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Transformation Collaboration: Me as Dara of 2NE1 by Dawn (Peachy Pink Sisters)

It's gonna be a big week over here at BBT. The next few posts are gonna feature a whole slew of collaborations! First up: Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters.

I first met Dawn during the Pretty in Pinkbox event. We were seated next to each other and got down to talking. I was pretty stunned to finally meet her as I'd been following her blog on and off since about a year ago. I only started regularly dropping by about six months ago.


She was sooo nice and talkative. I was fervently praying that she wasn't kidding when she offered to give me a Dara makeover. Guess what?!  She totally wasn't!!!!! 

Peg: Dara

Here's The Result:

Before: Citizen Tellie. After: Korean Pop Star, Dara(?)

This face is the product of an afternoon of takoyaki, T.O.P-crushing, gabbing and make up! This was the girliest date I've had in quite a while. I felt very connected to Dawn, since she's such a passionate, creative soul. (Hello readers, meet frustrated artist, Tellie.) I found it especially cute that extremely beautiful works of art bring her to tears. I, too, feel very humbled in the face of great talent, but she literally cries!

The Artist and The... Art-ee? (I have been called maarte, HAHA)

Yet despite it all, Dawn doesn't take herself too seriously. She's not one of those high-browed artsy fartsy people who are just too cool for you. She's so chill with whatever- we hung out for like old friends at her room, and it was just our second meeting. She introduced me to her crush and my alternate husband, T.O.P. It almost felt like a daytime slumber party, if that even makes sense!

I wish I took a photo of her zillions of sketches lying around. She's really good! Her portraits are very life-like, not at all cartoony like what most amateur sketchers (like me) tend to produce! 

I intended to post all the photos but Dawn came up with the pegs and had the best ideas in makeup and posing. My contribution was minimal, and went as far as oh, it's uneven. Oh, make it bolder.

Her blog deserves the views. So I'm only posting a handul of of my favorite shots and directing you guys to her post, with the complete photoroll and behind the scenes commentary ;)

Watch out for her remarks on my eye makeup. I think she did a great job there :)

K Popstar Eyes: colorless, shimmery and heavily lined

Though I give her props for working with my impossible eyes, my favorite part is still the Korean airbrushed complexion. Dawn was able to really capture the flawless shine, illumination and radiance that all Koreans seem to have. As she was doing my face, I couldn't stop preening and fluttering about my movie star skin, HAHA! I was seriously patting my cheeks and making boudoir faces as she was doing my makeup. I was looking like a weirdo to Dawn but I DON'T CARE. I LUFFED MY FEZ!

Now I feel ugly whenever I do my own makeup. Huhu.

Click on the pics for a larger view / slideshow :)

I look more like myself with my teeth showing :D

This was a very fun transformation. I don't really feel that I look like Dara. It's not that I think I'm prettier, I actually think she's too pretty. And I also don't really see it.

Except in some angles. That got Dawn and I cracking up like hyenas :P

Thanks Dawn! I can't wait to think up of a new theme, we should do this again. And then, you can influence me to buy more makeup, hahaha!

Photographer, HMUA, Director: Dawn Llanera
Model, Salimpusa, Walangkontribusyon: Tellie

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