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My July 2013 BDJ Box, ft. Dove!

I do a lot of online shopping so when a package arrives for me, I have absolutely no idea what it is. Is it FINALLY those stupid boots I got a month ago? Or is it the USB fan I ordered last week?

One thing's for sure: I ALWAYS know when it's a beauty box. I've gotten over twenty boxes since I started blogging- do I have a problem? Shut up, don't answer that. My real point is: I'm pretty used to the size and shape of all of the boxes I'm signed up to.

So when a huge-ass package comes for me last Friday. I'm thinking to myself, what the eff did I buy this time?

July 2013 BDJ Box

I've been seeing unboxings as early as Wednesday so I was already panicky when I still hadn't gotten my box by Thursday night. I was already checking, double-checking and triple-checking my payments and schedules. Turns out, I'm on track with my payments. This month's BDJ box comes with an extra special treat, and I had absolutely NO CLUE because I avoid unboxings when I haven't seen mine yet. I tend to echo other peoples' opinions when I've read them first but I want to offer my own perspective so I try to keep it as untainted as possible.

I have an unboxing routine. I peek at the box as soon as I get it. I might Instagram it if I'm in the mood (follow me! @beautybytellie :D.) I'll look at the items, note the best ones and cover it back up without even touching it. I then take the beauty box to my light box for a more thorough unboxing while shooting my box shot and product pictures. Sometimes I mix it up and shoot wherever I feel like there's good light, like in this entry :)

Anyway, this routine was torn asunder, cast aside and spit upon when I got my July BDJ Box. I just could not deal with that big package, like hello?! A million and one guesses and I still couldn't figure it out. It smelled nice... A little like detergent. I thought they gave out some plush toy but it was waaaay too heavy for that. I thought it, but I couldn't possibly let myself hope: Is this a huge goodie bag of samples?

July BDJ Box, ft. Dove!

Pardon the background clutter. As you can see, I'm a little bit disoriented here. This is INSANE!!! Dove gets a lot of love in this home as it's our shampoo and conditioner of choice. My current fave is the Pomegranate variant- I even have that as my deo :P

July 2013 BDJ Box: Dove Damage Therapy Package




This box, alone....


Normally I'd present the curation card and box shot first, but I'm taking you through this exactly how I did it so click on to read more!

What's Inside (in order of favorites:)

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatmentn Mask, Php 235 / 200ml.

While Dove is pretty well-explored around here, I've mostly only tried Kerastase and Pantene hair masks. I'm most excited for this even though I firmly believe that Dove soap outperforms their hair products in terms of moisture delivered.

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo, Php 106 / 180ml x2.
Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner  Php 108 / 180ml x2.

I've never tried the Damage Therapy line so these shampoos and conditioners should be a good partner with the Damage Therapy hair mask. Dove products are very fragrant though I am a little bit more partial to fruity scents than regular detergent-y scents. Still, Dove has normally worked well with my hair and I'm feeling like I have a haystack growing out of my scalp so I hope this helps.

Dove White Beauty Bar Moisturizing Milk, Php 52.50 / 135g.

I'm not into whitening but I love Dove bars! Oh fine. I'll scrub extra hard on my nape, pits, knees, elbows and other disgusting places and try to see if this really does whiten.

Dove Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol, Php 170 / 169ml.

I've never tried a spray-on deo before but ever since trying out the Nivea Black And White I got from Sample Room, I'm hooked! The fragrance just diffuses more and it's tons more convenient than my old favorite form of deo: the stick. My hatest form of deo would probably be...

Dove Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Aerosol, Php 170 / 169ml.

The roll-on. I remember once when we were smaller, my sister accidentally got some of the milky roll-on formula in her eye and it formed this scary muta (eye crust.) Thankfully, nothing was permanently damaged.

This is my least favorite form of deo as it usually dispenses too much product and takes forever to dry. It's also the most inconvenient as the caps are usually screw-caps rather than the super quick push-caps found on stick deos.

Now that I got that care package out of the way, I can finally pay due attention to the standard BDJ Box.

July BDJ Box: Impressions

After the Dove package, I was expecting a shitty, garbage-worthy box. They could totally take advantage of the extreme WOW factor of the Dove box (as evidenced by the number of WOWs typed into this post) and just throw random bits and pieces to fill up their x3 promise but THEY DIDN'T. I GOT A GREAT BOX WITH MY DOVE BOX. GUYS, WHAT MAGIC IS THIS?!

Here's What's Inside (in order of favorites:)

Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunch Box, Php 219 / travel size. Size not listed, ~ 15ml

Early this year, I saw a few blog posts sprout up about this hipster makeup line: Too Cool For School. The graphics and store-feel aren't your typical feminine makeup counter. The stores have wooden floorboards, warehouse trusses and yellow lighting (unlike the typical harsh fluorescent lighting that amplifies your ugliness 10x to the extreme.) The labels have these seemingly hand-drawn cartoons on them. I think quirky, off-beat or anti-girly girls will be drawn to TCFS.

I'm unfamiliar with the brand and haven't spotted a lot of reviews so I'll be working off of a clean slate. I hope their BB cream does well :)

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, Php 525 / 2.55g.

I've only used the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude as you found out in my Lipstick Week. That review brings in a huge amount of traffic to my site... For the wrong reasons, I think. I have so many Google search entries for soft nude and erm... Oh well. Sorry, I'm not sorry :P

While gathering intel for the ColorBurst Lipsticks, I found that the Lip Butters were more popular and I can see why. There are tons of shades in both variants, but the butters are more hydrating and color payoff is pretty intense, especially considering that these are just lip butters.

I got a full-size sample in Cotton Candy, which I thought was one of the 4 new shades. The real new shades are: Wild Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, Sorbet and Pink Lemonade.

Still, I'm like, finally! I get to try the Colorburst Lip Butter which people favored over my Lipstick! Time to see if it's worth the hype ;)

Enchanted Magic Spell Eye Palette, Php 179 / 6g.

This eye palette comes in a very sensible pink-silver-violet combo, great for a romantic and dainty look. I like this sample because, hello, it's makeup. And also, I'm currently on a mission to explore and improve on my eye shadowing techniques and this looks like a great product to try. Not overly shimmery (except for the silver pan, which I can always skip out on for the daytime,) this palette looks very wearable especially if you wanna go under the radar a bit. What I mean is, the shades don't look particularly deep and that can easily camouflage my blending noobness.

Enchanted Magic Spell Eye Palette, Php 179 6g.

It's a great sample; I'm only piqued that the packaging is soooo lightweight and flimsy. I really don't like cheaply packaged products. It tends to make one feel like the brand doesn't really care that much, right? Conversely, I don't condone overpricing for 24k gold-rimmed, mother of pearl-lined, Swarovski-crusted, platinum compacts. I just want the product to be duly protected in a case that will last the product's life span.

Beach Hut 75 SPF Clear Spray Sunblock, Php 399 / 150ml.

Kind of a bad time to dole out the sunscreen samples, don't you think? But I store sunscreens ten years over their expiry dates so I'm still thinking I can make use of this some time in the distant future.

Foot Appeal Mask, Php 279 / size 5-9.

I don't know if I'm game to try this. It's not that I've read any foot-peeling horror stories; it's just that, I have my own.

I had bad foot hygiene when I was little, causing my foot to smell like a dead rat by the end of the school day. I'm not exaggerating, you can ask my yaya (nanny.) Anyway, I got fungi from time to time so my feet would peel like I had a sunburn on it. It'd be fun to take out the little flakes of skin but after a while, it just got bothersome. The skin was starting to come off thicker and I, in all my childhood impatience, would try to take the skin out while it was still stuck on the deeper layers of skin. It wasn't unusual to find me hobbling along when I peeled "too deep."

Other Stuff in Here:

I really did not want to place anything in this category out of the marvelous July box but....

SureSlim Voucher

Really? Is SureSlim on a bid to be the next Physiogel Intensive Cream? At least Physiogel is useful 9_9


I am in AWE! The Dove box leaves an impact not unlike the one that made dinosaurs extinct. I mussay, the wow factor is strong in this one!

I'm particularly appreciative of two must-tries in this box: the TCFS BB cream and the Revlon Lip Butter. This is probably the first time I've gotten a sample that's current, relevant and on my wish list.

P.S. I hate this month's curation card. The product weights or volumes aren't listed in with the prices and since the TCFS would be too cheap for Php 219 at 40g (full-size) I just assumed that they listed the travel size's price on the card.

Box Value: Jot this box down for a jaw-dropping Php 2570! That's over four times the Php 590 subscription fee! I didn't include the voucher value. Contrary to what BDJ may try to start, vouchers will never count toward the box value.

Php 969 of the Php 2570 comes from just the Dove box. I feel like Dove is a too-ubiquitous brand so the Dove box, though larger than life in terms of impact, might put a lot of people off. None of the things in there are new releases and they're too reliable to even be sampled off at this point. I just like it because I already enjoy Dove to begin with. For others who are uncomfortable with it, don't fret. You still got Php 1601 worth in other samples :)

In sum, I think it was clever of BDJ to maintain a certain quality to the regular box despite getting Dove signed on because I don't really think other people will be as happy about it as I am.

Do you like the Dove box?

You can visit for more info.

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