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Transformation Collaboration: Enchantresses by Team Tagpuan

It's time to volt in and change my look, again! Team Tagpuan makes a second appearance in my blog as we explore a new theme: Elementals. It's soooo obvious, really. Remy has green hair, which is mother nature and all that jazz. I have red hair (not bright, though!) and Jhe is just an extra for whatever is left.


Jhe is super fair and would do great with an icy-cool look!

Teaser: Enchantresses

Mother Earth

Last time we did a Transfoboration, I felt like I failed Remy big time. This week, I brought my A-game and tried my best to make it up to her.

I planned another dark look for Remy. I was thinking along the lines of menacing and strong; a really dark and unconventional face. She pleaded against another dark look as she was tired of being the villain. I was so shocked! I didn't realize that she inspired me for dark looks all the time!

For her, I did coppered brows. I did a sharply two-toned lid using a violet and powder blue shade. I wanted the it to be really emphasized so I cut a really sharp crease using the violet and illuminated the center of the baby blue lid. I extended the crease to the nose bridge to give a little bit of drama.

We also got her grape ombre lips, using skin tone lipstick and a deep blueberry shadow. I did a really peach blush and highligted for a fresh (or earthy) look.

Don't let the kind eyes deceive you, those blueberry lips can give the kiss of venomous death!

Looking back, I kinda wished I made the eye shadow on the nose a little bit bolder. This looks like a half-way attempt at couture. I also wish I was more conscious then of how silly lower falsies look if not fully lined with black.

Hellboy's Mom

So I guess this tme around, I can be the dark entity! Ozy wanted me to do this severe mask with a tribal feel.

I used gel eyeliner for the mask. I love the creamy texture of the Fanny Serrano gel liner Remy lent me. It glid smoothly on the skin and was so easy to spread. It was completely even and opaque in one thin swipe! I love that with my flat eye liner brush, I was able to create soft, jagged edges.

I also skipped setting it with black eye shadow. I wanted the mask to look a little bit like burnt tar (I am the fire element in the shoot) so I left the gel liner to preserve the wet look.

I used red mascara to stand out against the mask. I wanted my lashes to look like burning embers rising out of a pool of tar. I also used white tearlliner to sharply contrast the lashes and the mask. I really wish I got false red lashes instead.

For the cheeks, we went with something really burnt and extremely red.  I used a blendable wine lipstick set with some red-violet eye shadow. I like how the lipstick lent a waxy finish; my skin looks roasted. I just used a skin tone lipstick for the lips because the rest of the look is pretty intense already.

Oops booboo on the eyes. How to fix? And forgive my giggly growl. I can't really do serious faces hardiharhar.

Ice Queen

We chose Jhe for the water element. Her fair complexion and eagerness to try hair chalking made her a perfect candidate for a snowy, frosty look.

I used the same powder blue on her lids as I did with Remy. I thought the way to keep the look icy as possible was to rely on glitters, shimmer and blue! I avoided using any dark eye shading.  I even used blue eye liner instead of black. Using that color, I rounded out her eyes by creating a steep overdraft on her inner eye folds.

I gave her a pastel pink on powder blue ombre lips. I think it makes it look like she can give an icy kiss of death. I also depicted some ice freezing over the corner of her lips.

For the rest of the face, I set a sheer layer of blue to wash out any sense of healthy pigmentation. I also relied heavily on illuminators to make it seem like she's frozen from the inside out.

The Photographer

Mad genius. Hahaha!

Behind The Scenes:


Enchantresses by Team Tagpuan

Photographer: Ozark Pacete (please check out Ozark Pacete Photography)
Director, Assistant Photog, Assistant HMUA: Remy Pelijates
Catering: Maestra Creations by Jhe David

I loved this collaboration! Can we do Halloween next?!

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