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My August 2013 SaladBox!


Come one, come all and marvel at my 149th post! I want to do something special for my 150th post, but I don't really know what, hmmm. I don't even think I have enough time to prepare anything, hihihi!

Orrrr am I just saying this so I can catch you guys off guard and do something pants-shittingly amazing? Nobody knows....


August 2013 SaladBox

Anyway! This box came in a few days ago. Wednesday, I believe. Dang. Saladbox is really falling behind on their delivery schedule. That's already mid-September for the August box! Tsk, tsk. I'm subscribed until the November box though, and I'm considering buying just one more to close the year out. Saladbox has been very up and down. I think I'm going to start pocketing my subscription fees and saving them for an ultimate splurge fund.

I am starting to learn to let go of my less-fulfilling boxes because let me tell you something:

August 2013 Saladbox: Impressions

This is just the saddest box I've seen in my whole reign as Subscription Boxes Queen (est. December 2012)!

It's so, so sad and empty. Where's the stuff? This is emptier than your average Generation Y's life.

Ironically, the black paper just makes it look like a garbage bag (Harsh? I'm undecided about leaving the "garbage bag" comment on as I really don't want to rag on Saladbox. They have a nice and friendly team. OBVIOUS NOTE: I've decided to keep it real.)

August 2013 SaladBox: Beauty Tools

It's not completely bad. The Clou jars arrived like that: one was upside down. I don't know why it's such a huge deal to me, but it gives such a nice touch of seeming like extra care was put in packing the box.

Blablabla. Read on to find out more of what I think!

Here's What I Got (Sorted by Favorites):

Duchess Makeup Tools Royal Blender Sponge, Php 390 / pc.

A Beauty Blender dupe! The Duchess Makeup Tools' iteration of the beauty blender comes in that... belted egg form (please help me find a better way to describe that shape.) I theorize that this shape offers more control than the regular egg shape, but I don't really know for sure because the Beauty Blender (non-belted egg shape) is so much more popular.

But did the most interesting item have to be a foundation sponge that isn't even sealed? As our French friends would say, tres gross. And tres, tres depressentanteux.

They do say that... Don't they?

Clou Pearls, Php 350 / 10g. Clou Suede Glitter, Php 300 / 10g.

I've had my misadventures with caviar nails but I've never gotten to try sparkle sand before. I imagine it's pretty close to velvet nails (which I haven't tried either) and should stick better than caviar pearls.

Other Stuff In Here:

Duchess Makeup Tools Katherine Total Face Brush, Php 350

This brush is very depressing. It has no heft whatsoever and looks as if it will apply powder foundation very patchily. I think this would suck as a total face brush but would probably fare better as a blush blending brush.

I'm barely liking it and only because I think it can be useful for my little Transformation Collaborations.

Go Fickle Hair Bun-Maker, Php 120.

One question: how?

Saladbox Advanced Makeup Sparty, Php 1000 GC.

This. Does. Not. Count! Especially since not everyone will be going to the Advanced Makeup Sparty.

Although the discount is helping me reconsider, hahaha! Original price is at Php 3,200 which includes a workshop, mani-pedi-foot spa, 50% discount on purchases, snacks and a goody bag.


August 2013 SaladBox - Curation Card

That's a total of five items... I don't even know what to write.

This is a very depressing box. I hope it's just some intentional gimmick to dramatically lower expectations for the September anniversary box. Not only did we get just tools (no makeup!), we didn't even get sealed or good quality tools. The bun maker and face brush look like they won't last a year.

Box Value: Php 1510, disregarding the voucher value.

Everything is full-sized and I believe this is one of the more (if not, most) expensive SaladBoxes I've ever gotten. Yet somehow, it leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Erstwhile, I got to chat with the Saladbox team via email. My loyalty treat was supposed to be September's suede glitter but I had it changed to the set of Duchess brushes. Crossing my fingers that I made a good decision and that the anniversary box actually wows me!

You may visit SaladBox at

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