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UPDATE: May 2013 Missha Saladbox

Hey everyone! Before I post my Pretty Fix unboxing, I just thought I'd update you all on my 5 vs. 7 item Missha / May Saladbox.

As you all know, I got my May Saladbox a couple of weeks ago. There was a misunderstanding about the loyalty gift but thankfully, the team accommodated me. To bump up my regular Missha Saladbox to the premium Missha Saladbox, I was sent a couple of follow-up items. Here's what I got in the main box.

Additions to May 2013 Missha Saladbox

Here's What I Got:

Missha Mobile Mini Gloss in PK01 and Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Serum

  • Missha Mobile Mini Gloss in PK01, Php 450 / 3g
This was probably the biggest reason why I wanted the premium box. This and the foaming cleanser. I love glosses and balms and can never get enough of them! You knot it on those holes on your phone and it just dangles there instead of a keychain, EEK! This is sooo cute I can't even be logical right now.

  • Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Serum, *info not available*
I don't have the curation listing for these two items since these are just follow up items. I got the mobile gloss' info from other bloggers but I don't know anyone else who got this serum. Truth be told, I love serums but other variations of the box carried a foaming cleanser (such as Dawn's, of Peachy Pink Sisters) which is much, much more appealing to me. Still, I'm not completely counting this out. Serums are a must in my skincare routine :)

Bonus Pink Items:

Now, I don't know why I got sent bonus items. To be completely objective about the whole thing, I don't think it was really Saladbox's fault and I don't think they did me wrong. Granted, I did feel sad during the initial scafuffle, but was quick to retract 'blame' when I found out the whole fine print thing.

Nonetheless, I truly, truly appreciate the extra couple of things to sweeten the deal. Truly!

Vivid Essentials Collagen Crystal Soft Mask and Virginia Olsen Pink Diamond Eye Shadow

  • Vivid Essentials Collagen Crystal soft mask, Php 150 / 50g
AAaaaaAAAh! Real mosters! Oops, not really, haha :P I'm sooo excited to try this mask out as I already have my mask set. I don't even care that it's a repeat because I'm just that sure I'll enjoy mixing this up and slathering it on my face. I'm just waiting for a little bit of downtime so I can properly document my mask week, yes?

I've heard that some people use masks everyday but I'll probably go three times at most. As with any product or routine change, you can't really shock your skin into anything. If it doesn't work out, you'll get a huge pile of unstoppable breakouts!

  • Virginia Olsen Pink Diamond eye shadow, ~1g sample.
I thought this was blush at first and I would've jumped at that opportunity so bad if it were so! It's a sparkly neon pink shade but upon swatching, found that the shimmer particles were a bit too huge to be believable.

Virginia Olsen Pink Diamond: Skin Swatch

I researched online and found out that it's actually eye shadow. Yay! So forgive my too-blended swatch because I had blush in mind. I'd have gone thicker if I knew this was eyeshadow. Come to think of it, whether this is blush or eyeshadow, I find the glitter particles too large. I hope I can make it work because I am strangely attracted to the color.

I'm so intimidated by pink and I'm afraid of looking cheap or bruisy but I'm sooo ready to take the leap :_

P.S. I'm bothered by my veiny hands. They've never been that veiny before!


Value-wise, it really doesn't make sense to choose the premium Missha box over the Mont Albo card. This box is worth a little less than Php 2 000 but the Mont Albo loyalty card is worth Php 35 000.

Don't get me wrong, I love massages. But I don't like Mont Albo because:
  1. I hate Filipino-themed massages. The hilot style is completely not for me. It's more like torture than relaxation. It's just a little bit below water boarding.
  2. The Makati-based spa is three galaxies away from home. Is it really worth Php 35 000 to me if I won't even be able to make use of it?

My take on this: I'm not out to bankrupt brands. I have no intention of getting the highest value in freebies just to hoard. I do enjoy freebies but I'm not going to choose an expensive freebie I wouldn't be able to use. I'd rather save mine and the brand's resources and limit myself to what's interesting and useful for me. That way, I can really blog about my experience and post a truthful review rather than a very forced or "constipated review," as I like to call them. Just my 2 cents :)

Thank you to Saladbox for facilitating the switch in my loyalty promo

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