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Tellie's Misadventures: Galaxy Eyes

I don't intend on posting many Misadventures. I want the Misadventures tags in this blog as few as humanly possible. Which, given my reckless abandon and overall belief that stupidity trumps common sense, is actually a steep goal.

One night, I was bored (Que horror.) With nothing to do and lots of time to spare, I decided to take a leap from my camera-incompetence and just try doing a makeup look.

The Culprit:

The culprit
Studio 27 Baylis and Harding Party Eyes Palette

The galaxy eyes or galaxy makeup was a pretty popular YouTube tag some time ago. The purple and blue here could be the empty skies and the silver can highlight just as the shimmering stars highlight the night sky. Perfect idea! So I did my vanity mirror stare for at least ten minutes, studying the best way to put this look together and rubbing my belly like a drunkard- trust me, it's almost as soothing as being carried by your mother.

The Look:

Blue base with purple shading and silver highlights.

I didn't want to get too complicated on my first look. Instead of doing the typical black liner and black mascara, I took out my bright blue liner and blue mascara just to be a little different.  At this point I just needed a little pink to be Lisa Frank's biggest fan, but I figured, whatever. It might be a leaning a little on the too couture to wear on the street side, but if I was going with a theme, I'd just run with it as far as I can.

And this is where I stop, take a deep breath, and warn you all of the dangers of that little nugget of genius I just dropped. Whenever you start thiking: I'm running as far as I can with a theme, is the time to PULL on the straps of your thinking cap. The winds of stupidity are forever gusting and they gust harder in the presence of misguided goals.

The Misguided Goal:

I look at myself in the mirror a little more and think, galaxy eyes would look fantastic with glitter lashes. On a normal day, that's actually not a bad idea. Heck, I would be the first to call myself a genius for that little bit of inspiration.

But this is not a normal day and I don't have glitter mascara. I didn't want to waste all that hard work of prepping and blending only to shelf my genius inspiration! So I took my LIQUID, GLITTERED highlighter and proceeded to dab generously over my lashes blind myself.

What Was I Thinking?
  1. I'm not a child anymore, moooom, and your threats of cancer and lifetime disability hold no power over me!
  2. Well gee, it is still technically makeup.
  3. Glitter doesn't really cause blindness. 'Cause I want to use it on my lashes.
  4. This has to work, so I'm bearing the pain and using it on both eyes.

I didn't stop there.

My eyes proceeded to burn as if my tears had been replaced with INDUSTRIAL GRADE ACID. Note the unfocused photo above as I had trouble WITH MY VISION.

Scary veins going mad red at the bottom of my iris.

Technically I hadn't gotten any inside my eye. I mean, I know I didn't poke myself... I guess the product just crept up? WHAT A WASTE! I really loved this look.

At this point, it was useless to take any decent shots. My eyes were embarrassingly red and I was freaking out too much to pose properly. I immediately took off the makeup and washed my eye out. The look ended up being scrapped with nothing to show for it but my fear of latent blindness. Oh well, maybe next time...

I'LL FIND SOME DAMNED LASH GLITTER, even if it's the last thing I do!

Have you ever used makeup on a part of your face that it wasn't meant for? What was your experience? Do share!

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