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Controlled Shopping at the Beauty Fair 2013 (Ariato Penthouse Venue, Il Terrazzo)

I normally try not to purchase from resellers (and opt to wait 'til I can sneak a wish list to anyone overseas-bound.) However, the Beauty Fair happened last Friday and I COULD NOT pass up the opportunity to cross out a few items from my wish list! I don't mind this time, I told myself. Items are on sale so at least the markup isn't that crazy.

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And with that, I am so proud to present a very controlled haul.

Here's What I Got:

There were so many stalls inside but the venue was quite packed so I didn't fully get to enjoy the experience.

I mostly got from my trusted resellers, Digital Traincase and Makeup Hub.

L-R: Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Buff (Php 700,) Koren Zander Brush Soap in Lemon (Php 450,) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (Php 250) and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo (Php 280)

I don't think these were particularly cheap but I just couldn't resist not having them anymore! When we did our Sandara Park transformation, Dawn said that Ben Nye in Buff would be more suited to me, rather than the ever-famous Ben Nye in Banana. Apparently, Banana highlights really well on tanner people, and you have to move up a shade or two if you're lighter but want the same Kim Kardashian effect.

The Koren Zander soap got me mostly because of the fiber thingies on the bottom. I can't wait to try this out :)

Lastly, I just picked up some random supplies I thought I neeed from NYX. I wanted the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean and Milk, but they didn't bring any of the Black Bean to the bazaar, so I got left with Milk. SMLC in Monte Carlo is a lemming perpetrated by Ae (of An Artechoke)

Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet and Suedeberry (Php 680)

These lippies were influenced by another friend! I asked around online and found them in the Php 1100 range. My friend says she got them for around Php 700 so I don't really think I got a significant discount.

They are so pretty though :)

What do you scout for in bazaars? :)

You may visit Digital Traincase at,
and Makeup Hub at

Happy Birthday, Dawn (Peachy Pink Sisters)!

Transformation Collaboration: Enchantresses by Team Tagpuan