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Weekend Post: Feature on for the Collection PH Launch

Hey everyone! Those who have me on Twitter might have seen a few plugged tweets here and there about Collection PH's giveaway. I've been seeing this sponsored page on Facebook quite a number of times and randomly joined one of their giveaways.

photo care of Collection PH, Facebook

The UK’s most fashionable makeup brand is finally in the Philippines!
Sassy, fun, and confident, UK-based Collection is the go-to makeup brand for the fiercest fashionistas. Be it the latest eye colour or the hottest lip tint, we deliver up-to-the-minute makeup trends at affordable prices so that you can Own It, Work It, and Love It any time. 

Fast forward to earlier this week: the lovely Bea of The Dalaga Project caught up with me via email and invited me to do a work-related gig- ooooh how perfessional! Meg online is doing a feature on Collection's Philippine launch and she decided to contact several beauty bloggers and have them give their take on Military Glam.

EDIT: I re-read our emails and this is actually for Meg's 15th Anniversary party (which is a tie-in with Collection Cosmetics PH.) Military Glam is the theme of the party. Sorry for the klutziness!

Bea's "work" face

Of course, I had to play around with the makeup before constructing my look. I tuned out Bea's introduction of the brand as I played with the makeup- that's why my intro is just a copied segment from Collection's Facebook page. My faves are:

  • Queen of Hearts Lipstick - a very basic Crayola Red. The swatch transferred even after an hour of wearing it but it wouldn't come off under hand-washing. Nonetheless, I still love how bright and bold it comes off on my skin.
  • BB Secrets BB Cream - sooo lightweight and blends quickly. It gives medium coverage but I'm not sure if it's buildable into anything heavier; I just did a quick swatch.
  • Lasting Color Gel Liner - soooooooo creamy and colors intensely. I went crazy with this one in my look.
Cover & Go Foundation: photo care of
  • Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo - AWESOME CONCEPT! The concealer is housed in the flip-top lid of the foundation tube. The foundation didn't quite match me but the concealer matched me perfectly :P

And now, to let the creative juices flow. My take on Military Glam is a very couture black mask, inspired by anti-shine face paint. For the lids, I did a simple gradiation inspired by camouflage colors: black, green and tan. I gave the cheeks a hollowed out look and gave the lips a nude wash to further intensify the eyes. The result: 

Tellie's Military Glam Look for Collection Cosmetics PH

Forgive my drunky face. I just spent a relaxing day having my nails done and wasn't quite out of it by the time I met up with Bea.

Tellie's take on Military Glam using Collection Cosmetics. Photo from

Liz of Project Vanity and Martha of The Beauty Junkee were also in on the military action. Here's a sneak peek of what they did:

Liz of Project Vanity. Photo from TBJ's Instagram.

Martha of The Beauty Junkee. Photo from TBJ's Instagram.

AAAAAAnd I just realized how lovely they all look and I'm just one big ball of frump. Oh well. You live and you learn. I'll be more glamorous next time :P Meanwhile, head on over to to get a closer look of these lovely ladies' looks!

I had so much fun doing this! I never get to create a lot makeup looks as I'm mostly devoted to subscription boxes and product reviews. Also, my first foray into doing a makeup look didn't really end well. Regardless, I wouldn't EVER pass up a chance to meet one of the funniest and coolest bloggers I read! Sorry I couldn't stay for too long, and I hope I see you around :)

Glam Bea and Frumpy Tellie with swatches on her hand

You can learn more about Collection PH through their Facebook page.
Thank you to and Bea for inviting me to do this. It was loads of fun :)

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