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My July 2013 Saladbox Unboxing!

Hi everyone! This is one of the boxes that arrived just before I took a little hiatus. I probably would've posted the unboxing in a more timely manner if I was able to take pictures beforehand. Sadly, I was too busy running around like a headless chicken about a week before our departure date.

Anyhoo! I realize I posted Saladbox's June box as the July box ('cause it arrived mid-July.) I've corrected my post but I don't think I'll bother correcting what I have up on Facebook.

July 2013 Saladbox: Impressions

So, on to the real July Saladbox!

This month's theme is Clarity. Basically, it's all about purifying the skin. I think this is a way for beauty boxes to take the heat off of how they have no makeup samples but to be fair, Saladbox does have a full-sized makeup sample for this month!

July 2013 Saladbox: Clarity

I am pretty pleased with this month's box! I wouldn't consider any of these as nonsense samples and some of them, such as the marula oil, are actually pretty exciting! I'm getting ahead of myself here. So here's the box shot...

July 2013 Saladbox

...And now, on to the unboxing!

What I'm Most Excited About (in due order):

Hard Candy Button Your Lip Ultra Wet Lip Gloss + Automatic Lip Liner Set, Php 650.

First of all, I never thought of doing a mere lip liner - gloss combo. I've heard of liner-lipstick or lipstick-gloss pairings but never a liner-gloss duo. It's definitely something worth trying as it's been eons since I've braved a simply glossed lip.

For so long I've been hung up on a crazy lipstick adventure that I've been neglecting my glosses. I think it's the whole lifelong deprivation of being too young to wear colored lip products, and then, being forbidden the same in my Catholic high school. Now I'm just going crazy with the colors, haha!

I don't know if I can pull off a naked gloss so I'm glad it comes with an awesome neutral shade of lip liner :)

It's Skin Collagen Plus Mask Sheet, Php 200 / 22g.

I discovered the wonder of sheet masks, especially on dry skin, only when I started blogging. With my recent travel giving me hideous mystery flakes due to wind burn, sun burn or extreme lack of hydration, I'm glad to have received this so I can recharge my skin back to its former glory!

Phytology Marula Oil, Php 500, 3ml. ~1ml sample.

Though I have dry skin, I'm only starting to open up to oils. I extremely hate the grimy feeling when it's left on. Still, the curation card boasts that marula oil is the latest trend and Phytology is the first brand to bring this to the Philippines. It's a supposedly a fantastic facial moisturizer so I'm quite willing to overlook that greasy feeling.

I mean, ancient civilizations (and even our modern cultures) value essential oils so much. As far as I know, oils are very healthy for the skin and are just AWESOME at balancing skin diseases, irritations and other irregularities. Of course, as the capitalist man found less refined and diluted oils more economical, the market started to get flooded with subpar products thus tarnishing the reputation of luxury essential oils. I could seriously go on and on about this, but I'll stop with that little tidbit about the beauty world's underbelly, for now ;)

Innisfree Tangerine Blossom, Php 2700 / 300ml. 30ml sample provided.

Yes, the lotion-hater has had a change of heart about lotions and can get excited about them now. This smells like a good balance between floral and sweet, with none of that difficult-to-manage pot pourri note. Plus, I find it hard to resist palm-sized tubes of lotion. I like stocking them up in my purse :)

Camaru Natural Acerola Soap, Php 150 / 135g.

Nothing makes me shut down faster than the label whitening. It's just become too much of a buzzword that I know almost for certain that 80% of the products in the market just stamped the word on a product to move inventory or create sales. The only thing perking me up is the moisture guarantee and the possibility of fragrance- I couldn't tell without opening the wrapper.

Also, am I the only one who reads it as Areola White on first glance?

Other Stuff in Here:

An empty list. That's a good sign!


July 2013 Saladbox: Curation Card

I think this has been one of the more expensively-valued Saladboxes. Monetary value aside, I approve of the month's selection. Finally, there seems to be no slot wasted on bizarre or meh samples. I love that they didn't fail to throw in a piece of makeup but am a little disappointed at the marula oil sample. Sure, it's exciting enough but it's just too little to make a decent review out of. What if I just have a "good skin day" when I happen to review this item?

The past few boxes, to me, have been merely okay, at least you're not horrible. This month's box feels like more of an okay, good job, box! kind of box. It still doesn't blow my panties away to the extent that other boxes have, but at least it's finally more worth spending on, being the most inexpensive subscription at Php 500.

Box Value: Php 1000 on the full-sized items, discounting the travel-sized lotion and the ~1ml oil tester.

Are you working on your skin clarity or do you find it easier to cover up with makeup? 

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