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Loving You Lately: Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige

I've written an epilogue-of-sorts for this review. Check it out here.

This is my second-evar LYL installment! Man, I hope this sticks. I have a habit of conjuring really good series and then abandoning them once I'm distracted by newer, shinier things. Mask Week, anyone?

Let me feature something that has given me a total eclipse of the heart: Missha The Style Perfect Concealer.

When I first got this from the June Pretty Fix Collection, I wasn't really all that excited. I didn't hate the product but I honestly thought it was a lame, cheap-ass attempt of riding at the coattails of theeeee MAC Studio Fix Concealer. I hold the MAC SFC in such a high regard that any copycat concealer will never cut it.

L-R: MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW20 and Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige

Right off the bat this product lost all points of respect from me. I had delegated it in my desperation pile, a mental makeup drawer of subpar backups reserved for when my stash runs out and there's no replacement in line.

One day, I decided to shop my stash and figured I should probably waste this concealer off on random acne scars. I normally don't cover up acne scars but I just wanted to find some use for this concealer. I didn't quite trust it for my under eyes just yet. So I swiped it on the first acne mark and that had me on a mad dash to find even the faintest blemishes before eventually, on that same day, using it on my dark circles.

Hello! I'm the very unassuming Missha The Style Perfect Concealer

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Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige. *poufy!*

Price: Php 399. Missha can be found in SM Annex (North EDSA), SM Pasig and Landmark TriNoma. I got mine from my June Pretty Fix Collection which costs Php 599 per box.

Product Description:

Missha is a Korean brand. I don't have a lot of awareness of what the whole brand stands for or how it's positioned in the market so if you follow Korean cosmetics do give me some background information!

The Style Perfect Concealer is a cream concealer. It has a very silky texture that's not drying on the skin. I cannot stress this enough. It's the texture that ultimately made me have a total eclipse of the heart! From the moment I dipped my finger into the jar, I felt magic. Silky immediately comes to mind and it has just the right blend of moisture so that it didn't feel sticky or tacky, as the Erase Paste and Studio Fix are sadly guilty of.

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW20 and Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige

It's packaged in a simple black screw-top jar with a clear window in the center. It has some silver print of "Perfect Concealer" and  snow flake on top.

02 Natural Beige is a flesh-toned concealer with a microscopic hint of salmon in it. It is still mostly yellow / beige, thus blending fabulously on warm-toned girls such as myself. OR. I could suck at describing mid-toned base products, in which case, please just refer to the pictures.

How to Use:

Blend with fingers or use a brush. My preferred applicator for this concealer is my fingers as I am able to layer and feel the consistency of the concealer. Side note: I prefer using a brush for Mac Studio Fix.

I use this to correct acne scars, dark circles and pigmentation around the lips and nose. I haven't tried it to neaten up my brows so no comment there.


I kept this product with very low expectations and walked away doing a complete 180. The texture is so dreamy and workable that I am able to work it on my under eye with very light, swishing motions. With thicker products, I end up pressing harder on my skin just to melt and fully blend everything, and we all know that's bad for the very thin skin under our eyes.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige: Dark Circles Coverage

So with this texture, I was actually expecting sheer-to-none coverage but in fact I consider this concealer to have heavy (but not full) coverage. Meaning, it has covered my darkest circles and scars but it wasn't able to cover a friend's dark birthmark. Still pretty awesome. My bags are the darkest part of my body- darker than even my soul, so it's one small miracle to have a product that can cover up as much using as little of the product and blending as lightly as I do with the Missha concealer.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige: Applied on Under Eyes

It sets into a powder finish, which I must share, is the second reason for my 180! Setting as such means further annihilation of the aspirations of those dreaded creases. Hah!

Lasting Power:

This averages 4-6 hours on me, depending on how thickly I layer. I love that the lightness and silkiness lets it get away with hardly-there creasing. I suspect this will never crease on some people, but I have this semi-deep line below my eye that catches even the tiniest amount of product. The only caveat here is that the crease is barely noticeable from a conversational distance, even up to as close as a slight invasion of personal space.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige after 5 hours of wear in the office


Silky texture, heavy (but not full) coverage and easy workability. The powder finish is also pretty fan-fucking-tastic.


Yes! It's cheaper than MAC's SFC and feels far less drying on my skin.

Beauty by Tellie score: 5/5

Holy Grail! The price is not crazy high, but the quality is very much so. I never thought I'd be able to replace the MAC Studio Fix in my makeup kit because I consider it HG despite its thickness, stickiness and dehydrating and creasing effects. MAC SFC was the only product that suitably covered my bags and it has stayed on even while swimming.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in 02 Natural Beige: Label

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer not only covers my eye bags; it has great working texture and settles to a powder finish. It camouflages pigmentations and scars without needing a lot of the product. It's not drying and barely creases. My only criticism about this product is the screw cap which is a little blah as it adds 0.75 seconds in my makeup routine. But as you can see, even that is not enough to nock off a fraction of a point from the review score.

You may visit Missha Phillipines' website at
You can also shop directly from their Facebook page, Missha Philippines.

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