makes me poke my eye all the time.


True to it's word, it does expose lashes I never knew I had. I am awestruck, just staring at  the new-found lashes at my inner eyes. However, don't expect fiber-wig extension action; They're Real! doesn't seem to extend lashes where there are none. It only fills in where my lashes are invisibly thin and that really helps with the lengthening effect.

Before: Bare Lashes
After: Benefit They're Real!

I've stumbled upon tons of complaints with They're Real! straightening out people's lashes instead of curling it. My experience seems to be fine. It curled and held my lashes although mine are super fine and lightweight. I suspect people with medium or thick lashes will not experience the lifting and curling effect as their lashes are gonna be too stubborn to be affected by the lightweight formula.

Overall, two things are making me reach for this tube more frequently in the past few days:

The formula is sososo very interesting. If people ask, you gotta insist They're Real! Why? This mascara makes your lashes look fake because of the length, definition and shiny finish it gives. Yup, you read that right! This is the first mascara I've tried that has a shiny, plastic-looking finish. I think you can see some shine near the roots of my lashes in the after pic.

Before and After: Benefit They're Real!

Most mascaras have a powdery, matte look when they dry up, and that actually helps give the illusion of volume. However, I'm partial to this plastic finish because I don't get fallout no matter how greasy nor careless I get. Bonus points for being non-clumping, o yea! My left eyelashes stuck together on the ends because my bangs fell over my eyes during application and I accidentally stuck them all together while the formula was still wet. Drying time is not normally a problem, though.

The next rave point for They're Real! is the wand. I love the plastic bristles! These spiked bristles force the formula unto each nook and cranny, unlike regular brush bristles that sort of just limp along the surface of your lashes. Their uneven heights help tremendously in separating each individual lash hair.

Benefit They're Real! Wand

The tip is great for loading up your lashes with the non-clumping formula.The top half of the wand seems fuller and more rounded. It's great for separating the lashes, while the more bare (barer?) base of the wand does more for lengthening.

The only thing that They're Real! isn't stellar on is volumizing. I don't think it does too well in that department but I do love the length, definition/separation and finish.

Lasting Power:

I wore this all night (5-6 hours) with no fallout. The curl didn't seem to hold for as long though; I wonder if it's just the humidity or if the formula is, true to general consensus, flawed that way.


Almost all-in-one (extreme length, great definition, non-clumping, curling and lifting.) The wand is great but this style isn't unique to They're Real!


Maybe, leaning heavily on yes. It's a little expensive :(

Beauty by Tellie score:

5/5! This is the bomb! I've been using it on and off since I got it in my December Glamourbox but for the past month, I've been picking it out of my stash more frequently. The sample size is so convenient and the formula is so GAAAH! It makes my invisible lashes visible! It separates my lashes instead of giving me just five pieces of lashes (true story- forgot which brand though.)

When my lashes are this long and defined, I don't really care that much about volumizing anymore. Mascara gives volume on its own and I'm not out for extreme, toothpick-thick lashes.

Benefit They're Real! makes me look like I'm wearing falsies. What's more, it doesn't clump nor smudge, letting me maintain that illusion 'til I go home and take my makeup off. Though I hate to admit it, I am soooo hooked on the bandwagon!

Benefit They're Real! is now officially on the Trusted by Tellie list :)

What's the best mascara you've tried so far? And if you haven't yet, please join my blog halfsary 
giveaway :)

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