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My September 2013 BDJ Elite Box: Girls Night Out Unboxing!

Hello everyone! I got this box... last week? I'm not sure when exactly. I held off all unboxings because the August Habagat preparations wrecked my lightbox! I haven't made a new one yet but I am making do with various backgrounds available. Behold, my dad's luxurious, plush, emerald towel.

The Elite Box is BDJ's special "once or twice a year" release. It's more expensive at Php 1680 but the items are mostly full-sized. The smallest samples (if you can still call them such) that you'll get are deluxe-sized. Contents are also pre-posted so you have ample time to decide if you want to partake in the bigger investment :)

For those who've been keeping tabs, this is the second Elite Box for 2013. Read all about the April Summer Indulgence box here.

In ze meantime, let's ooh and ahh about Girls Night Out :D

BDJ Box Elite September 2013: Girls Night Out

When news first broke out that there will be a September box, I IMMEDIATELY subscribed to it! I'm not going to get a September BDJ Box (HUHU) so I thought I simply must make up for it.

2013's second Elite Box comes in a multi-functional, square, black pouch. It's faux leather, I think? I wish there was a curation card for it because it's quite a nice product on its own.

BDJ Box Elite September 2013: Girls Night Out

Online research shows that Renegade Folk is actually a Filipino brand. The stuff there is a little expensive- shoes average at the Php 1500 price bracket. I think it's justified as each and every piece is all sorts of pretty. They have a sale right now and most shoes are at the Php 500 and Php 900 ranges. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a shoe person (what does that say about my personality?) but knock yourselves out, guys :D

BDJ Box Elite September 2013: Girls Night Out - Impressions

My only wish is that they put the zipper on the long side. I can't imagine digging through that deep pocket for all my girl scout essentials!

NOW...... I went into this sort of blind. I always vaguely glance over pre-posted items but I try my best to forget about them so I can still be sort of surprised when I actually do get the box. I even held off on opening it until I found a way to take photos so I could truly savor my unboxing ritual. Let's get on a-seein'!

BDJ Box Elite September 2013: Girls Night Out - Unboxing

Here's What I Got (Sorted by Favorites):

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara in Platinum Black, Php1195 / (weight unspecified)

I've been wanting to try Fairy Drops for so long but I've never really felt like buying it. I always check Beauty Bar and I get to pick up random stuff but somehow, I'm even more hesitant with FD despite it being a surer bet than say, the random glitter pen I picked up from the eyeliner standee.

When I saw Fairy Drops in the BDJ Elite list, I quickly forced short-term amnesia and signed up for the box. I already knew it would be more than worth it. *swoon*

P.S. The printed price of JPY 1995 is about PHP 900, which is at a much, MUCH closer margin than locally-sold Korean cosmetics. Also, note that there is an original and newer iteration of the Platinum Mascara, I'm not sure which one I got.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 020 Light Medium, Php 725 / 30ml

The Photoready line gets a lot of love, and to get a BB cream of it is pretty amaze-balls! My friends and I have been doing shoots lately and this seems like it can solve my opacity worries. Apparently, I don't have enough heavy-coverage foundations and it's getting really hard to layer my sheerer foundations to death.

Funny thing, I registered as a medium skin tone as opposed to light because people's ideas of light here are way too light for my NC 25 skin tone. I got it in 020 Light Medium, which would be just about right with my other matches. I usually start swatching with 020 of any new brand and move on from there.

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream, Php 1800 / 0.5oz. 0.1oz sample provided. 

Cutest thing EVAR! I'm a sucker for miniatures and even though it's eye cream in a jar (who even does that anymore?) I STILL LOVE IT! I think Shiseido and Benefit come up with the best sample containers :)

Covergirl Liquliine Blast Eyeliner in 410 Blackfire, Php 450 / 950mg.

This reminds me so much of the Revlon Grow Luscious! Now, a Liquiline Pencil is definitely intriguing. If it lives up to its hype, it may be an easier alternative to gel liner.

One can never have enough black eye pencils and since I can't get my Eye of Horus to work (still!) I'm gonna have to bump this up into trial. Thankfully, Revlon GL also has a smudge tip (lower end on the photo) so this'll have to be my current guinea pig for smokey eyes.

Big Pony #1, Php 750 / 10ml.

I feel like such a hyprocrite for putting the Big Pony #1 this high. Old readers will know how much I detest scents. But the BF actually found this irresistible  And I actually find the rollerball a more discreet alternative than misting, which I tend to do in the most unthinkable times (at the Sun Cell Shop customer desk, at Shangri-La Bobbi Brown, etc.) 

Nippon Makeup Remover Lotion, Php 300 / 60ml? (blurred print); Nippon Round Sponge, Php 60 / 2 pc pack, and Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipes, Php 50 / 2.7g.

Again, this tool set is another thing that I normally would not care so much about. But the compact makeup remover, spare sponges and convenient makeup cleansing wipes would be perfect for our little shoots!

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, Php 499 / 100ml.

I wanted to put this higher up so badly. It's the biggest and heaviest item in the bag, as it's FULL size and cased in glass. However, I don't really practice a lot of hair maintenance and if I'm being realistic, this will probably take forever to use up.

Goody So Bright Brush, Php 399.75.

This brush isn't so bad; not really. It's colorful, big and sturdy. It seems like it'll be scalp nirvana with this one, having a very comfy bristle pad. However, I just got permed and won't really be needing this.


BDJ Box Elite September 2013: Girls Night Out - Curation Cards

I'm not sure why this box is cheaper at Php 1680 when the first Elite Box was at Php 1980. They both have eight items (if you count the Davines shampoo and conditioner of the April Elite Box as separates) and both have a mix of makeup, skincare, accessories and fragrance.

Despite the odd zipper placement, I still like the pouch. I think it will be a good case for my various large palettes. My favorite item would have to be the FD mascara. I still can't get over it! That alone earns you back most of the sub fee. And is it just me and my new hobby, or is everything I'm seeing good for our little Transformation Collaborations :P Previously, I just put things in my review box but now, I actually think I can make more use of them during our shoots. Plus, I get to see them in action on different skin types!

Of all the items in this box, I think the L'Oreal serum is the only semi-miss for me. I'm not really into hair care and I think it's such a missed opportunity because it's sooo huge and nicely-packaged.

Box Value: Php 4428.75

And now I know why this box is cheaper.

The first Elite Box clocked in at a whopping Php 6261.75! Still, I like this box more than the first. Both boxes mashed upscale with drugstore brands. (In the first box, we had Davines vs. Celeteque, iSkin vs. Revlon. Here in the second box, we have Benefit vs. Covergirl, Fairy Drops vs. Goody.)

The big difference is that I didn't notice any expired products this time and even though the items here are cheaper on average, I actually like ALL of them :D I can't wait to start trying them out!

I'm not sure if slots are still open. Head on over to and see for yourself :)
You can also follow them on Twitter @BDJBox and on the Facebook page, BDJ BOX.

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