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MMA Meets BBT: A Homecoming Treat :)

Hey betchinssss (Monosodium Glutamate/MSG)! Whats up!?

As you all know, I was out of commission for about a week and a half due to this trip to Texas. I was there to pin some medals on my father and I originally planned to use my non-Dad commissioned hours for catching up on this blog but whowhoawhathappened?

His stuff took up too much time and as for the time I did have for myself? Well, I enjoyed relaxing a little too much and spent that time watching Pawn Stars and sleeping.

I did not get to catch up on posts and on top of that, I have a lot of new travel posts on deck. I kind of need to buy time to get anything up to standard and ready for public consumption but luckily, someone saaaaved me!

OK, so you know I kind of flaunt my bf on this blog a bit, teehee! We're a little bit private so though I talk about him, I don't actually reveal much about him. Take a closer peek into his world as BBT presents its first ever guest post care of my lovely bf, Marvin!

Read more for his review on one of the items we got from the Watsons Made for Men (Men Zone) event :D

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the sporty athletic type of guy. I’m really in to MMA and basketball. To be honest, I have absolutely no knowledge about make-up and beauty products. I don’t use any facial products or anything. In short, I’m just your typical regular guy. I was only exposed to the beauty world when I met Tellie. So here’s my petty attempt to fit in the beauty world. Lol

Since Tellie is out-of-town for the week, I decided to try out some products (finally!) that she gave me. Since I’m such a noob when it comes to these stuff, I tried out the most basic product I could find:

Vaseline: Men's Facial Scrub

I don’t really use any facial products so this is my first time to try this out.

Before                                        Day 1

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how dirty and oily my face is! LOL THE SHAME! I can’t believe how filthy I’ve been living my entire life. This is definitely one of the best discoveries that Tellie has shown me; like when she introduced Chickenjoy to me (but that’s another story). Not to mention those small blue beads feel sooooo good on my face. Ugh I want to pay someone to scrub my face all day with this. Hahahaha. There’s also a different “clean” feeling during the day after washing. Here are a couple more pictures:

Day 2                                           Day3

Visibly fairer and whiter skin na ba? LOL I really can’t tell. You be the judge of that. So basically, I was hooked. I’m a believer of this product. I’ll definitely use those product as much as I can. Watch out Jericho Rosales! Ilang ligo nalang mahahabol na kita!

BBT: Well? Watcha think? That was definitely a fun read to come home to :) We met up last Wednesday and he *did* look brighter in the face, hahaha! Amazing what a simple facial wash can do :P

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