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My June 2013 Glamourbox Unboxing: Bridal Bliss

So finally, after a month-long hiatus, Glamourbox comes back with a June box. May was the first time I didn't get a Glamourbox ever since I started my queendom way back in December 2012. You can read here to know about how I got the November debut box despite it being 'sold out.'

Theme of the month is Bridal Bliss. This box caters to the whole June Bride concept. Skin perfection is key in bringing out that inner glow.

June 2013 Glamourbox: Bridal Bliss

I've always noted that Glamourbox is pretty intelligent and consistent with their themes. Can the same be said for this month's box?

June 2013 Glamourbox: Impressions

Right off the bat I can tell, this month's box is better than the past couple of month's boxes. I guess the irregularity is worth the wait!

June 2013 Glamourbox: Bridal Bliss

Here's What I Got:

Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer Php 398 / 30ml

I'm soo excited for this primer. It doesn't really look all that exciting as it seems a little on the homemade side, but the recent levelling up of my daily makeup glamorosity made me rediscover my primers! Specifically: my UD Complexion Primer. I used to think moisturizer was fine but honestly, nothing beats a primer in prepping your skin for foundation. The powder literally slips on my face and it stays evenly coated for sooo much longer. I have high hopes for Barenaturals :)

Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer: Expiration Date

P.S. It's good to know that this isn't old stock. Some of our smaller, local companies apparently behave better than certain imported ones, ehem, ehem :P

Ofra Eyeshadow in Plum, Php 706 / 4g

In other news about Tellie: I've been trying to get more use out of my eye shadows ever since reading Eula's E/S palette wish list. Plum is very scary for me as I think my dark circles can overwhelm it and make my eyes look bruisy, but I'm pretty open to this shade as it looks like something I can buff out for a more subdued look.

Ofra Eyeshadow in Plum

Bare Naturals Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses, Php 148 / 4g

This lip butter is made with all-natural and food grade ingredients. While that normally doesn't catch my attention, I was surprised to see how opaque the balm was. It almost looked like a tube of lipstick. The curation card says that it smells like peppermint and vanilla but I honestly didn't smell anything. I hope it tastes that way as that flavor could set it apart from my usual plain, mint balms.

Bare Naturals Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses

It seems to be a hot carnation pink. The only thing I didn't like was the melty texture I see on the sides, but that's pretty commonplace with most balms. Check out how opaque the color is, though. I hope it transfers some color on my lips :)

Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Cream, Php 950 / 200ml. 10ml sample.

Loooving this sample! My favorite cleansing products, in order, would be: foams, creams, wipes and washes. Mustela is a pediatric brand so I have a feeling that this cleansing cream is going to be very mild on my dry skin. In fact, it's proven safe for those with eczema and atopic tendencies.

I would've wanted to get the Mustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid that Helga of Ditz Revolution got, but she ended up with the Neutrogena sunscreen instead of the Ofra eyeshadow.

Nippon Esthetic Solutions Facial Cleansing Sponge, Php 325 / 10pcs. 2 pc-sample

I normally DESPISE repeat-samples, especially crossover repeat-samples (samples that have already been sent by other boxes.) And this is a repeat of a November 2012 BDJ sample. However, I absolutely love it and have been meaning to replace my old one. I gave one to my mom and the sponge I've been using is already too soft and has stains I can't remove. I'm pretty glad to get another one :)

Other Stuff in Here:

Isis Pharma Dermatologie Teen Derm Gel, Php 450 / 40ml. 10ml sample

I wanted to like this, especially since it's a new brand that looks promising... But it's for oily and problematic skin. I thought about using it for breakouts as my skin gets ridiculously imbalanced and acne-riddled then, but I don't think I want to try something meant for the opposite of my skin type when it's at its most vulnerable.

Physiogel Intentisve Cream, Php 574.50 / 50ml

PIC #1 and PIC #2. It's good... But get out of my subscription boxes, please.


June 2013 Glamourbox: Vouchers

  • Underarm waxing session at Wink, valued at Php 330
  • Plana Forma class, valued at Php 650


June 2013 Glamourbox: Curation Card

I think this month's box is well worth the wait. I love how the samples are sooo much bigger now, and there seems to be a little bit more than the usual. We have 7 items here, plus vouchers, and NO SACHETS. The sample tubes are also noteworthy at 10ml rather than the typical 5ml.

I'm glad that they still give out makeup, I would probably look down a little on Glamourbox if they didn't. Still, the skincare items in here are all pretty interesting and new to me. Barenaturals is local, so I'm glad there's support for what's Pinoy-made. I only didn't like the Isis sample, which is a mismatch for me, and Physiogel, which is a repeat from another subscription service.

At first, I thought Glamourbox would lose my interest if it shipped out less frequently but I actually applaud the sacrifice of refusing sales to customers when they know we won't be happy. In fact, I have even more confidence with Glamourbox nowadays as I'm sure that every time I get a box, it'd be something carefully selected for us, rather than just a oh-it's-time-to-ship-out-let's-just-slap-whatever-we-have-together kind of box.

It also wouldn't hurt to space out all my subscriptions, haha.

And to answer my opening question: I think the Barenaturals primer, Ofra eyeshadow and Nippon sponge fit the Bridal Bliss theme while the rest are all pretty standard. Who cares? I have my box and I don't wanna think about anything else!

Box Value: Php 1826.50 for 4 full-size items. That's three times the subscription fee, priced at Php 595.

You can visit Glamourbox here.
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