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Programming Note: Hiatus And A Much-Anticipated Vacation

I was supposed to warn everyone last Friday, but...

I've been out of the country since Sunday. I'll be back on the 15th. I could keep posting but I wanted to take it easy for a bit and enjoy this much-anticipated vacation- even though I'm mostly tagging along for my dad's business and I won't be having much time for myself.

It's nice here. I'm sleeping much better, mostly due to "jet lag." I literally fell asleep last night and woke up pretty easily today at 6:30am. In the meantime, I'll be using all my free time to relax and prepare a bunch of posts. Got a bunch of news and finds but I'll probably talk about them in later posts.

For now, enjoy my current favorite FOTD (more like Face of the Week.) Lightly filled brows; lineless eyes with unvolumized, lengthened lashes; minimal cheek tint; nose bridge and cheek highlights, and a faintly darkened lip. 

I'm currently liking this super low maintenance look. The cheek tint stays on despite my overuse of facial mists. Facial mists are useless in the insane levels of humidity of the Philippines but here in the dry, Texan desert, I basically "retouch" it like lipstick. Going lineless means I don't have to worry about my eyeliner racooning up.

As a bonus, the concealer I brought (Benefit Fake Up) is such a dry-weather darling. Putting it on top of eye cream feels like my eye bags just drank a tall glass of water in this crazy summer dryness.

I really like sporting super long, unvolumized lashes. I think it gives eyes a naturally bright and sparkly look without it screaming FAKE! Even though it's minimal, it seems to lift my tired-from-travelling eyes.

I've just gotta fix this limp hair situation. My hair is insanely dry here and using too much hair serum flattens it down even more than it usually is. I don't want to rely on over-pony tailing as some venues are pretty darn cold and I can't have my ears freeze off.

Today, I'll try misting my hair too. I'll tell you all how it goes :)

Leave a message for Tellie after the post! I'll miss posting on this blog, but don't worry. It's not you, it's me. I've just gotta find myself and find out what it means to be a beauty blogger... Maybe down the road we can be blogger-reader again. It's just, now, I need my space.

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