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Why I Got 5 Items In My May Saladbox (ft. Missha)

This is going to be a quick post, I just need to rectify something.

I was contacted by the Saladbox team via Twitter, earlier tonight about my unboxing post. There, I lament about "feeling cheated" on getting a 5-item box when the Missha promo material clearly states we'll be getting a 7-item box. There's a misunderstanding going on here and before anyone else feels bad, please read on.

The short version is: Saladbox rolled out a Missha promo for long term subscribers (3 months, 6 months and 12 months) starting with the May box. Since my existing subby started with the March box (with the May one being my last box,) I didn't technically qualify for the Missha promo.

Photo from Saladbox's Facebook page

All subbies will still get a Missha box this May, but those who renewed during promo period (I think April-May) will get a deluxe version of the box, with 7 items. This is the one I was expecting but since my subscription timeline was off, I got put in the regular category. Short term subscribers and older long term subbies (me) will get regular versions of the box, which contains 4-5 items.

I snuck in a renewal around May to lock in my June-August box. Since the first box of that renewal is the June box, I qualified for the June Mont Albo Spa promo and they disregarded me for the Missha promo.

Screencap from

Upon learning about my sorrows (and since the time of my renewal technically still qualifies me for the Missha promo) Saladbox offered me a choice: I could take the further premium items from Missha or stick with the loyalty card. The Mont Albo card is worth soooo much, and it's quite appealing. But Makati is so faraway from me and I'm really much more interested in trying out the Missha stuff so I ended up taking that one.

I wrongly assumed that I qualified for both promos, because I didn't understand the fine print regarding the schedule of the first box.

Here's the conversation between me and the Saladbox Twitter rep.

They're actually quite nice despite the negative feedback I gave. I haven't been the biggest fan but I appreciate how they still talk to me really politely- that's great CSR right there! I love it when they don't take it personally. It encourages dialogue and better understanding between the brand and the customer.

I'm happy that they saw my distress, reached out to me and offered me a choice. My situation could go either way (Missha or Mont Albo) and I'm glad that they took the extra effort to accommodate me. They could have just left me to deal and force me to accept whatever they wanted to give me because technically, it could go either way and they already have my money. I'm glad they chose to make me happy instead of taking a shortcut and forcing the Mont Alba card on me.

I haven't been happy with a lot of the Saladbox team's recent moves but I am glad that I'm noticing a change. Their loyalty promos (Missha and Mont Albo) and Fan Fridays are something to look forward to. Thank you and please keep making us happy :D

Guess it's not yet time to move on ;) Thoughts?

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