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Tellie's Kikay Tips for Men

Hello everyone!

Ever since I started this blog, I've been getting so many questions about skin care. What products to use, how to address certain skin conditions, how to determine which products work for you... People are embarrassed because they feel like they're taking up too much of my time but I actually love being consulted for these things :P

The funny thing is, you wouldn't believe how many of these questions come from MEN! They ask me on the sly, of course. It'll be a cold day in hell before men finally admit to their own capacities for metro-ness.

I usually just nod and say hmm-mm. Do this, do that. It depends, yadda, yadda. Very uninspiring and not a fraction as detailed as the advise I give to women. It's hard to give advise to men especially if they have no clue of what products are available to them.

FINALLY. I've been pitying men so much and it's as if Watson's answered our prayers with a dedicated men's section!

And it's not just about shaving, guysssss!

Tellie's Checklist for Men:

Let's start off with my favorite, the face:

  • Nivea Men Whitening Cleanser & Scrub - I know a lot of guys feel grimy at the end of the day. Try a scrub to get that really stripped-down feel. I've also heard of men asking around for whitening products... If all the above apply to you, this is your pick!
  • L'Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte - Acne sufferers rejoice! Not only is this anti-oil, it's also anti-acne and anti-marks. If you keep getting zits, at least make the scars fade faster :) It's a foam so don't expect to find any grit in this.
  • Vaseline Men Face Anti-Spot Whitening - It's advertised as anti-dullness and anything with micro beads (such as this wash) will do that for you. If you have dry (flaky) or normal (midway dry and oily) skin, and find your skin very dull and plain, I'd recommend this for you. P.S. Micro beads are just finer versions of scrub particles :)

Next, are a few shower essentials:

  • Dove Men + Care Deep Clean, Body and Face Wash - I recommend against anything multi-purpose. If anything says it is dual purpose, I usually use it for the more industrial use. In this case, as a body wash. Use it as a facial wash ONLY on those two days in a month that you're really hurrying up.
  • Belo Men Whitening Body Bar - For guys who are doubtful, Belo products are quite effective. Don't hate just because the woman is a little silly in real life :P
  • Clear Cool Sport Menthol - A favorite, so I believe. It speaks for itself :P

Lastly, some extra little knickknacks  This is outside of skincare but still lumped in the 'grooming' category so I decided to post them as well:

  • Axe Apollo - Needs no explaining from someone like me. Axe is simply a male institution.
  • Old Spice High Endurance - For men who feel like aerosol deos don't stick or aren't enough, pick this one up. It's one of my favorite scents and plugs your pit pores like SEALANT!
  • Shick Shave Guard - I don't suppose shaving creams are very popular in the Philippines because my father, my only exposure to the men's bathroom world, doesn't use one. I would recommend this to those who easily nick themselves with a razor- heard from a cousin that it's quite a problem.
  • Adidas EDT - Cologne!
  • Gatsby Cold Citrus Body Aqua - THIS. I like this. It's so new, even to me! It's ultimately described as a refresher. It's neither a cologne nor a deo, but a little bit of both. It absorbs oil and sweat while fragrancing you up. I think of it as a shower in a bottle, haha! Would love to know what the men think of this one.

How to Choose:

A man starting with skincare is just like a preteen girl: they don't know where to start. Preteen girls are at one moment, too young to be fiddling with non-acne skin and at the next moment, are suddenly caring for millions of puberty zits.

The key difference? Preteen girls basically grow up with the instinct of asking their moms or big sisters about proper skincare. Asking is not in a man's vocabulary. Have you tried getting lost while a man was behind the wheel? Que horror.


So for anyone too shy to ask, here's my simple advice about how to choose: copy the brands found in your home. See a few bottles of Nivea in your parents' bathroom? Shop around the Nivea facial washes. Your gf swears by L'Oreal? Pick up the L'oreal facial wash. Start with something familiar, if not to you, at least to those around you.

Ultimately, y'all gotta start somewhere. Skincare is not an exact science and everyone goes through a journey. Some luck out early on while others are on the verge of giving up before finding the one for them. So unless you have a clue about what you're doing, it's best to just play it by ear, copy what you see at home and move on from there.

PROTIP #1: Buy the smallest sizes of anything new you want to try out. If it feels like it doesn't work, at least you didn't sink yourself on a 1 liter commitment.

PROTIP #2: Be mindful of new zits when introducing a new product to your skincare routine. Get rid of the product immediately if it gives you a zit within the first three days. Don't try to man it out. It never works out and you'll just end up with longer lasting breakouts if you try to wait for your skin to get used to this new addition. Trust me.

Spot anything you like? I'm really interested in that Gatsby refresher. I'm having my bf try some of these goodies out. As soon as he's out, we're back to the Men Zone to restock :P

*Disclaimer: Watson's launched Made for Men last July 25 in SM Megamall. They gave out press kits and Men Zone highlight product samples to media partners. Afterwards, they held a blocked screening of The Wolverine for VIPs, media and other guests.

I was not required to write, nor compensated for this post. I have no partnership with Watsons. I used a mix of press photos and my own photos, which are watermarked.

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