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The Low-Down: Bioderma Crealine/Sensibio TS H2O (for Dry, Sensitive Skin) Micelle Solution - Part 2/2

I know I was supposed to post this last Friday but this review is just soooo difficult, I even put off my Weekend Post. It's the first time I've ever done such an in-depth review and the pictures are giving me a serious case of LAZEEEY. I sure had fun knowing what exactly is up with Micellar Water but dear Lord, I don't think I'll be making a Low-Down again any time soon! At least, not until I have about ten prepared posts on deck, haha.

You can read the first part of this post here.

Experiment 2 - Bioderma as Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover Experiment: Bioderma vs. Control (Sephora)

By now, I have an idea of Bioderma's performance as a cleanser, but how does it fare as a makeup remover?

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (control) vs. Bioderma Micelle Solution

I took my stubbornest makeup and wore it for 4 hours. I'm not certain if primer makes it easier or tougher to remove makeup so I just took it out of the equation. In case anyone was curious, here's what the look I pulled:

Forgive the awkward hair and the absence of my bangs (a.k.a. fringe.) I already put it up in a messy pony before I decided to do a post and so it wouldn't cooperate anymore. I mean, how would you like going back to work after your boss gave you a vacation leave? My bf says the left pic is the better pic but I don't like it 'cause it's blurry. The right pic is clearer but I have a weird expression on so UGH. Life. Here's what I used.

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream, SPF 50
Chanel Vitalumière Éclat (in B10)
Cyber Colors Ex Volum Waterproof Mascara (black)
Eye of Horus Black Smokey Eye Pencil
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square
NOT PICTURED: Benefit Brow Zings (Medium)
NOT PICTURED: MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer (NW 20)
NOT PICTURED: Majolica Majorca Creme de Cheek (in OR313 / Custard Cream)

Removing Lips (NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil)

Mattes and lip pencils are known for their extreme staying power. I've had a 12-hour 2-meal day with this baby and only had to reapply only once- very lightly, after the second meal. You can read the full review here.

  • Sephora (upper lip) - Needed to be pressed down to dissolve the lip pencil. Half a second was enough to slough it all off. I didn't feel any itchiness on my lip even though this is an eye makeup remover but I did taste and feel oil afterwards.
  • Bioderma (lower lip) - One fast swipe and everything, I mean everything, was gone! There's a slight sour-y leftover taste but no icky feeling.

Removing Eyes (Eye of Horus Eye Pencil, Kate Eyeliner and Cyber Colors Mascara)

Eye of Horus eye liner is waterproof and quite a pain for me to smudge because it dries up so sturdily. The Kate eyeliner is my most trusted eyeliner- I've slept in it and only experienced minimal fallout at the corners of my eyes.

Cyber Colors Mascara sticks like hell to my lashes. It does not budge with Bifesta (which is also micellar water,) much less, makeup remover.

  • Sephora (left eye) - Took about three seconds to dissolve my eye makeup off. A few clumps remained and there is slight shadowing under my eye, indicating that the makeup was not completely removed. It's easily wiped off with a second pass although it took a few more tries to get out the rest of the clumps.
  • Bioderma (right eye) - Took sooo much longer to get just the eyeliners off, which wasn't even an issue with Sephora. I had about 30% in mascara clumps left on my lashes even after pressing down for a full 30 seconds (and then some.) That's just too long in my books. I'm surprised to see quite a bit of my undereye concealer on here as I was really only looking out for eyeliner and mascara stains.
Both removers pulled out one lash, although I still had a way easier time with Sephora.

Removing Face (BRTC BB Cream set with Chanel Powder, Majolica Majorca Creme de Cheek)

I remove my brows along with the rest of my face. Gel set with powder just stays on forever. My Brow Zings duo is the most long-lasting brow product I have, seconded by the K-Palette 24-hour.

BRTC has SPF 50 and as we know, high SPF just stays on the skin. BRTC feels great though, and is my HG BB cream. I fortify it by patting down my best face powder with a sponge.

  • Sephora (left half of face) - It removed my makeup in patches and streaks. It took a little time to completely remove whatever I could, though it seemed to have a hard time taking everything off. My cheek stain doesn't even come up but I can see some of the brow product on the top portion.
  • Bioderma (right half of face) - It removed almost ALL of my foundation and brows in one quick swipe. It seems to pick up more mascara residue but only because Bioderma left the right side of my face with more mascara to begin with. It also picked up a lot of my cheek stain, which I didn't even hope to remove, seen on the left side of the cotton.

Conclusions on Bioderma as a Makeup Remover:

It is absolutely FAN-TASTIC! Here's the used cotton rounds altogether. The top ones were used with Sephora and the bottom ones were used with Bioderma.

The cottons with the more intense stain obviously show which makeup remover had an easier time dissolving and taking off more makeup.

Bioderma wins 2-1! I know it looks like the Sephora eye makeup cotton has a smaller, fainter stain but it left my lashes with no residue, whereas Bioderma left my eyes with so much mascara. Either way, I can't believe how little pressure I needed and how quick it took to take all that makeup off! Just one pass through my face is enough to take off heaps of my most durable makeup. 

I appreciate that Bioderma didn't cause me to have blurred, oil-vision when I used it on my eyes, unlike most dual-layered removers. There's also no sting even when I use it with opened eyes, which is a huge deal especially since Bifesta stings like a bitch, even with my eyes closed. The only thing keeping Bioderma from being a perfect makeup remover is that it's quite a hassle on waterproof eye makeup. Even though I'm the kind of person who likes streamlining their skincare regimen, I would still rather take up a separate waterproof eye makeup remover (such as Sephora's) than make do with this minimum-of-thirty-seconds-soaking eye makeup remover. 

My right eye felt a little raw from the length of time and the amount of pressure I had to press down the cotton with. Anyone conscious with their eye wrinkles won't be down for that!

On the bright side, if you don't have a lot of waterproof eye makeup, you could totally live on Bioderma!

Lasting Power:



Balanced, non-irritating, odorless, colorless, feels very fresh and doesn't need a lot of elbow grease to remove makeup (except waterproof eye makeup). INSANE!


YES! Do I look insane to you?! 

Beauty by Tellie score:

5/5, definitely! It's so convenient and mess-free. One of the things that make skincare sooo cumbersome is the fact that you have to rub off your makeup, lather cleanser on your face and wash it all off. To make matters worse, soap doesn't come off in one rinse. You have to keep splashing and splashing and splashing... and splashing all that crap off. 

Bioderma is so gentle that I don't have to wash my face too vigorously nor use something so harsh just to completely take all my makeup off.

I wouldn't use it when I have full eye makeup on but for everything else, (even eyebag concealer,) I'm so down with Bioderma. It's my current best friend for when I got-home-too-late-and-am-considering-skipping-washing-my-face.

Bioderma Crealine Micelle Solution is also soooo balanced that I don't really have to worry about the search for the perfect skincare items; even my least effective ones will do :)

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