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Transformation Collaboration: Dark Romance with Bea of The Dalaga Project!

Last August 31, Liz (Project Vanity) hosted a Clinique Party over at SM Aura. I of course, signed up! I usually attend free makeup seminars and product launches to get to know a brand better. This party is a great way to get to some insight on this ubiquitous yet unfamiliar (for me) brand.

I haven't had much experience with Clinique products. I know them to have dermatologically-formulated skincare, but I haven't tried anything for myself. I used to patronize the Take the Day Off Lids, Lashes and Lips makeup remover but found it a little drying. As for cosmetics, I've only ever tried the Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Beauty, which is AWESOME but it's not like I can rave for a brand based on one item. I am under the Chubby Sticks Intense spell, but I haven't purchased any of them yet.

This Clinique Party should really be more of a BBT Attends post. However, the bigger story to that party is that we had a final contest: pair up and present your best 5-minute Clinique look! The prize was supposed to be a mystery, but Ms. Mira (Clinique's Marketing Manager) couldn't wait to spill the beans: The winning couple can take home a bottle of the reformulated Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + and a yet-to-be-released piece of cosmetics!

Team Bea and Tellie's Clinique Entry

Well that definitely got us perked up... but HOLY effing eff!!!! I can't even do my everyday face in 5-minutes!

Check out the party happenings and the complete look after the jump! Warning: Photo-heavy post ahead.

The Party: Liz's Flattering Eyes For Most Eye Shapes

The party was basically a gathering of beauty enthusiasts. I found bloggers, non-bloggers, beginners and experts alike. It was set at a leisurely pace and Ms. Mira let us all introduce ourselves to each other. Afterwards, we had a chance to take a personalized Clinique facial treatment based on our skin test. I did not take this facial as I was more interested in soaking up all the information I could. We, the remaining audience, shared beauty tips and talked a bit more about Clinique's products.

Ms. Mira gets the participants to warm up, while the early birds head off to get their complimentary facials.

On a side-note, I will never get tired of Clinique's ultra-modern and tastefully-designed counters.

Clinique Counter, SM Aura

We also had some snacks and tea to keep us hyper throughout the party.

Liz does a pretty clean face. She likes to focus on a VERY clear base, good eye brows and simple eye shadow. She's also a wiz in figuring out the proper countour map for one's face!

Her most-flattering, versatile for day or night look is a two-toned eye. You simply splash a muted base color over the whole lid and blend it up until the upper crease-lower brow bone region. Then, she takes a darker crease color and blends it all over around about half the lid, keeping the color intense near the lash line.

This is her no-fuss way of incorporating eyes into her daily makeup routine. Liz's favorite cheat for this is using a smudger-equipped liner for the dark shade, such as the Clinique Quickliner. A big plus is that with the simple shading technique, you can wear non-neutral colors and still keep it low-key.

The Look: Dark Romance

Bea was the only one I knew there, though I did recognize this one girl who was in the same Animetric's x Shiseido workshop as me (but eep I forgot her name!) As soon as Bea sat down, I clung to her arm like a barnacle and secured her to be my partner.

When Liz's mini-workshop concluded, we were given a few moments to strategize. I told her I wanted something couture or something that stands out. She brought up a color-blocking theme and it would have worked with our dominantly colored outfits, but I wasn't really game for that as I had just done a similar look the past week as The Young Geisha in my L-Ashes collaboration.

We ended up with a dramatic smokey eye, and she said that making it dark purple, as opposed to the usual soft lilac, would be a different take on it. I'm on board with that!

Presenting, Dark Romance by Bea and Tellie:

I told her we should be in character. 'Cause yanno. I like to be annoying.

Here's my face as a picture of ironic sweetness. I'm not good with smokey eyes so Bea had to fix my face after she did hers.

Tellie's annoying, sweet girl face.

I was pretty useless. Bea chose all the colors as I staggered behind and copied everything she did. She said she just applied Liz's tips for flattering eye shadow.

Bea's annoying, sweet girl face.

The Goodies!

Each of us got to take home a complete skincare set + a lip gloss! I have an extra bag because BEA AND I'S DARK ROMANCE FACE WON, YAY! I didn't get to take a photo of the other looks but most of the participants came up with soft, neutral looks and according to the judges, our look best showcased the variety in Clinique's color offerings.

Clinique Party Favors: Complete Skincare + A Mini Gloss in a Clinique Pouch!

We got the Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion 3, DDMG, All About Eyes eye cream, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Moisturizer, Long Last Glosswear in a cute pouch. This is all for oily skin so I'm not really sure if I'm still trying it out or finding some other beneficiary for it. I kind of want to force it on my skin, just 'cause I feel like I don't have enough experience with Clinique.

I'm still learning to be open to incorporating skincare items for different skin conditions. I'm not quite sure if it only has negligible effects, or if I'm unwittingly killing my clear skin. I'm okay with using anti-aging stuff but oily skin stuff is just too opposite of my dry skin. However, I still feel like having dry skin and going with oily skin products is a way smaller risk than having oily skin and going with dry skin products.

Now, I was pretty excited to win because people have been raving their tits off about Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (a.k.a. Clinique DDML - reformulated.)

Contest Prize

But I'm actually equally thrilled about the eye shadow I got. It's Clinique's All About Shadow Duo in #15 Uptown Downtown, a shimmery charcoal paired with an equally shimmery, muted pink.

I've never tried a two-toned smokey eye and these two colors are inspiring me to create a pink and grey smoke. I think it'd be a great way to transition into a full-on smokey eye (Hello, says the smokey eye noob a.k.a. ME.)

I LOVE the idiot-proof packaging. You have a paint-by-the-numbers sticker guide on the mirror with corresponding legends on the shade and applicator. And where have I ever seen a brush and sponge dual-ended applicator? That is just the cutest thing evar!

And finally, the much-raved about DDML+! I really wish I tried the old formulation, but as I said, I don't really get a lot of stuff from Clinique. Guess I'll just have to review it as a standalone item.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +: Pumped and Semi-Blended.

Some quick impressions: a small amount goes a really long way. It felt like water-gel and I feel like my skin absorbed a lot of it, though it took a while before it stopped feeling wet and goopy. I'll still have to see how this reacts on my parched skin. I just finished a 2-week Ibuki trial (extended because of CONFUSIONS WITHIN ME) and now I'm on to a long overdue Laneige trial. I have Clinique up next and I should be able to start it within the week!

We were offered 10% discount on purchases made during the workshop, and advanced participation on Clinique Bonus Time (GWP promo that started on Sept. 1). However, since I just came off a Shu binge, I had to wait 'til my pay check. Next post is all about my Clinique Bonus purchases ^_^

You may visit Clinique's international website at;
Clinique Philippines' Facebook page, Clinique Philippines;
Liz's blog,, and

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