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Tellie Visits: Asian Secrets Whitening Spa

I love getting a massage. I love it so much that sometimes, I'm not in the mood for all the frills that justify a price that makes my eyes try to see the back of my head. Just take my Php 350, let me lie down for one-and-a-half hours and knead my body non-creepily with oil.

Other times, I feel like a fricking rainforest adventurer and need a place with killer ambiance and something differentWell here's something to try. Have you ever heard of Asian Secrets Whitening Spa?

Meep. Ignore the dining setup and nomming bloggers.

They have TONS of whitening treatments, scrubs and massages, but they're all for the body. Eventually (naturally,) people wanted to even it out and include their faces. Well this post is all about their newest service: The Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub. Finally, right?

Asian Secrets Arsenal

So what exactly are the Asian Secrets to a fairer face?

Here's a good story: it goes all the way back to three hundred years ago, in Java, Indonesia. The Philippines and Indonesia go even further before that, and it is said that Malay people (of which the Javanese are part of) were one of the first foreigners to step foot on the Philippine Islands. That explains how the oldest Filipino cultural markers such as dances, clothing and language, are eerily similar to their Indonesian counterparts.

Asian Secrets scrubs are VERY creamy!

I've never heard of anything like it being done in the Philipines, but the Lulur scrub is a Javanese tradition that began 300 years ago. It's a 40-day pre-marriage ritual exclusive to brides in the royal lineage.  The tedious process of (a 40-day full body scrub is all meant to beautify, smoothen and whiten the bride for her husband-to-be.

That, my dear readers, is the Asian Secret that inspired the Lulur Facial Scrub. Pretty awesome, huh?

The Venue

The treatment area is pretty cozy. There are five adjacent massage beds in service, each separated and shielded by a thick, starched cloth. The last room at the left side is a very clean bathroom featuring one private toilet and two curtained showers.

Clean bathroom with amenities!

The room is pretty non-remarkable. There's only one piece of decoration, which is a hanging wooden artwork at the head of the bed. The bed is draped in crisp white sheets. I was provided with a white modesty cloth, CLEAN house slippers and a woven basket for my 'luggage' (hooray!) I actually prefer this clinical set up as opposed to something more "tribal" or themed. I feel that messy patterns and colorful weaved cloths have the capacity to hide a lot of stains. I like the honesty and straight-forwardness of using simple linen. It's almost challenging you to find a stain- there were none.

My treatment area. Very clean sheets!

Like most spas, they play the sounds of the rainforest. They don't burn any essential oils but I'm glad that there's no smell. Don't you just hate how 80% of budget spas have this ulam (viand) smell?!

The Treatment

My one-liner for the Lulur Facial Scrub? It features a looooot of pampering. What do you expect? It is meant for royalty.

They used makeup wipes and proceeded straight to the facial scrub. I'm a loyal Celeteque wipes user and I just know they use Celeteque. I could smell it and I know how it feels on my face. Knowing so, I wish I spoke up and told my attendant, She, to wash it off first because I get some minor stinging when I don't.

Next, the scrub proper. The Lulur scrub is vastly different from most facial scrubs and exfoliators I've tried. While the normal scrub features a foaming facial wash and a bunch of scratchy tiny beads, the Lulur scrub is a dry, creamy scrub featuring spherical beads. You rub directly on your skin, no water needed. In fact, all of the Asian Secrets scrubs are dry scrubs and you can use them even while sitting in front of the TV!

The Lulur Facial Scrub on my egg shaped face!

Here's the scrub in action (in better lighting.) It almost feels like you're just spreading some mousse-y cream on your skin.

The Asian Secrets Green Tea Body Scrub: Creamy and Features Exfoliating Spheres

As She massaged the scrub onto my face, chunks of product balled up with dead skin and dirt. This is washed off. It's very mild and I think it feels like a cream version of water exfoliators such as Cure.

The Asian Secrets Green Tea Body Scrub in Action

The main scrub lasts about 10-15 minutes and the rest of the time is just pure luxury. My face was wrapped in a warm towel (with breathing holes!) to relax and open up my pores. While waiting, I am given a head-to-shoulders massage.

My chubby nose is given breathing room!

Next, I am given a mask treatment and cooling jelly goggles to further soothe my skin after exfoliation. While waiting, I am given a head-to-shoulders massage.

Blind Photography!

Lastly, some SPF treatment is massaged onto my face before I am sent off to the harsh, cruel outside world of no massagies. The treatment ends with a final head-to-shoulders massage.

The place is soo clean! Hah! I certainly wouldn't mind going here when I'm stressed out, maybe once every few months. Php 500 for a one hour facial is a bit steep and I'd have preferred a lower price point so that I could have more regular sessions.

But don't fret! They sell their main products at the front counter and in most major department stores. So if you really want to do the 40-day thing but feel stoopid burning cash on the spa every day, you can totally continue the ritual at home!

Relaxing and Brightening Facial (60 mins.)
Cost: Php 500
Inclusions: Makeup removal, Scrub, H+S massage, Warm towel, H+S massage, Mask, H+S massage, SPF cream, final H+S massage.
*Scrub available OTC for Php 70 / 50g tube and Php 120 / 100g tube.

Asian Secrets Whitening Spa
5/F The Block, SM CIty North EDSA
(Across Fitness First)
0927 329 6736

Operating Hours: 10am-9pm, Sunday to Thursday. 10am-10pm, Friday and Saturday

You may check their Facebook page, Asian Secrets Whitening Spa, for more info and updates.
Connect with them on Twitter, @AsianSecretsPH.

Next post is an Asian Secrets giveaway :)

Disclosure: I was invited to the Lulur Scrub Facial launch last October 17. Bloggers were fed and given PR information on the spa and treatment. We were also invited to try the Lulur Facial itself.

We were provided with 2 GCs for giveaway. We were also given finger towels and product samples as a token of thanks.

I was not paid to write for Asian Secrets Whitening Spa.

GIVEAWAY: Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub with Massage (60min.) + 100g Lulur Scrub Giveaway!

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