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My August 2013 Pretty Fix Collections Unboxing!

Hey everyone! A few months back, I raved about this awesome subscription service, Pretty Fix Collections, that sets itself apart from usual subscription boxes by prepsoting each month's box contents! At Php 599 it's at par with usual subscription box fees of almost-Php600.

August 2013 Pretty Fix Collection: Impressions

By now, they've definitely opened the September boxes, but I suppose this will be my last subscription. I'm beginning to notice PFC's brand profile, and I'm starting to feel like maybe it's not for me.

August 2013 Pretty Fix Collection: Unboxing

Don't get me wrong, this box is still awesome. I just prefer to end this on a high note rather than let it go to waste.

September Pretty Fix Collection. Photo from PFC.

It also doesn't help that the September box has three repeats (four for me, but more on that later).

You get to sample five new goodies, and a choice of three from nine previous samples. For people like me, who got everything from the first box onwards, this isn't gonna be worth it especially since I didn't really find a can't-live-without-it product from the previous samples. That said, I still highly recommend the September box for first-timers to PFC. Consider it a refresher or catch-up box.

Here's What I Got (Sorted by Favorites):

Wet 'n Wild Natural Blend Mineral Foundation in Tan

I don't have much of an idea of how Wet n' Wild does but I just found this product completely ADORABLE! I love the case, 'cause let's be honest: nobody uses mineral powder without a kabuki brush.

The brush looks scratchy so I'm hoping my The Body Shop kabuki brush fits!

Maybelline Makeup Remover (Eyes and Lips, Waterproof)

I'm a believer of the blue and clear, two-layered makeup remover. I love the compact, bathroom-friendly container, though this could again be useful to tote around during my little Transformation Collaborations.

Hard Candy Button Your Lip Set

I've tried this a few times from my July Saladbox and it is such a joy to wear! The original posting had two more shades: a brighter red and a pink fuschia. However, since I availed late, I got a Maybelline gloss instead. (And yes, they cleared this replacement with me beforehand.)

Wet 'n Wild Megalength Waterproof Mascara

Easily available, pretty common and not all that interesting in that there's no hype around it. However, being waterproof does win it back a few interest points.

Goody Double Wear Headwrap/Necklace

This would be useful if I didn't intend on sleeping with it. That said, it's pretty convenient to tote to the gym (as if I go there.) I much prefer the Pony/Bracelet version as I am kind of embarrassed of this ratty hair tie that's always on my wrist.

Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss in Cherry Kiss

I was told this would be the replacement for the two out-of-stock shades of Hard Candy Button Your Lip sets. Honestly, I hoped they'd put in two, but they were pretty clear in their message that only this one would be my replacement.

I don't really like these clear tube glosses. They're often very tacky and act like rugby in gluing your hair to your lips.


I think I'm going to have to part ways with Pretty Fix Collections (a day of mourning, indeed.) I'm starting to notice that their average of 5 samples per Collection is not really worth it. I was pretty shocked when I went to Texas and found almost all Elf makeup priced at USD 1 (~Php 45) , with the odd special collection ranging from USD 2-6. Wet N' Wild and Maybelline are also considered "drugstore" and are very affordable. The Face Shop is similarly, very accessible in Korea. I'm not sure about The Body Shop but I think it is not as premium in other countries as it is here in the Philippines.

Now let me make this clear, I am no brand snob.

I'm not quitting PFC because I think the brands are beneath me or not up to par with my sophisticated tastes. It's just that, I'm paying almost Php 600 for 5-8 dollar items. That's Php 120-75 spent on Php 45 items.

I'm not attesting that PFC releases only "Dollar Makeup" samples. I just find that there's not enough samples for me to feel like there's any difference between subscribing and buying these goodies on my own. If they bumped up the number of samples to at least 10, or got the ultimate latest stuff, then maybe I would feel like PFC is more worth it. I would even dare to predict that they can carve out a Dollar Makeup / Drugstore niche if they did so. But as it stands, a competitive price point with a non-competitive offering means I'm just saving up my money on the other boxes.

I still recommend the September box for first-time subscribers, though.

You can visit Pretty Fix Collections' Facebook page for more info.

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