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Being a Fish Out of Water + A BBT Guesting!

Hey everyone! It's been a crazy week and it's only gonna get crazier! New boxes, new collaborations and new experiments- it's been a pretty busy past two weeks. Sadly, more time out means that I have less time to blog, and it's taking its toll on me.

I've been so unhappy about posting off-schedule... I don't get to post on my MWF + week-ender schedule anymore. It sounds people pleaser-y but it's really not. Don't flatter yourselves.

No, I'm just kidding. Please don't leave. LOVE MEEEEE.

I feel so unproductive when I'm off-schedule. 

And I left my laptop at the bf's, dumdum that I am.

I had a good lineup planned for the next two weeks but I'm going to have to shuffle it around for a bit because all my files are at my boyfriend's. I didn't want to let another Monday go  by being off-schedule but thankfully, the cutest Eula over at Eula Sleeps posted this awesome feature today!

So while I'm cave-girling it up from my dilapidated laptop, why don't you head on over to this link and check out how Eula got me to open up about my complicated skincare ethos :) I hope y'all will like the post! I think it's awesome of Eula to do this especially since she's on a mini-hiatus and not really in the country.

Read more here

I found it a little hard to write for someone else. I felt like my tone was really alien and that I couldn't project my voice as much as I do on my own blog.

It was like speaking English as my second language; and that stunned me into silence. I was suddenly conscious of things I took for granted over here at BBT, for fear of offending the "local/native" Eula Sleeps readers. I mean come on! I already face potential criticism from this site. What if I'm not cool enough for Eula's readers, who are so spoiled from her awesome writing and awesomer photos?!

I sensed that it wasn't my own space. That made it a tougher to write.

Any person will fear opening up in a strange, new place, but as a writer, that is one of the best ways to improve in your writing. Despite feeling like a fish out of water, I chose to take up the challenge and stay true to me rather than imitate what I thought would appeal to Eula's readers. There's no use trying to win people over as an impostor of someone else.

I guess ultimately, it felt nice to say things I don't normally get to say on here, despite it leaving me self-conscious :) Writing this post is like extreme sports. There's a feeling of impending doom but it is actually exciting, rather than paralyzing. I found it very flattering and even more inspiring to write for another blogger!

It gave me a fresh perspective on things and helped me express what I usually left out and assumed as understood. I felt like I had to explain myself more to these strangers, and that actually helped me re-explore old thoughts and explain myself more clearly.

Anyone else who wants to work on something, hit me up! I love learning from and sharing tips with fellow beauty enthusiasts :)

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