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Unboxing my Pretty Fix June 2013 Collection!

Whassup mah chickas?! I'm extra peppy and talkative today because I owe you all quite a bit :S I notice it's been weeks that I've been skipping out on my Friday posts and I'm terribly sorry about that, guv'nah. I've just been lagging by my prepared posts. Lately, I've been taking the weekend as an excuse to post what's supposed to be up on Friday, leaving me with no Weekend post. I know it sounds terribly crowd-pleasey of me to force myself into a schedule but I do prefer some semblance of regularity. I tend to spiral down into habits of laziness and I don't ever want to pay less attention to this blog.

So anyway, enough of the broody and moody stuff. Please don't get distracted. Get an extra pair of panties because it's time to lose the ones you're wearing over another box!

I got my June PFC the same day I got my May PFC because my subscription was just in time for the June deliveries (mid-June.) I LOVE TWIN TREATS! You can read about my first twin treat, with Glamourbox, over here.

Pretty Fix Collection Twin Treat: May and June Collection

Whereas the May Collection seemed to be a The Body Shop sampling, I unofficially decree the June box to be a more diverse sampling of The Face Shop, The Body Shop and Missha. I sang praises for the semi-exclusive debut box but I can't really find it in me to complain about this more diverse second box because OMG HOW MANY FULL SIZE COSMETICS ARE IN HERE?!

Pretty Fix June Collection: Impressions

What I'm Most Excited About (in due order):

The Face Shop Big Freshian Mascara in #1 Curling and #2 Volume

YESSS! I have way too many mascaras at the moment, and not enough lashes to use them on; I blame my inviso-lashes. But oh me. Oh me, oh my! I've read generally good reviews on this line of mascara and I'm pretty excited to do a side-by-side comparison of them :) Disclaimer: I am a huge eyeliner and mascara fan as I think they work best on my underemphasized eyes.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in Natural Beige

Let me just get the elephant out of the room: I just declared my love for mascara and eyeliner yet here I am, ranking this concealer over the eyeliner. Why is that? I am more excited about this concealer than the eye pencil because I am uber picky with eyeliners and I usually have a tendency to go for liquid, pen liners. While the Missha eye liner could be great, it isn't really turning me on as much this concealer.

MAC StudioFix Concealer

Right off the bat I'm considering using this as an undereye concealer. It even looks like my dearly trusted eyebag concealer, the MAC StudioFix Concealer. While both concealers have slight reddish tones, the MAC's redness is clearly deeper and Missha's is a bit more yellowish. Still, there is some red so I'm hoping for some salmony eyebag correction. I haven't swatched it yet as I am currently on trial for Benefit Fake Up but I'm lining this up next :)

Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil in Black

I love eyeliners but I don't really see anything special with this one. Mostly lukewarm reviews but I am always up to expand my eyeliner collection. General consensus seems to be: people appreciate the deep pigmentation but find it lacking in the "proof" department. I could use it for short trips, when I feel extra chi chi, but I'm not really expecting to use this on long days...

MJ Care Brightening Essence Mask

I love, love, love sheet masks and am lining this up for my current mask week :D

The Body Shop 100% Recycled Detangling Comb*

I wear my hair long and cringe at the thought of immediately brushing it out after a shower. I usually just detangle but my favorite detangling comb has lost it's paint-on nibs and it's starting to scratch my scalp unpleasantly :( This comb has no nibs but I've been using it for three days and it's very comfy!

My current de-nibbed detangling comb. Oww :(

Vera Wang Princess Satiny Body Lotion, 30ml sample.

I am a lotion hater but I'll make an exception for this tube because it smells like a kind mother and it's satiny. It shouldn't feel too sticky... I'm holding you to that, Vera.

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo for colored hair*

Another bottle from the Rainforest series but this time, for colored hair! I wonder how it'll be different from the other one but I guess I appreciate the option- I do happen to have dyed hair :) This one smells a little more leafy, unlike the very gummy bears-ish scent of the regular bottle. I'm due for a touch up while my latest shampoo sample just ran out so this'll get used like NOW.

Other Stuff in Here:

The Face Shop The Prestige Homme, 1ml sample*

I normally try so hard to be okay with sample sachets. The fact that they're usually skincare samples is great for me; I'm always on the lookout for the next best skincare item. However, I do believe Homme indicates 'for men' and my boyfriend has 0 interest in any form of skincare (even those that I pass off to him to try) so I don't really know what to do with this.


Once again, PFC impresses with premium and full-size items. Notably, there are three items sent out that weren't even posted in the FB page. They are the TFS The Prestige Homme Sachet, TBS Recycled Detangling Comb and TBS Rainforest Radiance shampoo, all marked with an asterisk (*).

As of this second box, I can declare adoration for their hassle-free service and prompt delivery. They open subscriptions at the beginning of the month and begin shipping by the second week, with the latest promise being at the 15th, I think. Anyway, the whole "Facebook operation" aspect really worried me and I thought I'd have to remind them that I prepaid for the July box but surprise, surprise; the box just got here without me doing any follow up :)

Another thing I'm loving is the sample selection. I like that there's an even balance between makeup and skincare/body/shower, with one cute accessory to boot. One of the biggest frustrations I have with beauty boxes is that they lean too heavily on skincare. This month's box has 4 pieces of makeup, 2 skincare, 1 body, 1 shower and 1 accessory (the comb.)

I just got my July box two days ago and have been FROTHING at the mouth to swatch and try them out. I can't touch them 'til i take my unboxing pics, soooo self control, please stay with me.

You can check Pretty Fix Collection's Facebook page here for more info.

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