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Unboxing my Pretty Fix May 2013 Collection! (Debut Box)

Hi everyone! Over the weekend, the Subscription Boxes Queen took over and introduced you guys to a new subscription service, Pretty Fix Collections. Read my initial thoughts on the brand over here.

This May debut box is soooo heavy. While I canvassed the worthiness of getting the May and June back-issues, I tried my best to forget about the samples 2.5 seconds later so I could still be surprised when the boxes arrived :P

Pleased with the quick service, I was inspired to take my light box out and shoot these babies during the daytime- a first! I hope you notice the photos are a little brighter. LOOOVE MEEE.

Pretty Fix May 2013 Collection

As with BBT tradition, I talk about the actual box on my first unboxing post. The box is a little longer than the BDJ and Saladboxes. Its material is a fibrous, crease prone cardboard which takes away a little bit from the presentation but at least the whole thing is wrapped in cling plastic :)

Pretty Fix May 2013 Collection: Back of the Box

The Collection arrives in a foldup box which completely draws out the unboxing process. I was practically foaming at the mouth by the time I was pulling out the third item!

Taking a peek? None for Gretchen Weiners!

Here's what my girl, Ms. Irish, hooked me up with (my girl talaga?)

Pretty Fix May 2013 Collection: Impressions

What I'm Most Excited About:

And here, I talk about the stuff I like from the box, in the order I like 'em. I hope people notice that I rank the goods, unlike most unboxing posts that simply feature the samples according to the order listed in the curation card!

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub, 15ml

I'm not normally into body care products but I like doing my own spa treatments at home :) I don't appreciate how typical salons exfoliate my foot to death, so I hardly ever get that service done. With this pumice foot scrub, I can control how much work gets done on my feet AAAAND I get to do something relaxing when I'm too stressed out. The peppermint kick should amp up the spa vibe!

The Body Shop Amazonian Lily Shower Gel, 60ml

Again, not normally into body care products but it's been a while since I last used a shower gel. I like how it smells, kind of like vegetation with a little bit of a sweet, floral undertone. Think cucumber melon with hints of floral in it :)

I'm just gonna have to find a loofah because I really don't get how people use shower gels bare-handed. Doesn't it take them thirty billion hours to lather up?

Silicon Access Card and Key case

I have absolutely no use for this as I'm not issued any access cards but I like clever little trinkets and this is just soooo adorbs! Smithers, purchase a penthouse for me! I'd like to find a purpose for this access card case.

Fantasies aside, people working or living in well-equipped establishments will completely find this handy-dandy.

The Face Shop The Smim Radiating Moisturizing Cream, 1ml sample

This is the only sachet I got from the box but I still like it a little more than the next item because I totally love skincare :) It wouldn't hurt to explore a little bit around TFS as their price range is a nice middle ground. It's not super duper cheap, sadly, but at least it doesn't carry faint-worthy prices.

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner, 60ml each.

I'm not super excited about these samples but thank God they are a set and smell really nice. Well, the shampoo smells a little like gummy bears but I couldn't get anything off of the conditioner. I have no idea how these will perform and I'm hoping they'll smell excellent in the shower as I'm really in love with overpoweringly good-smelling bath products :)

Other Stuff in Here:

This is an empty list. I liked everything!


For a Php 599 fee, I got six samples out of the debut box. Four of it comes from The Body Shop. I don't know if that's an intentional gimmick or an unforeseen limitation but whatever the reason may be, you all know I love branded/themed boxes! Another plus: I absolutely love that all of them are full-size or premium samples and there's only one tiny sachet in the bunch.

I think the value of this box exceeds the subscription fee but without a curation card, I just don't know by how much. I tried researching these prices online but couldn't find anything.

Most of the subscription boxes I know started out with a bang but I think PFC is distinctly chock-full of premium-to-full size items, and they show no signs of slowing down. Don't let this Facebook operation fool you; looks are completely deceiving. I am absolutely loving this new subscription and can't wait for my July Collection! I think PFC and I will have a long and happy relationship :)

You can check out Pretty Fix Collection's Facebook page here.

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