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My First Korean Beauty Box! (July 2013 Get It Beautybox by Memebox)

Once upon a time, a Queen sat upon a throne made out of subscription boxes.

"I'm feeling like I'm in a conquer-y mood today," she said, "send the men out to find new boxes."

So they did.

And thus, BBT has gone international.

July 2013 Get It Beautybox by Memebox: The Premium


, BBT has taken the

first step

 in going international... But that doesn't sound nearly as dramatic! And I wasn't really feeling conquer-y, rather, I was just browsing through my Facebook feed. I spot this 


of a box and I'm like.. IN THE ZONE. All my senses are


. I'm a woman on a mission!

The post is from 

Got It Shop

, an online reseller I follow on Facebook. It specializes in Korean brands but I don't really check it out that much.

That is, not until the day they posted FIVE reservations for a Korean beauty box! 

A quick yet thorough two-minute Google search tells me that this is a pretty cool box. Of course, by sign up time, I had no clue of what brands were to be released.

So naturally, I reserved it right away.

July 2013 Get It Beautybox Opened: Curation Booklet

The Queen is pleased! I'm pretty crazy about getting the July box, because the other editions have too many local samples. Normally I'd love to try Korean brands, but I feel very insecure and too much in the dark about most of the previous samples, while this box is actually quite perfect for me!

The box is a little more expensive at Php 820 + Php 60 shipping to Metro Manila. Of course, it's from a reseller, but I'm not sure if the


 motif meant anything towards the price.

July 2013 Get It Beautybox by Mememebox: The Premium

It comes in a really sturdy salmon-colored box, and all samples are cased in this ultra thick pouch. 

Here's what it looks like inside the pouch:

July 2013 Get It Beautybox: Impressions

Here's the usual box shot:

July 2013 Get It Beautybox by Mememebox: The Premium

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Favorites:)

Benefit Paper Purse with The Porefessional 3ml sample and Cha Cha Tint 2.5ml sample.

I wish I was 5 again, so I could take my Switzerland United nations Costume and parade around with this tiny paper purse while swishing around in all my fabulousness!

I've wanted to try The Porefessional since forever but felt awkward using my sachets. Do I reuse them? I couldn't possibly use it up all in one go, but I don't know how I feel about setting that unsealed sachet out. This tester tube is a better alternative. Doubly excited because of all the raves surrounding it!

I have a slightly larger (but still sample size) Cha Cha tint so I'm pretty indifferent about this one. I would have preferred a Benetint!

Davi Napa Le Grand Cru Cream

If the classical-elite packaging didn't fill you in, the Davi Napa Le Grand Cru Cream retails for  USD 185 for 2 goddamn ounces (approx. 60ml.) I have such high expectations for this. If it doesn't treat my face like the kiss of a chubby cherub, I am just GONE!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash

Yay! Waterproof mascara! MUFE seems reliable through the generally good reviews I've read, though I don't personally own anything from that brand. I'd love to see if this mascara, as the name suggests, is a perfect pair with smokey eyes :) My super fine lashes usually get drowned out with smokey eye makeup :(

Rene Furterer Astera

The Rene Furterer Astera is a treatment for irritated scalp. I... don't think I've even experienced that before? In any case, I guess it's good to have it.

Lanvin Marry Me!

Ugh, don't care! It has a cute bottle but I don't care much about fragrances.



I am now thinking up of ways to get boxes from other countries. I want at least one edition of each beauty box ever!!!

Perhaps I enjoyed this box a little more because the brand profile is very much similar to what I enjoy seeing in my boxes: a mix of established favorites with must-try specialty brands.

Specialized Curation Booklets by Brand (in Hanggul)

I loved that they had Benefit and MUFE samples! I think no matter where you're from, those two brands are worth trying.

Foreign subscription boxes are like a peek into another country's beauty culture. I feel like a traveller exploring new items and cultures. It's like MTV Cribs but for bathrooms and makeup kits!

There are six items in the box and and since I can't read ANY of the material in the box, I can't really give as much detail as I normally do, such as box value and other pro beauty tips. 



 to soak up that kind of information!

First thing's first, I really need to find a Korean translator. Any volunteers?

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