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Texas Haul: Tools

This, to me, is the most interesting sub-haul! I dearly enjoy marvelling at clever tools. I have such a quirky taste for cheap and clever gadgets and while some of the stuff in here are pretty simple, others have a lot of potential to be used in many different ways.

One thing I noticed is that I didn't really get that much. Daiso and Saizen definitely do it for me, and at a fraction of the cost. I just picked up a few stuff that I dont' see around here.

Vacation Haul: Tools

Read on to find out what I got!

Here's What I Got:

Bunette (USD 7 at Sephora,) Wig Clips (USD 6.29 for 12 Large Clips, USD 5.29 for 12 Small Clips)

These bunettes were the ugliest, most jologs-est things I ever found lying around our rooms in the early nineties. They were made of black velvet (this one's brown,) and faded white in the bendiest areas. I associated them with the oldest, geekiest librarians who were just so old! God, little me was so mean... Yet here we are, almost twenty years later. I actually spent money on one, and my little kiddie self can't believe it!

The black wig clips I got are for me to try salvaging some mispurchased weaves. Mom thought they were lovely clip-on extensions and they are lovely. Hopefully I can seal the ends and successfully make clip-ons out of those!

Soap Saver (USD 2, Crabtree & Evelyn,) Key (USD 4, Crabtree & Evelyn)

I originally meant for this soap saver to actually be a soap saver. I mean, those plastic nodes are pretty high. No more dissolved soap for me! Yet now that I recently shopped around Saizen, I am quite inspired to repurpose this as a brush cleansing tool, 'cause it reminds me a little bit of the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove.

Aaaaaaand the next item is not actually a key. That is a tube saver. It's measured to suit the iconic C&E (and L'Occitane?) "paint tube" hand cream containers, but I'm hoping I can fit it on my aluminum toothpaste tubes. The SA demonstrated how to use it and it wound up the tube quite tightly, so that's what convinced me to get it.

Sephora Pro Domed Crease Brush, (USD 18, Sephora,) NYX 2-in-1 Sharpener (USD 4.49, Target,) Manicure Claw (USD 5, Sally's)

The crease brush looks excellent for doing a blended crease. I tend to have trouble with that area and I'm hoping the powers of this brush can help me out.

I grabbed the sharpener for my NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, which is in dire need of a sharpening. I hate the local markup and avoid buying American drugstore / grocery makeup on Filipino department store prices. They often skip a whole price bracket, it's not even funny!

This mani claw wasn't something I thought to be completely necessary for my infrequent mani sessions, but I still grabbed it anyway. It seems pretty useful and I don't see such specialized nail tools here. Even simple dotting tools and striping brushes aren't very accessible.

Metal Basket (USD 4.2, L'Occitane)

Almost forgot to take a picture of this basket! It's not very big but I thought it looked really tasteful and it's plain enough to one day use in some crafty project.


Aaaand there you have it! It's a very simple haul containing all the tools I got. It may not even be exciting for the typical makeup enthusiast but I really love small trinkets like these! Is it just me? 

Would you rather spend your budget on small trinkets or one splurge item? I prefer to get just one mid-level splurge item and consume the change on clever little gadgets :D

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