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Happy Birthday, Dawn (Peachy Pink Sisters)!

Dawn (one half of Peachy Pink Sisters) is one of my newer friends. I will never tire of gushing about how nice she is because she is sweet as pie! Pardon the horrible cliche, but it's the 100% honest-to-goodness truth, so help me God.

P.S. Dawn, you may send my flattery fee to BDO account, number.....

Anyway, she celebrated her birthday last September 28th at My Pretty Nails Salon. I love that she's friends with equally nice people, so I actually got to meet new blogger friends who are soooo chill and cool *gush.* And they mostly live in my area which happens with like, 2% of the people I meet!

L-R: Liz and Dawn (Peachy Pink Sisters,) Robin (she doesn't want to tell me her blog!) Me! (Pardon my pompadour. I don't know where the heck that came from), Helen (Lucky Citrine) and Carizza (Carizza Chua)

We look like we're in a TV drama! The Nail Princesses? Catch our season-ender next week! Harhar.

That day, I got to have my nails done and stuffed my face with sweets. Hell to the yeah!!! Who has a birthday coming up? Shout out in the comments so I'll suck up to you and then you can invite me to your sparty! (Don't.)

I was initially going to insert a mini-review of MPNS services, but as you can see...

Photo by: Dawn Llanera

...there are more grave things at hand. Wretched sleep cycle, I will conquer you yet!

Before you go chastising me about sleeping and being overly done up in the face while walking in with a tie-dyed shapeless shirt and shorts, you must know that I came from my bf's cousin's engagement party.

I had no sleep 'cause I attempted to do my own hair and makeup. I only had a small space to carry my alternate outfit in, and we were going to get our nails done so I kind of consciously chose to be frumpy rather than made up!

I didn't even think I'd make it to Dawn's.

Luckily, my bf and I had lots of time to get there (only one hour late) and I walked in to this...

... and I'm like GET ME STARTED! Hahaha! But seriously, there were a lot of girls invited and we were all on rotation with the nail technicians so I didn't really miss a lot :)

Dawn hooked us up! She got the whole place decorated and even sprung for some snacks. The snack bar was intact when I arrived, but don't worry. Damage was served!

Check out Dawn, welcoming me. Helen is a familiar face as I lurk on her blog from time to time, but this would be the first time I'd meet Robin.

So we all just kind of sat down. I think it took a while before someone was free to do my nails, but I hardly noticed. I had such a blast getting to know Helen and Robin! Carizza arrived a little late and I didn't get to talk to her that much but OMG she's soooo cute. She's like a doll, I want to keep her :3

Here's Dawn, getting her special treatment done. As the birthday girl, she gets the nail art mani, nail art pedi and a foot spa! I'm posting this tres chic photo of Dawn on her mobile as a birthday courtesy. I still have photos of her rubbed-off callouses, stored for blackmail. (No, I actually don't.)

When it came time for me to have my nails done, I don't know why I didn't choose nail art. I think I got waaaay too distracted by the super duper wide selection of MPNS colors!

Not gonna grub credit, I just took a shot out of Helen's original arrangement. I can never come up with these shots by myself.

I ended up with a sea foam green glitter polish on the hands. I like the yellow-green and blue glitter. It looks very Little Mermaid. I wanted to do a makeup look to pair with it but unfortunately, the polish chipped before I could schedule a makeup post :(

I paired it with a purple polish on the feet. It has red and violet glitters, both chunky and fine. You can't really see it that well because it's a little too dark but I like how it made my feet look fair.

Please ignore my luscious big toe. It doesn't really want to charge at you from your computer (or mobile) screen. It's just naturally curved upwards like that.

More partying! Check out the awesome round seat that Helen and Liz are sharing. I want one in my room! Actually, I would build a room just to feature that comfortable pink mess.

Liz is too cute for words! And I love short hair on her.

Here's Robin being a silly photobomber while I got a shot with Helen. I also got a shot with Carizza but I'm so haggard there, I'm not even going to post it.

We didn't just sit and get our nails done. Dawn made it interesting and actually let us earn our gift bags! You have to answer a question about her before you can get your bag. Highlight of the night: one of her college friends missed twice or so, eep!

It's her birthday but why are we the ones who got gifts?! Dawn, you're the best :P Here's a peek at what she shared with all the party-goers.

I also got to pick up my prize from Dawn's 3rd anniversary giveaway. Thanks, Dawn!

I had so much fun! I can't wait to be reunited with these nice people. Hopefully, we can get together even without a beauty event, since we just live in the same area.

Thank you Dawn, for sharing your blessings with us. Happy birthday!

I'm not exactly sure what services I got because I fell asleep, but I'd like to list the basics, for reference. The place was very neat though I sincerely regret not being able to pay attention to their services. I hope I can visit again, soon :)

Inclusions: soak, cleaning
Price: Php 100 (hands), Php 130 (feet)

Inclusions: soak, cleaning, moisturizer, massage, regular nail polish
Price: Php 160 (H), Php 190(F)

Nail Art (Free Hand)
Price: Php 200 (H), Php 400 (F)

Cost for a Mani-Pedi-Foot Spa: Php 160 + Php 250-500 = Php 410-660

My Pretty Nails Salon
L1-03 G/F, Greenfield District Soho
Mandaluyong City (across Shangrila Mall)
571-6649 / (0916) 479-3416
Operating Hours: 10am-9pm, daily

Visit their Facebook page, My Pretty Nails Salon

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