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My June 2013 Saladbox Unboxing!

Hi everyone! I'm just beginning to notice that mid-month is box season. I just got off of my PFC series, stepping straight into my Avon Glamourbox and am now proceeding to my Saladbox and BDJ Box unboxings!

I got this box yesterday, mmm. I'm usually... apprehensive of my Saladboxes but more than anything, I'm actually intrigued by this month's box. I was emailed a few weeks back about my bra size. I couldn't believe it: are they really sending out bras?!

June Saladbox: Impressions

They are! This is the most bizarre item I've gotten from a beauty subscription box, but Saladbox is no stranger to bizarre add-ons. Consider the linen spray, the room spray they sent out last October 2012 (back when I knew nothing of subscription boxes) and the warm/cold compress last April. At this point, I just wonder for 1.75 seconds, shrug and move on. It's not exactly a beauty item but it is something feminine and there is a certain utility to be gained out of it.

Theme of the month is Sexy and Sultry. I think it's 'cause the highlight-items are the classic weapons women use to stun a man into silence.

June 2013 Saladbox: Sexy and Sultry

Read on for my thoughts and impressions.

What I'm Most Excited About (in order):

Amuse Gold Lipstick in E11, Php 250 / 3.8g

Lip products are always number 1 with me. That bias is juuust enough for me to favor this item despite the unattractive packaging. I love that innovative window for easy identification, but I hate how light this tube felt and I find that weight really tacky combined with the gold.

Amuse Gold Lipstick in E11, Php 250 / 3.8g

It's a light burgundy that leans a little on the red side, and it has pink and purple flecks of glitter. It may seem like such a mature color but burgundy works really well on me. I'm a little afraid of the pink and purple flecks though, as these two colors often don't react well on my lips.

Amuse Gold Lipstick in E11, skin swatch
T-B: 1, 2 and 3 swipes

Oh forgive the ugly shot, I was chasing the light and didn't notice that I hadn't properly focused the camera!  Anyway, it pulled a little heavily on the skin. It was quite waxy and the coverage is pretty sheer. At first I thought it'd be another vampy, berry or wine lippy (which I seemed to be getting a lot of lately) but the swatch makes me classify it as more of an everyday-friendly kind of shade.

Go Fickle Glycerin Soap in Tea Tree, Php 70/20g. ~5-10g sample provided.

In my Lush Snow Globe review, you read me ponder about whether it's glycerin soap or not for a few sentences too many. Why? I love glycerin soap! It's basically the more effective and less irritating version of ordinary soap, and being translucent has absolutely nothing to do with my fascination with it *apply sarcasm font.*

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser, Php 770 / 150ml. ~3ml sample provided.

I love foaming cleansers. They're the best for dry skin! The trick is the foaming cleanser must lather very thick and creamy, leaving your face looking like you spread white paste all over it. I don't know why but I find that products that react like this are the only ones that leave my skin feeling moisturized after.

Since the sachet isn't suuuuper tiny, this actually gets bumped up rather than down. It doesn't hurt that I love the scent of green apple. It just says apple, but I'm hoping, based on the packaging, that it's green apple :P

Innisfree Canola Honey Serum, Php 1200 / 50ml. ~1ml x 2pcs sample provided.

Ever since figuring out skin care, I've been on the hunt for good serums. I realize they're not heavily marketed because the consumers are, quite honestly, not very well educated on the importance of serums. I don't think it's our fault though, the brands themselves don't push serums because as you can see, they can be quite expensive and that makes it a tough sell.

I hope there's enough product in here for me to tell just how much it helps my skin! Otherwise, I wouldn't really randomly pick up serums like I pick up cleanser. Serums are too expensive!

Amuse Pastel Nail Lacquer in Baby Pink, Php 270 / 9ml

This full-size item is way too low on this list but I'm just being honest. I'm not super duper excited about it, probably because it comes off as too cheap to be of good quality. Something about the package and the brand just didn't give me a very good impression; I think you can notice the same feelings in my Gold Lipstick impressions.

I'm very low maintenance so I hate chippy nail polish. I want my polishes to last for as long as possible and through as much klutziness as I can throw on it.

Note: the color is a little more orange in real life. This actually looks coral but the red paper might have washed the orange out..

Avon Underwire Bra in Lianne, Php 399 / 1 bra.

The month's highlight turned out to be a let-down for me. The bra looks better on the model (or maybe I just don't have the boobs for it,) but I really don't like this bra that much. The design might be good for sheer clothing but the material looks quite... raggedy? New as it is, I think it'll already produce himulmol (lint.) I'd take a pic of the actual product but it's only in getting this bra that I realize how demure I am. ha-ha.

I may be crass, just as Amanda Bynes may be crazy, but I'm not comfortable taking a picture of a bra. Even if I'm not wearing it. Take that how you will.

Still, I might find it really comfortable when I use it.... Endless possibilities, I don't really know. It doesn't look nice but it might feel great.

Just a side story: I opened this box in my bf's presence, and I pointed out the bra to him with an evil plot in mind. As soon as he looked at the package, I "got upset" that he was "checking out the model's boobs" even though: 1.) I made him look at it; and, 2.) he didn't even know what he was looking at, yet. I was like "Hey look they sent me a br- WHY ARE YOU CHECKING HER BOOBS OUT?!" *le gasp*

He's clenching his toes in annoyance of the crazy girl he deigned to be with.


June 2013 Saladbox: Curation Card

I think Saladbox is in the clear now. The box seems to be slowly climbing upward, instead of how it used to be all over the place. I like the inclusion of full-size items and I'm particularly excited to try the lipstick and the glycerin soap. While I didn't like the and the polish based on a bad first impression, everything in here is new to me and worth a try. 

Box Value: Php 919. The value was pulled up by the bra, which I don't particularly care for. But at least Saladbox is including more cosmetics and generally increasing the sizes of their samples. There are still sachets but there are enough full and premium size samples in here to make this box worth the fee.

Visit to get your own.

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