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Looty for my Booty: Majolica Majorca Big Mascara Face Off!

Last June 8, I had the opportunity of joining the Majolica Majorca Lash King Face Off. I got into Team Tara (of BDJ!) with Mara. YEY! Here's the rest of Team Tara :)

Mara, Khristine, Tara, Jheng, Me and my BF as an honorary member! Photo from Majolica Majorca's FB.

I feel so guilty because I came there late, like 4:30-ish. I read her blog entry about the faceoff and learned that the Team Tara ladies were all late, with the earliest lone person arriving at 4:10! The event started at 4pm so, EEP!

Nonetheless, we did our thing, Mara came even later than me, and my bf even helped us sell some mascara! Honestly, I'm so tempted to be cliche right now and tell everyone about my learnings and how this experience humbled me and waa, waa, waaaaaa. I've set the tone of this blog early on and I really don't want this to be an introspective blog. I've done the whole introspective blog thing years ago but it's just exhausting and not something I'd wanna share. Makeup, on the other hand, is really fun to blog about :)

With that said, I leave you one last pic of the event before we head on to the looty portion of the agenda.

Half of Team Tara in action. Go Khristine! Photo from Majolica Majorca's FB

Even though we lost (just when I thought we were catching up!) Majolica Majorca was nice enough to give loot bags to both team members. I'm just not sure if the winning team had a different loot bag. Anyway, the two team leaders got the Secret Blink Collection and a few other samples, which made me jealous but they really deserve it, so, yay for everyone!

Looty for my Booty: Majolica Majorca Big Mascara Face Off

Here's What's Inside:

Majolica Majorca The Little Humming Book I

Majolica Majorca actually has the Book II out, with the Book III coming up soon. I haven't seen any in-depth reviews so I'm a blank canvass on the Humming Books.

Humming Book I contents, clockwise from top left:
Flower Dust eye shadow (shimmery white)
Green Shower eye shadow (shimmery sea foam green)
Tulip Bed (salmon pink)
Moonless Night eye cream base (black)

There are two eye shadow shades, an eye cream base and a lip gloss. I've only used this once and lemme just say: that black cream base is such a sleeper hit! I thought it was ridiculous and a little stupid to include a black base with such light colors but it's such a genius move. It applies a deep grape color and makes the eye shadow look soooo complicated. It tones down the silver shimmer and lends a more neutral look to the too-striking silver and light green.

Creme de Cheek in Shell Pink Cream (PK 312)

You all know I'm a fan of the Creme de Cheek's longevity and cute colors. I got a Barbie-pink shade this time, whereas I got an orange-y coral shade from the loot bag I got in the workshop.

Creme de Cheek cap detail

I'm a huge fan of Majolica Majorca's classy and princess-y packaging. I have a feeling Shayne of Queen of All You See will love this.

Honey Pump Gloss Neo in PK 246

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the Honey Pump Gloss Neo. I found it a little too tacky and a little too sticky. But how can I ever resist lip glosses? I still liked getting this even though it'll most likely be relegated to the bottom of my makeup pile. Plus, it's in a similarly pink shade with the Creme de Cheek and I do love me some matchy matchies.

How many tubes of mascara do you think you can sell? :P

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