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Beauty By Tellie on Watsons' Men Zone

Hello everyone! It's the weekend and I've been so happy about posting on schedule :) I had a Monday, Wednesday and Friday post up this week. I'm running a little slow on my box photoshoots 'cause my lightbox got ruined in the Habagat preparations, but I really don't want to let another weekend slip when I'm so close to punching out. Now would be perfect for something that's been simmering on deck for quite some time.

It's been a while since I attended the Watson's Men Zone advanced screening of Wolverine. But the thing is, I didn't come just for the food, not even just the movie...

...but for my first-evar video recording! I'm ganna be a TB star gaise! :B

Ok I lied.

I was really more of a spur-of-moment filler, I'd like to believe. I didn't know they were gonna interview the bloggers- otherwise I'd have prepared a more inspired answer instead of throwing my bf under the bus on local, national, international, supranational(?), INTERGALACTIC TV! (What really went down is: the producer just pulled me from the crowd confirming first that I blogged.)

Awkwardness aside, it is of utmost importance and part of their civil liberties that the men of this earth we all love and share, be given a space where they can be vulnerable- for a change. Throughout our long and shadowed history, the men were expected to be tough. They are to carry their families through hardship while showing no inner turmoil themselves.

Yet times are changing.

It is time for our partners to conquer their fears and just ask: "Does this have mint?" and "Will it make my face clean?"

Haven't been to a Watsons in ages but if the time permits, I'm taking my bf to ponder some existential questions there, soon :)

You can visit the Men Zone online at
. Check out their latest promo on how you can get a free V-Neck shirt :D

P.S. I never noticed it before, but I think my face looks really flat. Hopefully, I can have some down time and find ways to fix this issue using makeup. I mean commonnn. I look like a plate with slits as eyes in that video! If I'm successful enough, I'll try to put up a How Not To Look Like a Dinner Plate On Intergalactic TV tutorial. Stay tuned! :D

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