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Transformation Collaboration: L-ashes by Team Tagpuan

Two Saturdays ago, me and a couple of friends teamed up and beamed our talents together for this fun and lovely shoot.

L-ashes Teaser

We initially pegged a modern geisha theme but we couldn't really get that opaque, porcelain base. You can see me behind the scenes with the remnants of my best effort at a geisha base.

I'm not really this pale, guys!

As the makeup artist (NAKS), I had to make the decision of scrapping the look about an hour into makeup. It was a huge waste of time as I alternated between all three of us instead of completing one face first.

We instead went with our personal favorite looks.

WARNING: Photo heavy post ahead.


The Adele

Here's my friend, Jhe. She's very malandi (flirty- HAHA!) She wanted a fierce, ferocious Facebook profile picture. The team decided that her very white complexion would look great with loud pops of color on her face.

I gave her a thickly-winged Adele gel liner, and citrusy green on the lid. I thought my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa was a perfect finisher.

Of course, being the malandi person she is, she would choose the huge, flowery paper lashes.

The Young Geisha

This is me, I did my own face. Ozy wanted me to try this couture, reverse-eye shadow look, complete with the underside lashes. I normally do like playing up my East Asian features but I never, ever saw myself doing it this way.

The robe was a last minute addition, seeing as the eye shadow and lip color had the same color as the robe Remy prepared for our failed geisha concept. I think it made for a really striking look! Is it just me, or do I look like a 12-year old here?

The Dark Fairy

This is my other friend, Remy. She's one of the funniest and funnest people to hang out with. She comes off a little cold but she is totally a barrel of laughs. She wanted a really dark, rebellious look but I sort of mucked up the black smokey eye and it came out too faded. Instead, we played up her green hair and gave her this malicious, mysterious look. We chose dramatic upper and lower lashes for her because her eyes are so beautiful and she can pull off having a lot on her eyes.

She asked for some dramatic contouring but I wasn't really at grips with that skill yet. I think you can see the effort, but it's not at the level of POW! I wanted.

I felt the most disappointed with this face. I don't think I gave her vision justice and this look is where I felt my limitations the most. I'm sorry, Rems :(

The Photographer

Isn't it funny how photographers compose all the beautiful shots but are hardly ever seen? Hahaha! Ozy is Remy's boyfriend. He's very artistic and is a pretty cool kind of guy all around. He took these photos in Backyard Studios (teehee!) and it took us over six hours to complete the shoot! I think he did a fabulous job capturing our looks despite the dark clouds overhead and the limited lighting we could work with.

Behind The Scenes:

Doing the makeup for this shoot was soooo tiring but also LOADS OF FUN! I wanna be a professional makeup artist now, huhuhu! In other news, I just bought some tools for our next shoot. I also repurposed my mom's old manicure traincase into my makeup traincase. YAY!!!!

Click on the pics to activate the slideshow:


L-ashes by Team Tagpuan

Photographer: Ozark Pacete
Director: Remy Pelijates
MUA: Kristel Yap
Extra: Jhe David

That's that! Fun collab indeed. I hope this becomes a regular thing. May we never run out of themes and ideas!

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