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Loving You Lately: Guest Posts (ft. Nosy Beauty Vol. 15 on Softly Sometimes)

Ahoy there, matey! I've been lacking some serious blog time due to a highly whacked out sleeping cycle. For the past few days, all my free time is spent napping and my sleep time is spent trying to sleep! Hayayay. Very unproductive :(

BUT! I had a major inspirational break. I'm doing a new project regarding "real beauty." It's soooo not me to touch on positivity and inspirational themes but watch out, I'm gonna shock you guys!!! I do have a capacity to be sweet and cheery. Sort of. 

Also, I'm doing a new weekend series to replace my nondescript Weekend Posts. I'm calling it Loving You Lately, and it's going to feature random things that I'm having a change of heart about! Let's start this week with a new LYL on Guest Posts!

I thought I'd get back to you guys on Being a Fish Out of Water a.k.a. Guest Posting. My first guest post was something for Skincare Sneaks with Eula of Eula Sleeps. I initially thought it was a train wreck but I managed to pat my own back when I saw the finished piece. Thanks, Eula! Pat on the back for you, too *pat, pat*

This time, I'm featured on Carina's blog, Softly Sometimes. She has this on-going series entitled Nosy Beauty where she takes a peek into other peoples' makeup bags.

Read more on Carina's post here

I still feel weird and "out of my own skin" when writing for other bloggers. Nonetheless, I am now having a change of heart. Guest posting is FUN! I look up to these people and it's such a huge ego boost to be considered for any of their guest series.

I've always said that I am so in love with Carina's sense of taste and for her to try to figure out what shapes mine is such a huge affirmation. (Random fan-girl confession: I love her giggle-fest remarks such as beautimous and funny funniness.)

More to the point, I am loving guest posts lately because of how they make me rethink the things I usually gloss over. Asking basic questions such as "what is your beauty philosophy?" actually makes me more eloquent. In my desperation to appear as normal to foreign readers as I do to my own readers (who get my special brand of crazy,) I end up explaining myself as succinctly as I can.

In short, I am loving guest posts lately 'cause they make me sound smart or so I like to think.

You may visit Carina in all her beautimous, funny funniness over her blog, Softly Sometimes at

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