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My Avon Glamourbox Unboxing!

OH. MY. GOOOOD. Can I just say, I haven't felt this way about a box, since February?!

I've been having conniptions, palpitations and seizures since peeking at this box when it came here around lunch time yesterday. I COMPLETELY lost it over these tiny lipstick samples:

Avon lipstick samples vs. regular Avon UMR lipstick ft. the Avon box cover

As a matter of fact, this is the first time I've ever teased a particular sample in social media. The most revealing pictures I've posted are my impression pictures- snapshots of the box when I first open them. I don't like posting anything else no matter how excited I am because I like to keep things a mystery until my unboxing. This time however, I just couldn't keep myself from posting these samples ahead of the post! I don't know if you know, but I love TINY things. Like TINY! Exhibit A: cute lipgloss collection.

ANYWAY! I'm blabbing all over the place like a chicken with its head cut off (and if you can only see me now, I bet you'd say I totally am.) But I digress. Let's try to get on with the program, okay?

Theme of this month is A Special Edition. Special Edition, indeed! I just skipped to a whole new realm of happiness upon seeing this box!

Avon Glamourbox: A Special Edition

The Avon box costs the same as a regular Glamourbox (at Php 595) and is pegged at a Php 2865 value. Glamourbox never fails to go all-out with the box value, but how do they fare this time?

Avon Glamourbox: First Impressions

What I'm Most Excited About:

Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Red Kiss, Php 375 / 3g. 0.5g sample provided.
Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15 in Charged Cherry, Php 379 / 3.5g. 0.5g sample provided.



I don't think I even want to use this sample! I'm just gonna preserve it so it lasts forever... The tube isn't retractable, by the way. What you see is the full length of the sample. Also, since the stick is forever protruding, you need a surgeon's precision in removing the cap and making sure that the stick doesn't crush against it.

Skin Goodness Moisturizing BB Cream SPF20/PA++ in Nude, Php 399 / 18g.

I did not know that Avon was already into the BB cream bandwagon. If this turns out to be a good product, it would be nice to know I can depend on something so affordable! For a BB cream, that is.

Supershock Max Waterproof Mascara in Black, Php 420 / 10g. 

I don't know anything about Avon's mascaras but I'm glad I at least got something waterproof as the overall humidity in this country is just too damn high. I love mascaras and checking out the wand shape online makes me even more excited about it. The wand looks similar to my trusted mascara's, the Covergirl Lash Blast.

Ultra Color Lipstick SPF 15 in Hibiscus, Php 379 / 3.5g

A lipstick, EEEEE! I didn't have much faith in Avon lipsticks, but ever since getting my own Ultra Moisture Rich in the June BDJ Box, I'm now a believer. It was indeed, ultra rich in moisture and glid on my lips like butter!

Ultra Color Lipstick SPF 15 in Hibiscus, Php 379 / 3.5g.

Since this tube is named the Ultra Color, I'm expecting it to be ultra rich in color, mwehehehe! We'll see :)

Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Fiery Red, Php 299 / 6.5ml

I love lip glosses! There's really nothing to say about this one. The term glaze would normally worry me, as I immediately think of overly shiny, sticky and messy honey-glazed ham.

Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Fiery Red, Php 299 / 6.5ml

I can catch a glimpse of the product from the bottom of the container and it doesn't seem to be shimmery at all. It looks like a very classic, sultry red and I am already salivating at my options. Would it look great alone? Which lipsticks would just POP with this on top? So many combos, so little time!

True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Pop, Php 449 / 5.6g

EEE! This palette is so cute! I think depending on how much of each color you use, and how you blend it, you could go from natural and dainty to sexy and sultry. #1 Lavendar seems particularly suited for a bridal look.

True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Pop, Php 449 / 5.6g

At first glance, I'm most interested in shade #2, Pink Berry. It looks like it has purple and silver shimmers with a red-violet base, my favorite color in the Crayola 24 pack! It's the most complicated color in the quad though I probably would find #4 Vibrant Violet the easiest to use.

True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Pop, Php 449 / 5.6g

The back has a paint by the area guide, which is well-appreciated! This is my second quad for dummies and I think it's a great way to metaphorically dip my toes into the scary abyss of eye shadows o_o

Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach, Php 370 / 6.23g

Seven items in and I am STILL losing my shit!

I like this blush not just because it's full-size but because the shade is something I can use every day. Contrary to every SA's suggestion, I don't really favor pink blush on myself. I'm more of a coral, peach or orange kind of girl: those shades look most natural and glowing on my skin.

Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach, Php 370 / 6.23g

Add the "luminous" bit, and you got me; hook, line and sinker! I'm a sucker for shimmer, shine, glow, dew, eclat, satin.. Just not glitter! The smaller light-reflective particles, the better.

I'm just a little sad that the blush came with a lot of loose product in it. The press pattern seems intact so I don't really think this pan is used nor damaged.

Anew Vitale Day Cream SPF 25, Php 399 / 15g.

I'd love to try this with my Anew sachet set! I haven't tried the Anew whitening samples yet, so I'm really out in the dark about what to expect from Avon's skincare. SPF 25 is a little too much for me as I only prefer SPF 15 for daytime use. I'm still weirdly positive about it :P

Clockwise from Top Left: Anew Genics Cream, Php 1299 / 30g. 2g sample provided.
Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate, Php 1799 / 30ml. 2ml sample provided.
Anew Genics Eye Cream, Php 1299 / 15ml. 1g sample provided.
Anew Genics Concentrate, Php 1299 / 30g. 2ml sample provided

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LINE TRIALS! I love them so much that I don't even mind that these are in too-tiny sachets (1-2 g and ml are good for around 3-5 days of conservative use.) These are the most expensive Avon products I've seen thus far so I'm expecting a bigger impact with these products. Similarly, the more expensive anti-aging line of Celeteque has more expensive, but justifiably effective products. Plus, you all know I am a little more biased towards anti-aging products, given my parched skin. 

Other Stuff in Here:

This is an empty list. I LOVE this box!


Avon Glamourbox: Curation Card

I've died and gone to makeup heaven! It probably seems a little shallow, and Php 2865 is not death-worthy to any makeup fan. But I paid just Php 595 for this box and it's like a got a whooooole Avon starter makeup kit!

I'm not an Avon fan and I'm not acquainted with any Avon ladies, so I don't get to keep up with the latest releases and I have no idea what the brand's strengths and weaknesses are. I don't even have a clue what must-haves or generally-liked products I can start with. But like I always say when I get an exclusive box: I love that I can finally have a chance to get up-close and personal with the brand! It has everything in here from skincare to color cosmetics and they really pulled out all the punches...

I'M GOING BERSERK OVER THE SEVEN FULL-SIZE ITEMS! I can't get over it! There are 7 full-size makeup and skincare items with a handful of VERY interesting samples thrown in. ASDCNMASADF!

It's very useful too, as Avon is inviting bloggers to join the Avon Makeup Council. I'm glad that they sent us makeup to use which isn't good for just one face. If I happen to like these products, I'm glad I can stretch my supplies out 'til I can get to my nearest Avon lady :P

*P.S. The box is valued by GB at Php 2865 but I added up the prices of all 7 full-size items and found them to be worth Php 2715. I don't mind because it's a small difference and it is still over four times worth the subscription fee!

*P.P.S. I love that most of the items here are manufactured in 2013.

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